Tini pulse 17 - 13th full 5 day pulse

One week until the house and nursery are sold.... I started this pulse 2 days ago... so far not so bad - but the pyruvate does seem to increase the pulse effects a little...


Hey ..Following your lead, I

Hey ..

Following your lead, I have also started pyruvate. Just like many other things, I'll give it a go. Been doing the stuff for over a week ago now; as yet I've not woken up dead but neither have I run a marathon.

Good luck with the pulse ... and good luck in general. See you at the finish line.



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Ah I sure hope we all get

Ah I sure hope we all get there sooner rather than later SG :D

Hope the pyruvate helps you too...  I'm also trying the Niacinimide riboside stuff right now - and seem to be sleeping better and longer... this is good I think to heal up...

I have noticed the effects f this pulse are more marked since the pyruvate. Also the pain is different for sure (pain in muscles and joints is a big marker of how I am feeling)....  I am regularly breaking into sweats - which seems to be a part of ridding bugs as I remember this from my previous round with ME/CFSi, where I did improve somewhat...

One day I forgot the pyruvate and wondered why my thighs were horridly achey again... I have also found the "follow up" dose helped with some aches etc...

As a side note - forgot my NACi one day and the "gungy throat" returned to haunt me.... interesting!

Started NACi Sept'14... 100mg Doxyi Dec'14...  Roxi 13Dec '14 Supplementsi...