Treatment stopped working

Hi. Having been diagnosed with Cpni a while ago, I started an antibiotic protocol (Doxyi, amoxicillini & pulsed metroniadazole) and have been on this for 12 months now. The initial couple of months were difficult, but once I'd got through this, I began to feel much better and started to improve each week.

However, the last 5 weeks I have relapsed and felt much worse. I haven't changed anything. This is so upsetting because I don't know why. I have tried detoxing more but this has made me even more poorly. I decided to stop the antibioticsi a few days ago and am definitely feeling a little better. Does anyone know what this means? Should we be taking regular breaks on antibiotic protocolsi? I haven't experienced total symptom relief yet and I know it's advised to stay on the protocol until symptoms resolve. I do think I have an underlying immunei dysfunction so may not get total symptom free health but I was doing so well on this protocol. Any help would be appreciated x

This is not a protocol where you can expect steady improvement.  It's more of a rollercoaster.  Your body may have reached its limit of being able to purge the stuff you're killing off and it isn't keeping up.  You may have inflammationi from the battle between the bugs and the abxi.  This is not a continual, gradual improvement graph; it's a two steps forward, one step back kind of dance.

Please keep taking NACi, at least, to help ward off a new cpni infection.  

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