Yasko - Research articles available here

You do have to sign in but it is at no cost.  

This is a website that houses many research papers and more.  Not sure if any of our related research is here but it is a way to put it easily into the public domain.  Dr Yasko has about 30 articles etc available here.


Methylation cycle chart:  https://www.scribd.com/doc/91389908/Yasko-Methylation-Cycle<

Hi Louise, I've just spent the last week researching Methylation and the work of Dr Yasko.  Fansinating stuff indeed.  I've started on some of the Methylation supplementsi and am noticing a positive difference.  Thanks for the links.  Irene

Thanks Louise!  Am not able to study now but am grateful it will be available when I am.

Irene--what changes did you make?



Hi Katherine, I've sent away for methyl folate">i, lithium and SAMe (been on it successfully before for depression); I have already started taking TMG - this kick started my metabolism and, from normally being frozen, I am getting a more normal temperature.  I've also started P5P - my vision has become clearer, more mental clairity, and am feeling a difference in my legs (like they have energy). 

I had my regular GP appointment today and she is going to find out if the NHS in Scotland can check the geneticsi of my methylation; if not I'll get it done on line.  From what I've read, these genetic spelling mistakes in the methylation system account for altered VDR activity, failure to deal with intracellulari infection, neurotransmitter production and the retention of heavy metals.  I've also been doing an intermittent Zoolite detox  http://www.seventhwaveuk.com/68-zeolite-pure-mineral-powder.html <

As an aside, today I've started taking Rifampicin so I'll not add anything new to the mix until I see how I do on that.  Once I've got used to that I have the option of adding in Calcium Pyruvate to entice the CBs out of the cells to get killed.  Surely there can't be many left after all that Tinidazole?

I found, Katherine, that I had to deal with the infection first and get that under control before I had clear enough thinking to expore subsequent treatment options.  I've almost got an honorary PhD in Methylation Tongue Out

Hope you are doing well on your treatment.


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