Neurological diseases

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Neurological diseases

What to take for depression associated with CFS?

I need any information anybody can give me on overcoming depression associated with CFSi. I am currently taking 40 mg/ day Nortriptyline, 300 mg/day Wellbutrin, 75 mg/day DHEAi. I'm on a lot of anti-oxidants too.

Still experiencing moderate to severe depression. Most days, severe depression. What will help? Anything? Does Vitmain D help? I have to hold down my full time job and the depression (along with the fatigue) is REALLY taxing me and my motivation and could cost me my job if I can't find something to help.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Lynn

 Cpni, Mpn, CFS, CAPi - Doxy, Erythromycin, NACi<

FMS symptoms, besides pain meds??

Good afternoon!

I've been having fibromyalgiai symptoms for the past 4 days- neck, left shoulder, back of head, band across my head from 1 temple to the other, down my spinal cord. I haven't dealt with fibro symptoms in several years and I can't remember what I can do to relieve my pain and stiffness.

I've been taking Lortab (Hydrocodone with acetaminophen) and/or Ultracet, aspirin, using a topical analgesic oil rub and a moist heat wrap. I'm also stretching. I've considered the chiropractor and massage therapist just haven't made appointments yet.

Restless Legs??? Need answers quick please!

Restless legs?? Need answers quick please! I was out last night with my friend when all of a sudden I felt like I was going to have a seizure.  I have felt this way on and off since starting the protocol so I know it's part of the cpni (besides having a hx of these sizures which i now know is Cpn related seizures). Had not had feelings of a seizure in a couple of years before CAPi protocol. Anyway, after that I realized that I felt I could not stand up. My legs were so weak and I started having the sensation that ants were crawing inside legs. Haven't had restless leg syndrome since last winter with EBVi. And it got really bad last night.

Best day yet! Quick update...

Best day yet! Quick update on my health... I'm in 2nd week of NACi 600mg, Doxyi 200mg, and Erythromycin 250mg and I actually had a decent day. Had stamina for about 6 full hours of work today and I've been online a while tonight. I was only nauseated once today and was able to knock it out with some good ole' fashion compazine. I've been stuffy for several days and sneezing, but not so bad that I can't deal with it! Much better than the NAC flu!

I'm tiring now, but actually feel like I can say I felt better today than I have since starting CAPi. I'm trying not to set myself up by reminding myself that tomorrow is a new day, come what may, and not to get discouraged if this doesn't last.

Need to talk to someone soon

Need to talk to someone soon.  I'm feeling a little desperate at the moment.  Don't know how to IM, willing to learn or willing to just e-mail back and forth. 

New kid on the block: Glad to find you!

Hello everyone-I'm so glad to find this site and others who understand what I'm going through!  I have suffered for at least 17 years with various illnesses that I now see may all be related to CPni.  My most recent addition to the plethora of illnesses I've experienced is severe tinnitus">i with 5-10% hearing loss. I recently had to purchase hearing devices, $3000 worth to drown out the ringing noise as it was driving me insane, literally! Finding out about CPn has made me feel like I have found a gold mine, thanks to my doc, (MD and toxicologist) that knows how to think outside the box. Sure has given me renewed hope. I actually found out I had it after my friend was diagnosed with it.  I had referred him to my doc as he had been experiencing CFSi and ADD symptoms.

Antibiotics useful against CPn which cross the blood brain barrier well?

I recently recovered some information from the former web site of Dr. Sririam pertaining to the usefullness of antibioticsi against Cpni and which ones will cross the blood brain barrier.  What I don't know is how accurate this information is or why some antibiotics that appear to be less effective at crossing the blood  brain barrier were chosen.  Why the latter question?  Because at least one of the doctors who have devised protocolsi did so with the specific objective of treating Multiple Sclerosisi, a neurological disease.  Crossing the blood brain barrier is critical in the success of such a treatment.

Inflammatory responses following Chlamydia pneumoniae infection of glial cells

Eur J Neurosci. 2007 Feb;25(3):753-60. Inflammatory responses following Chlamydia pneumoniae infection of glial cells.Boelen E, Steinbusch HW, Pronk I, Grauls G, Rennert P, Bailly V, Bruggeman CA, Stassen FR. Department of Medical Microbiology, Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht, Maastricht University, PO Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Chlamydia pneumoniae promotes the transmigration of monocytes through human brain endothelial cells

J Neurosci Res. 2003 Mar 1;71(5):740-50. Links
Chlamydia pneumoniae infection promotes the transmigration of monocytes through human brain endothelial cells.MacIntyre A, Abramov R, Hammond CJ, Hudson AP, Arking EJ, Little CS, Appelt DM, Balin BJ.
Department of Biomedical Sciences, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Rehab:An other life

This is about rehabilitation, but first a comment about reactions and how to look at them.

