Neurological diseases

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Neurological diseases

Six weeks of short lived major improvement!!! Now discouraged

Hi Everybody: Just looking to vent a bit and get some valuable opinions on what to do next. My LLMD put me on Mepron for two months which did very little Didn't really see any change. Next he put me on 500 mg bactrum twice a day and 1000 mg biaxin twice a day WOW what improvements I saw-hot flashes almost totally gone, same with night sweats. Brain fog much much better, fatigue almost totally gone. marked improvement in balance. didn't fall for six weeks-was falling couple times a week. strength better. Then after six weeks I'm reverting back to where I was-maybe a little worse. Now my LLMD has me on 500mg Levaquin once a day which so far isn't doing anything. I suggested IV Rochepin but he can't because he doesn't want to jeopardize his license.

CPn and Lyme


Is this normal - neurological problems with CPN antibodies IgG 1,2 and IgA 1,9

Is has been 6 weeks since I started to have neurological symptoms. It started like some virose, with shaking of my hands and legs, dizzines, nausea, fever, fatique, couldn't sleep, had  a feelings that oxygen is going trought my face, with the symptoms very similar to neuroinfection. In serologyi was everything negative exept IgGi borrelia, and CPNi antibodies IgG 1,2 and IgA 1,9 - this was considered as normal with no need of treatment..  Affter one month of running around the physicans I was hospitalised with the suspicion of neuroborreliosis or some neuroinfection. All the tests negative, considered as healthy. Now, affter almost three weeks on Doxyi I feel better, but still not OK. Can be these symptoms coused by CPN? I never had such a problems in my life.

LDN books and Websites

LDNi - I have been on this medication since Feb 17,2009 4 1/2 months now.

I have viewed the speakers whose talks from past LDN Conferences are

available on the internet,

the weblinks are posted here on the CPnHelp website for anyone who is interested and viewing them.


This spring I order several of the most recent books on the topic.

Autism talk serves-up good food for cross-thought ~ neuro patients

Jim, This interview< on AutismOne radio with a neurotologist who treats adult neurological illnesses as well as Autism will interest you as a professional and anyone who has MSi or who has neuro symptoms.

spinocerebellar ataxia

I read in the handbook about spinocerebellar ataxia and possible relation to CPNi.  I only found one mention in one article from a couple of years ago on my search of the site.  Anyone with spinocerebellar ataxia or know anything about it?  My dad(step-but really my dad) was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia Type 6.  He is completely diabled-in a scooter or w/c, able to transfer short distances, has garbled speech, is homebound, has had bypass surgery, can't provide for he and my mom and fights depression(who wouldn't)?  As I have looked at cpn for me, I am beginning to wonder-am just about convinced- that he has it also and may be able to regain some function with treatment.

No Fun being in OZ

My mobility is becoming worse and I am also having neuropathy-type foot drag -- occasionally the  toes on my right foot fold over and I don't feel them right away until I've scraped them on the floor or stairs! And my feet, (even though I  think they are "up") aren't and I trip... I am unsteady.  My husband is constantly having to steady me and help me maneuver on the occasions we leave the house or he pushes me in a transport chair.

These are NEW symptoms which have developed over the last two pulses.   I have had problems with my right knee since the beginning of capi but these symptoms are different. My left knee and leg are now affected.

Need a Word of Encouragement

A word of encouragement?? I haven't checked in for quite a while. Been doing ok, but have been undergoing Vitamin C IV treatments for 4 weeks followed by Rifampin 150mg twice a day for 4 days.  My energy is zapped and the Rifampin feels like poision to my body.

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.


My friend and PT told me she tried to call me as ABC had some type a report about Lyme outbreak in MI just this week.Surprised I am sorry I missed it. I see my doctor Thurs. and plan to go up north for vacation on Friday. I have done pretty well on increased doxyi and diflucan. I have been more tired and had one really bad day emotionally but overall pretty well. I am also using vicks, oil and foot baths in epson salts and peroxide. I have been drinking 8 glasses of water a day - its hard as I live in the bathroom but I think it has to be helping with die off. Improvements - my toes almost look normal - 80 % better. I can't believe it!

Brain injury treatment CFS<


he also believes the brain continues to be injured by cpni or myco

what do you gather from this


Anybody has myopathy disease apply on CAP protocol?

hi. i am Muhammet from Turkey, i have distal myopathy disease since 2001.

i read about treatment of some neurological diseasesi with CAPi protocol. But i want to know is there anybody process on using CAP who has myopathy disease? i also wrote mail to Dr.Wheldon, but your comments and answers are very important as well. i started NACi 4 days ago. but i didn't react of any syptoms yet. i also bought CAPs of Wheldon Protocol but i didn't start yet. Because firstly i wanna be sure if my disease is related with CPNi or not. 

Thank you..


There seem to be a lot of news articles on autism lately. (Is it Autism Awareness Week?)

There's one article on CNN about a court case going on, the parents blaming childhood vaccines for autism due to mercury content. I've been skeptical of this after learning that there is less mercury in a vaccine than in half a tuna sandwich. Do tuna sandwiches get blamed for causing autism? Anyway, one of the children mentioned also developed IBSi and arthritis after getting sick following a vaccination. Since we know IBS and arthritis can be related to Cpni that made me wonder ... could getting flu-like symptoms from a vaccine reaction allow a secondary Cpn infection to set in? Doing a search it didn't take long to find this:

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