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Save Your Bookmarks! Site update imminent...

Hi all Cpner's

It looks like we are finally going to get the site upgrade we need to improve security and other features. Last time this happened we found that not all the modules transfered over. The one that was the biggest problem for people was the Bookmarks module-- this is the feature that allows you to keep a list of links within the site on your home page. I don't know any great way to do this except manually: click 'manage bookmarks' and go to each page, saving the url to your browser or to a text page. 

It's possible that other things like messages could be affected. So you might also save important messages that you've kept in your inbox just in case. Keep your fingers crossed! We should have some improvement to spam and other accumulating problems soon.

Important new finding: Chlamydia pneumoniae in MS patients

An important new finding of Cpni in a "subset" of MSi patients just out. Note the phrase "predominantly detected" in the title. This is big news.

You can find it in our Research pages at 

"Chlamydia pneumoniae-specific intrathecali oligoclonal antibody response is predominantly detected in a subset of multiple sclerosis patients with progressive forms."


Red's Vitamin D book

Red has organized his on-going look at the wide ranging impact of Vitamin Di into book form for us. His posts had grown so numerous on the subject that I didn't want them scattered and lost in the huge inventory of posts Cpnhelp has become! We will have it instantly available in a top menu link (when I get to connecting it).

Since book pages are organized so as to exclude comments (unless they have been attached from prior forums with pre-existing comments) you can note your comments here.

New Cpn CAP Treatment Survey

 It's working (I hope). Still a couple of mispellings, but good enough for our purposes! 


I finally found a new survey system we can use to get an update on CAPi Treatment for Cpni.

You only get one crack at this. So read the item instructions carefully, and don't fill it out when you are whacked out by flagyli!

Then return to this page, go to the link at the bottom of this post and go to the survey.


To qualify for this survey (only take the survey if you meet the requirements, please!):

Please fill out this survey only if you are currently on, a Combination Antibiotic Protocol (CAP) for Chlamydia pneumoniae (Cpn).

Are you really sure you tried the Stratton/Wheldon protocol?

I didn't have potatoes, so I substituted rice.

I didn't have paprika, so I used another spice.

I didn't have tomato sauce, I used tomato paste;

A whole can, not a half can - I don't believe in waste.

A friend gave me the recipe; she said you couldn't beat it.

There must be something wrong with her, I couldn't even eat it!


When I was doing product development, I ran into the problem all the time: they tried something else entirely, called it the same name, and then went around saying it didn't work.

I've seen the same thing at this site time and time again. Someone says "the protocol" didn't work for them, and then, on closer questioning, you find they never really tried it at all.

Signature Rules

Some of you may have noticed that certain posts following others turn a whole thread into italics, or strike through or some other odd formating. The culprit turns out to be the signature: if the end of your signature includes any formating other than plain text, it applies it to all following comments. The solution:

Please don't include any special formating in the final words of your signature.

That's all.

Site Change Phase One: Any problems?

Well, we finally are upgraded to the newest software, better security and a cleaned up database so page loading should be much faster. And the TinyMCE rich text editor is working too! Phase Two is a complete redesign to render a much more usable and less confusing site for newbies. Since the switchover lost a lot of the work I had done to get a head start on this, it will be a while until you can test out the new design.

In the mean time, use this page to post any problems, missing pages, etc. that have come up from the upgrade.

Reactivation of CPn in Cortisone Treated Mice

Reactivation of Chlamydia pneumoniae infection in mice by cortisone treatment.
K Laitinen, A L Laurila, M Leinonen, and P Saikku
National Public Health Institute, Helsinki, Finland.

Infect Immun. 1996 April; 64(4): 1488–1490

Reactivation of Chlamydia pneumoniae infection was studied by inducing immunosuppression by cortisone acetate treatment given every other day for 14 days in intranasally infected NIH/s mice. The treatment started 2 or 4 weeks after primary infection, when no C. pneumoniae was detected. C. pneumoniae could be recovered from the lung cultures on days 7 and 9 in 10 and 60% of the mice, respectively, when cortisone treatment was begun 30 days after infection. These results confirm the persistent nature of C. pneumoniae infection.

24 Hour CAP Reactions Poll

Trying to sort out what reactions might be due to for Daisy's husband in a recent thread made me think: "We've never gathered any data for reactions from time of dosing."

So I threw together a quick survey to see if we get any patterns<.

Click on the Reactions By Hour survey.

It asks that you have observed for two days, so take a look at what's being asked but don't fill out the survey until you have your 2 days of observations!

Yes, yes, I know that there will be things wrong with it, and some questions missing, etc., etc.. Just do it to the best of your ability.

PDF file of Dr. Stratton's TWAR slide presentation

Thanks to Red (Dan) we have a PDF file of the TWAR slide show by Dr. Stratton. Good intro to Cpni. You'll find the link at:<

Many cancers caused by infections...

Although this news item is not specifically about Cpni, it certainly is in the ball park. Most of us are focused on getting help via the antibiotic protocol for one disease or another, but it may turn out that we are nipping some other problems in the bud...

Cpn & Alzheimer's-- nice description of Balin's work

This may have been noted before, but a nice summary of Balin's work on Chlamydia pneumoniae and Alzheimer's. Note his discussion of the need for using multple measures (up to 15) and different methodologies in trying to detect a very difficult to detect organism:<

Quick and Dirty MS survey

The same thing for MSi CAPi users. Please don't take the survey if you have not been diagnosed with MS, and only take once!<

It's #7 on the list.

Results are public, and can be filtered to see responses of subsets of users. No personal identifying info is taken or required.

Direct link to current results.<

Quick and Dirty CFS/ME survey

For those currently on or completed a CAPi who have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Disorder or Myalgic Encephalitis">i:

Take the survey #6 on this page:<

It's open, and shouldn't require a password. This will only be around for a week, so get to it you tired and slow friends!

Once we accumulate the results, you can use the filtering system on the results page to look at subsets of the data, eg filter for only those on CAP for 1 year or more, etc.

Current results link< 

Private Space Experiment

In response to a request for a private place to store notes and such, or drafts of posts prior to posting them, I've initiated a new link called "my private space" under the "create content" menu. Your private space page has two text boxes you can use up to their assigned limit (to minimize load on the site).

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