Wellness Tracking Sheets

Hello everyone,

Katherine had requested this simplier version of a symptom tracker and I wanted to make it available to everyone.

It is only to track how you feel overall on a scale of 1-3; 1 = bad, 2 = okay, 3 = great.

I used it when I started rifampin and found the Bartonella 5-day cyle with it.

Remeber to use 3's sparingly. It's for the days that you say, "There's something wrong with me???? I don't think so!!!" Hopefully you will see a pattern of wellness as I did. It's great to see so many 1's turn into 2's and 2's turn into 3's over the CAPi program.

I attached instructions as well. If you have any questions, please post or email them to me.


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Hi Munchman~  11 days after

Hi Munchman~  11 days after I started the Septra DS my left elbow became very painful and basically useless.  The next day (day 12) I got a headache, felt poorly and HAD to be horizontal for 1 1/2 hours.  I could not move (this is very common for me in a herx--have to be horizontal and can't move); after that I was useless for the rest of the day.  The next day (day 13) my heart started getting jumpy and I could be vertical, but I could not leave the house.  2 days later (as I was driving 2 1/2 hours then flying 2 hours to my doctors appt) I got a severe headache and a painful and stiff neck.  The next day (at my doctors appt--two different times) I went into tachycardia.   Two days later my right elbow started to hurt.   I am fine now.  (The herx hasn't yet hit me from the rifampin and doxyi Wink)    Needless to say, all the doctors are amazed by my herx reactions and how timely they are.   I was in to see my PCP a week ago to review the herx (as she had prescribed the Septra for a UTIi).  We discussed the new meds I was being put on (the prescribing doctor said -- don't travel for 2 weeks--gee I wonder why Smile)  and then we looked at the calendar, both of us knowing that the likelyhood of me having a herx in the two weeks after starting the new meds was very high.  

The question really is what is really happening to me when I have these herxes?   Am I killing off pathogens?  Septra DS is not the drug of choice to kill off Cpni.   What is it killing off to give me such a reaction?  Or (as one doctor suggested) is it shifting my immunei system so that I am killing off viruses too?   Or both?   Either way, we are all wondering what will happen to me next.   One doctor spent an hour talking to me Saturday afternoon....my herx being one of the subjects of that conversation. 

What is your herx like?   What do you think is causing your herx?  

Katherine~  I wrote the book, so I guess you could say that the book got the idea based on my experience.  Wink   Tracking things on a calendar has been hugely helpful.  For example, in the month of April I had a LOT of "6" days  (that is good for me so far in my illness).  Then the herx hit starting on the 15th.  The doctors could see quite clearly how I fell apart over the next week, both by the drop in my numbers (down to 1, 2 and 3 instead of 6s) and by my wild symptoms which all got noted on the calendar.  I tend to use a calendar with a spiral binding so I can easily flip the pages.  I also write on my calendar when I start certain drugs, so I can see if I have a problem with them later on (eg  unusual symptoms). 

My doctor loves the way I present info to him now.   I email him a health history, it gets put into his computer and all he has to do is read it, which saves him time typing that info into his electronic chart.  (I'm going to update my book in a year and put a sample of that health history into it.)

For everyone's information, I did PM Jim to ask if it is Ok to refer to my book in the way I did.  It is easiest to refer people to pages or chapters in my book than to explain everything in written form.  Much of the book is visible on Amazon (and soon to be visible on Barnes and Noble.com too) so that can help people.  However, if Jim considers it too much like promoting a product I'll remove those posts.  For the record, I'm not keeping any profits from book sales....all proceeds after taxes are being donated to infection assoicated CFSi organizations, including those who are doing research on Cpn.   And Dr. Stratton will be mailed a copy of the book this week as he is mentioned in the Acknowledgments sections (which you can probably read on Amazon Laughing)

Best, Timaca

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Timaca,Thanks for the input!


Thanks for the input! Listing them out does help you see where you are going rather than a short lived "1-2-3". For me, this was needed for convienance since I couldn't afford not much time to a more complex system.

You said something interesting to me, Septra DS. Septra DS is my new abxi, I have been wholloped with it. First few days weren't bad but 4 days later I was tremoring uncontrollable, fevers, dizzy, skin rash, and my arm went almost completely numb for most of 2 days. I searched postings on mdjunction for "Septra Bartonella Herx" and found this was very similiar to other's stories.

I thought the drug wasn't working and I was relasping, since these were the sypmtoms I saw in the begining. Yikes!

If you don't mind, what was your herx like?

Started CAPi on 06/29/2010 for RRMSi. Dxi w/ Brevundimonas Vesicularis in Jan '11 hiding in #20 tooth with root canal. Extracted 04/04/2011. Clinically dx with Bartonella at the same time. Recently found MPn.

Abxi: 100 mg Doxyi bidi<

Timaca--so cool!So this

Timaca--so cool!

So this tracking idea that you have you got from this book? And if so would you recommend it?  I know that Mercola has some type of tracking system--fairly new.

I think that the Excel program would seriously intrigue my doctors.  I think most doctors are tired of seeing sick people not get well and this is potentially another tool to use.

Also it would help keep things focused and goal oriented.  Understanding that there is no straight line in this treatment.  But, the increase in communication--spoken, written.  Two methods--always better for communication.   Some people--myself included--need to see it to better comprehend it.

No question that it would increase  credibility when discussing my situation.

Thank you!


Hi Katherine and Munchman~ 

Hi Katherine and Munchman~ 

I've tracked my symptoms ever since becoming ill.  It has helped me a great deal (and my doctors).  I use a scale of 1-10 with 1 being I'm in bed and 10 being I'm totally well and very physically active.  I sometimes give each day two numbers, my high and my low for a day.  I also write main symptoms on a calendar (sleep issues, cardiac issues, joint pain, etc).    I tally my 1,2, 3 etc at the end of every month so I can easily compare one month to the next.   For example, I found that this past April was one of my best in the 7 years of being ill....with the exception of the week where I had a herx to the Septra DS (which was very interesting to my doctors).  They could easily see what happened to me, because I tracked everything on a calendar. 

If you are interested in seeing my wellness scale, you might be able to view it on pages 106, 107 and my calendar is on page 18 (depends on which pages Amazon allows for viewing at any given time):


I am one of those people who gets reliably sick within 2 weeks of starting an antibiotic.  Since I just started Rifampin and doxyi my doctors and I are all very interested to see what will happen.  This is a good day for me...no herx yet.  We'll see....they usually start later into the 2 week period of time...this is just day 6.   

Best, Timaca

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Munchman--that is very

Munchman--that is very helpful.  Thank you.

Curious how  you tracked the correlation between the antibioticsi taken and your mood/energy level response?  I  like the super simple system of a 1-3 scale in two periods of the day. Smart.  I may include sleep and have a third section so as to explain my fatigue that day, for example.  

The ebbs and flows of mood/energy are my greatest concern.   I have to plan my potential sick days to the best of my ability.  We know it isn't always possible to predict this but there does appear to be some rhythm...sometimes. 

Also, does anyone have any idea why some people get super sick after an antibiotic and some don't? 

I understand that some is the quantity of the bactiera--but perhaps with some folks  their body takes out the trash a little more efficiently?  

And if so, what are some of their traits?  I reread quite a bit this morning and saw that a doctor ?--recommended that people who are affected by porphyriai get that under control before they up the antibiotics. That would be me.  

After an antibiotic seems like a speedy and efficient exit from the body is the quickest way to feeling better. Am I correct? Is it--in principle--that simple?



P.S. Ordered Beta Alinine--looking forward to receiving it.