I recognize many symptoms and reactions from what people write and what I can say from my experience is that they will change and sometime a temporary adjustment of treatment is needed in relation to what the body is exposed too.

I have Multifactorial symptoms

I have Multifactorial symptoms.

Nothing has changed for 3 generations on handlig non 'acute medicin' patients. It's time to initate a change. Medical knowledge is one thing, the lack of treatment and handling of people is an other thing.

A good forgettory

I am constantly surprised how incompletely people recall their illness once they have begun to recover. Perhaps the most dramatic example I have come across was a young man in his twenties who was admitted to our Intensive Care Unit with a severe, life threatening soft-tissue infection of the floor of the mouth and the neck, with involvement of the mediastinum. He had classical necrobacillosis (link,<) caused by mouth anaerobes, notably the fusobacteria group. These bacteria produce powerful toxins which include a very potent endotoxini. We aspirated fluid from his swollen neck and immediately gave a combination of intravenous Co-amoxiclav and Metronidazolei.

Neurological problems, only CPN diagnosis

Hello there, I am new here, thanks for any yours experiences and comments. 


I was a perfectly healtly man, without any problems. I am 27 years old.


The first problems started on February 2006, after I walked away from the fitness center I felt suddenly unconfortable, my central vision droped out, my left hand was slightly paralyzed and it was difficult to speak for me. This dissapeared in c. 20 minutes, and I was the following day very tired, I overskiped this with the explication, that it must be cause of the training. Few months later (June 2006) I got a flu, which was attended by a strong headache. During this flu the drop out of the vision repeated, attended by optical sparkling in left-down corner of vision field - something as church window - vitrage. The "flu" waged a few days and my problems goed off, exept the vertigo, which was new, feelings of uncertainity, like drunkenness. Very soon a strong tinnitusi appeared, feelings of strange inflammation in the ears and neck, strong tiredness and feelings of swelter. This tooks a couple of weeks, than the Cpni was founded from a neck swab. Before I got antibiotics I noticed some otpical oddities -- sensitivity of contrast, visual snow, and a few floaters in both eyes which appeared suddenly. After the swab I got 200mg of doxycycline for 10 days and 500 mg azitromycine for 6 days (I taked it stepwise, first doxycycline, then azitromycine). The taking of doxycycline induced the Herxheimer reactions (night sweat, headache, tiredness, once a double vision, twitch of muscles). After the use up of the antibiotics the vertigo get more mildly. Shortly after the antibodies of Cpn were in boundary value, in IGG positive. But the vision problems were the same, that´s why I endured the MRI, which detected a few unspecified bearings, the doctor valorized it as adequate to age. A next attack camed on September, again a drop out of the part of vision field, my left arm was paralyzed for a while as well as the left part of my face. Everything falled back, but I had a strong headache for two days and I had a qualm through which I couldn´t eat anything. After all I started with DW protocol, from the beginning I had no striking reactions. Two months later (on November) a next attack arrived, drop out of vision, right arm and right part of my face were paralyzed, but lighter than before, and the regeneration from this attack was faster. I added at the end of the second month of the treatment metronidazolei, and suffered the whole batch without markedly problems -- the vertigo was stronger, tiredness, twich of muscels, but nothing else. Fourteen days after the pulse my vision droped out again, the attack was without discomfort and paralysis, only the eye sockets ached. This attack arrives usually once in 2-3 months, this one camed largely earlier, may cause of the metronidazole pulse. I absolved this surveys - evocated potencials on the optical and acoustic nerves. The acoustic nerves are all right, but there are signs of pathology on both sides of the optical nerves, probably the demyelization is in progress. A neurologist recommends me to undergo the lumbar punction, which I refused. My immunologist maked detailed tests, no toxoplasmosa, toxocaroza, no HIV, no alergic reactions, blood, liver and kidney are allright, only little raised antibodies of EBVi virus and IgG of CPN. And he find autoimmunition reaction in my thyroid gland with little hypofunction. I search people with same or similar problems with any results with CAPs. Thank you.

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