The weakness


 Im not 100percent sure where this post should go so Ill put it here, please feel free to redirect me for next time.

 Im wondering how many of you have shaking or weakness in limbs (which limbs) or weakness which leads to shaking that has gone unexplained. Its really been bad for a year or two now in my legs.

 Now my legs are getting weaker then usual. Do most of you experience that with the antibioticsi? Im not "slipping" just weak. Did any of you find improvement of this with more exercise? Or does it come and go with flare like cycles?



"mom, your leg is dancing"

"mom, your leg is dancing" - my 6 yr. old daughter says when my legs are twitching - its not both at the same time, one or the other.

She always says, "do it again", like it is some sort of trick. This happens to me 1 X a week - not for long but off and on.

 I am early into protocol.


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Hi Catz. I know what you

Hi Catz. I know what you are talking about. I had some shakey legs at one point. It was back in November last year. If I sat on the bed with my legs still, they would shake. Then my quadraceps muscles began to jump. You could see it under the skin--some dramatic movement. Things are better now---I haven't had any leg shakes for many months. It's probably die off of organisms and cell apoptosisi.

Hang in there--things get better.


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hey raven i was just saying

hey raven i was just saying on another post that my arm muscle was jumping today or yesterday lol, cant really remember where it was. Think it was near my elbow either upper or lower. But I was like hmm that hasnt happened in awhile (muscle twitches).


 I appreciate your reply im not very used to dealing with things I dont understand whats happening or know much about. So this has been a bit hard on me.



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