Vitamin C therapy

Has anyone tried Vitamin C therapy, I tried it on 1st day and got some relief from Asthmai.

It's based on Dr Cathcart orthomolecular medicine therapy.

Any thoughts?

It's used here as an adjunct to treatment, to help take the edge off inflammationi that is produced by killing cryptic bacteria with antibioticsi.  We usually don't use it in megadoses, though some here have experimented with that.

Tell us more about your Vitamin C therapy


DAILY:  NACi 2400MG , DHEAi sublingual , vit D3 , multi vits,./ Three times  a week: B12 injections (Hydroxycobalamin). Deer antler./  Once every few months methyl B12 Methyl injections

I have started taking overdose of vitamin c (around 26 Gram) which is my bowel tolerance limit. The main asthmai symtoms I have are chest tigtness, excess cough and breathlessness. overdose of vitamin c helping me to aleviate breathlessness. Norman is right that its helping me with inflammationi from die off effect.

Hi norman,

Thanks for your  comment. I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis and asthmai. Symptoms have worsed after  starting CAPi( wheldon protocol) for last 1 month, I feel more inflammationi around my chest and neck area and difficult breathing, Any suggestion based on your experience, How many minimum months it takes before improvement in symptoms and relief.



I tried it for my asthmai for quite some time - although not as part of my ABXi treatment.

So this isn't a direct answer to your original question, but you might be interested anyway -

At times I thought it might be helping, but at other times it didn't really seem to make much difference. I started by using the commercial Lyposomal Vitamin C packets that are meant to help you absorb more as in theory it bypasses the digestive system.

After taking 10 grams (which in theory is worth 60 grams of regular vitamin C) everyday for a couple of months it was just getting too expensive and I couldn't see it making enough difference to justify the cost.

So I got L ascorbic acid, and took it daily for the next 5-6 months to bowel tolerance. Most of the time I got up to about 80 grams, one day in particular I got to 180grams. But it gave me bad gas, and as I work with clients professionally it's just not something I felt I could maintain, plus I often just felt uncomfortable and bloated. I tried buffering it with bicarb, it made it easier on my tummy, but then of course I had to take more to compensate for the buffering.

I even looked into making my own liposomal mix, puchased the needed equipment and made a few batches, but again - it seemed like a lot of effort for  - for I'm not sure what.

I still tend to take large doses if I feel a cold coming on - maybe it helps me get over it faster than I would otherwise? I really do think there is something to megadoses of vitamin c - and maybe if I'd been able to constantly push it up around the 200 gram level I might have gotten somewhere? I'd still encourage others to try it, but that's my vit C story - which is why I kept on looking for other options and ended up here. On my 4th pulse at the moment, fingers crossed.

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