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charcol has worked wonders.

I have been doing very very well recently, still on my antifungals Lamisil and Fungizone, these 2 have made a very significant impact on my health. I added the charcol about 1 month ago and at the time I enjoyed yet another lift. Colon has been working really well nowdays, and has gone from being constantly constipated and full of gas to working almost normally. I still am sensitive to its movements, but in general it is a very pleasent improvement.

I am still lacking a little energy and sleep could I think be deeper, but everything is continuing to improve so I hope to see some more benefits yet.

One of my major symptoms being panic attacks is pretty much done with, but does depeand still on the colon.

I can't reccomend highly enough these antifungals.

I really suspect that many others who are doing abxi would benefit also from antifungals.

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