Vitamin D supplements page

This page is all related to Vitamin Di and related subjects. We have accumulated a considerable amount of material related to this hormone/seco steroid/vitamin which is now going to be gathered in one nice thread. <

The (old) vitamin d page< which is essentially a wonderful thread with a lot of interesting input and material mentioned. This thread contains a question or two about the MPi and how it compares to what we are doing.

vitamin d and the treatment of TB< Review article meaning the authors are looking at a bunch of other research on one subject rather than reporting on thier own findings.

Vitamin D and prevention of Breast Cancer; Pooled analysis< Another one, this suggesting 4000iu!

Vit D and Breast Cancer< This one mentions levels of supplementation to get adequate serum levels.

Colorectal cancer and vitamin d<

The Vitamin D Research Abstracts & Articles< has a thorough listing of Vitamin D information.