Vitamin D May Help Repair Nerve Damage in Multiple Sclerosis

Neuroi Professor Coimbra,from  the SPFU, in an attempt to prove the success of his high dose vit D protocol (2.000 patients),shows, in a video, the MRI of an MSi diagnosed woman six months after treatment. A quite big hole in her brain vanished, disappeared. Dispite the wrong approach on how to balance calcium, vit D, indeed, has that potential to regenerate our CNSi

Most of his MS patientes is likely to be cpni inffected(obviously he doesn't know it -yet) so, I have asked myself the following questions:

Is vit D neutralizing or killing Cpn so that Coimbra patientes get back to work, even to sport activities? 

How? If those people were barely walking, communicating?

Perhaps, calcidiol, which is the available metabolized vit D, inhibits Cpn( that would explain why people are more likely to develop MS when serum vit D gets too low), and calcitriol, the activated form,which is the strongest natural antibiotic in our body, express genesi, stimulates nerve growth factor( NGF), modulates imune system, hormones(...)would kill RB's and CB's(?)?

Why do these patientes developed vit.D deficiency more easily? Maybe because the body is dealing with a chronic infection?

If I can find the video or a page I will post here.

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Here is a link of a tenminute video where it shows the case of two patients treated By Dr. Coimbra:<

In English;

Here is a website for autoimmune, also MSi, patients treated with vit D:<

Hi Francisco,

That very same Doctor, the one you refer to, is a Neurologist (as I recall), and credibly claims to have "cured" 95% of about 2,000 patients with ultra-high dose vitamin Di.  On other potential mechanism of action, something I recall, is that Vitamin D may stimulate the body to produce small molecules of some sort that have antibiotic properties as well.

Here's a link to a section on this forum about the importance of Vitamin D - for folks who run across this and are curious:<

Rick is taking 30,000 iu's a day, along with vitamin k of course.  He has his blood levels monitored regularly, and the levels are trending up towards normal.  His Doctor wants them on the high side of normal.

Best & Highest Regards,

Tom C

Proud Parent of Rick - R started CAPi in Nov. 13. Small measurable improvements as of 7/14, more by 10/14.  Holding Steady in early 2017.  "I will leave no stone unturned, no theory unexamined, to help my son." Tommi

Hi Tom,

Yes, Doctor Cícero Coimbra has more than 2.000 MSi patientes treated successfully with Vit D mega doses. The protocol has to be as safe as possible though. My doctor, instructed by that Dr., told me to restrict calcium. As a result I developed calcium deficiency, meaning almost zero calcium on my bones. But, of course, vit D worked amazingly at first, but my especific  condition did contribute to it. That's why I still encourage people to replenish and keep vit D on optimum levels, but not too high, because the body simply won't use it all in one day, not even one week. If, otherwise, you take mega doses for longer than 2months,  k2  is needed, but also calcium, as K2 drives and fixes calcium on bones, and can't be used. A k2 toxicity may happen in the absence of calcuim, than heart and CNSi symptoms will appear. Vit D mega doses with K2(mk7 - no more than 180mcg a day) and calcium(the RDI)is the correct protocol.

That's right, have read vit D controlls 229 biological funcions in the human body, and 10 per cent of the functions of every cell.

I assume I  NEVER felt so healthy, strong, happy, smart than when my vit D was correct and there was still enough calcium in my body for it to convert to calcitriol. Playing football, I would 'fly' over the defenders, score the goal,.keep running, climb a quite high wall and give a nock in the air. Hahaha It's no lie! 

Thanks for the link. If I find anything else, will bring and post the link here.

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