Wet age related macular degeneration

Greetings to the list. I am very alone in trying to help my mother with her wet macular degeneration.  As well, she has symptoms of CFSi (chronic fatigue syndromei).

She took Minocycline for 3 months earlier this year, left over from about 5 years ago I think and it stopped the leakage in her right eye between doctor visits.  But at the next visit in June, the eye was leaking blood into the macula. The eye doctor sounded annoyed and said there was nothing to do.  I don't believe in the Lucentis or Macugen since it has to be repeated repeatedly by injections into the eye (ouch!)

 Since the minocycline worked, it is obvious to me that there is bacteria there.  I have read somewhere on the net about this, but no mention of what kind of bacteria.

She is taking cipro and metroi (every other week) and I got her to ask for cipro eye drops. Might as well cover all bases!

Our doctor only prescribed it because I told him our former doctor had us tested for the HLA (?) gene which means we could suffer from leaky guts and Crohns although we thankfully don't have any symptoms. We did take mino for about a year and cipro and metro but I guess it wasn't long enough.

sorry to be so long-winded.  

Any names of doctors in Vancouver or lower mainland would be fabulous for the CAPi so I wouldn't have to be so sneaky about getting the meds. I am trying to get at least a year's supply for my mom by getting doc to give me the same cipro & metro and giving it to my mom. So far, have a six month supply.


I am still finding my way

I am still finding my way around this site. Have very little time to spend on web at present.

I read about Bromelain enzyme somewhere here, I think. So today, got a big ripe pineapple and mom is eating some on an empty stomach as advised. It's supposed to 'strip the arteries' that are blocked. Deals with the fibrin that I think is what is plugging up her macular blood vessels and elsewhere since AMD (age-related mac. degen.) is closely associated with heart diseasei. I can but try.

She is feeling very tired and sleepy and is on Metroi this week. But it could be the CFSi fatigue or thyroid. Her eyes are not blurry today, as she describes it. Maybe the blood vessal leakage is being controlled by the CAPi.

Regards to all and many thanks for the emails on advice. Time for bed now. Goodnight.

Thanks, Paron and Raven &

Thanks, Paron and Raven & Chuck for your info. I will act on it as soon as possible.  I am totally amazed about info on Cpni related to AMD (age-related macular degeneration) in those medical journals. 

Doing a search engine search didn't bring them up for me after countless times on the web. 

And that sythetic med for the eyes is something I will try to get.  How horrible that bear bile was used for this. I'd rather die than even think of using the real thing - which is mostly fake, counterfeit medicine even in China.  No animal has to be tortured for its entire life to produce this product.

Next, I really appreciated the names of potential CAPi doctors.  Is it possible to have a separate list of these possible MD's on the website? I know of two in my area who are receptive and use antibioticsi long-term basis.

Will catch up on email and this site on the weekend. I have a project I need to finish.

Thanks a million,



Malory, We don't publish

Malory, We don't publish doctors' names on the site for many reasons. Only a couple of doctors are okay with having their info published here. If someone needs a referral, they post and ask if anyone can recommend a doctor in their area and responses go by private message. Check your box: I will elaborate privately.

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The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Malory, I found an

Malory, I found an interesting article about Traditional Chinese Medicine, synthetic bile compound and macular degeneration. You can see the link here: http://whsc.emory.edu/press_releases_print.cfm?announcement_id_seq=8682<


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Just in case you haven't

Just in case you haven't seen it already, here's a thread about AMD<. There are some interesting papers referenced there. Maybe if you show them to the doctors, they will be more comfortable using the Combined Antibiotic Therapy to treat AMD.

Oh, and a search on Highwire< (try "Macular Chlamydia Pneumoniae" will provide several of the papers full-text for free.


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