On the "Emerging Stratton Protocol" page, Dr. Stratton speaks of "monitoring titres". What is he referring to? Bob T.

Monitoring the level of antibodies in your blood.

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"Monitoring the level of antibodies in your blood." I don't see that in the "Initial and Following Blood Tests in CAPs Treatment".

I am wondering if anyone has tried Iodine/Iodide supplementsi and ifso, did it make any difference? I am considering the implications of CPni and addittionally  iodine deficiency...the physical manifistations of iodine deficiency are very similar to  CPn...

I am restarting CAPi. I am doing the Stratton Protocal as it is most friendly with my Meedicare part D insurance plan. Between the supplementsi and the drugs it is leaving me scraping for food money and work is really hard--I am a Realtor and no juice whatsoever!!

Has anyone else done Stratton's protocal??? How did it go?

Best to all...

Kathy Ungar

Redondo Beach, CA

PS: Patient of Dr. Chia's Associate; Dr. Nakata.


Also, for monitoring the titers you need to know how to reqd them...in some fashion which I do nopt necessarilly understand for each notch upwards in number it actually doubles or triples....My Doctor monitors Cpni titers, coxsackie a & b titers, and several others I cant remember...my body just fights and fights it all but doesnt sem win--which is why I am also considering Iodine (as it really destroys the immunei system when you are deficient)! I am also starting gamma gobulin injections and B-12 shots.

Kathy Ungar

Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Patient of Dr. Chia's Associate: Dr. Michael Nakata in Torrance, CA


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