Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis

Happy non cpn news!

My son finally -- FINALLY!-- passed the prelims in his doctoral math program and will be able to go to his dissertation. Whew! and Yay!!!

It has been a year - where does time go

I guess I have been busy trying to get better. I am currently trying to really focus on walking. I was not walking at all in home with out husband home until LAST WEEK due to fear of falling. I am currently walking in home 40 feet and repeating this 10 times. I picked smaller length and focus on walking correctly to retrain brain. I am finally strong enough to do this safely. My head hurts, hips and legs after my walk and feet tingle. Last Spring - homecare had me walking about 50-80 feet. I than went to PT where in 6 weeks they had me walking 100 feet and let me go. In Fall - I went back to PT as walk wasn't functional. I sprained left ankle which was a huge set back.

Pulse 28 just keeping on.

After all these pulses, it's disappointing to fing that I'm now feeling as though I'm going slowly downhill.  I know that how I feel could mostly be attributed to the toxic effects of die-off but I cannot seem to clear my system effectively.  I've tried the usual  methods but they all lock my transit solid and I end up bouncing between moppers and laxatives - not good!  I do now recognise the insidious hand of inflammationi in the decrease of my mobility but I cannot manage to get it down it to a manageable level.  Anyway, my small rant is over - back to the business of hanging in there.



About 6 - 7 weeks ago, my ability to walk more then 10 feet went out the window. I can't stand for long, can do much of anything that requires leg stamina to do. So I'm here to ask for me and anyone else who might run into this problem, what can I do to remedy the problem. Is there anything or is it just a case where I'm out of luck? Now don't get me wrong, I know there is no magic cure out there. I just wonder what people have done with this sort of problem and whether it might help me to regain some of what I've lost? Thanks!

Protocol has rid my body of infection

Hi everyone,

I followed Dr Wheldon's protocol to the letter for 3 and a half years.


As many of you know, Rica raises prize French Alpine goats.  After several months of catching kids as they popped out of their mamas' wombs, Rica (and her dear husband Richard) is now preparing for the season of goat shows. She has given me a brief primer on the judging her goats will have to endure.  And I commend her on persevering with this lesson despite my teasing, bad puns and laughter. So for those of you who need to know how to judge a female goat (and don’t we all?), here it is:

 The female goat (doe) is judged on 16 – 22 points extending from its head to its rear legs. These are listed under 4 categories referred to as “GDBM”.

CCSVI - Hopeful and Skeptical:

CCSVI - Hopeful and Skeptical:

 Live CCSV Webcast

4/14/2010 12:00 EST there is a webcast for CCSVI... see the link below to register for the event...

 Breaking News on CCSVI & MS<


Is "Complex regional pain syndrome" also cpn?

I just discovered that my niece, who is 22, has had bronchitis several times in her life. She also has a progressive neurological disorder which first surfaced at 19 and disappears completely during pregnancy. It eventually leads to loss of all muscle function. Sound familiar? It is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and before 2007 was called Reflex Sympathetic Pain Syndrome. She is fortunate because so far she has the rare (1%) fortune of numbness instead of pain.

Does anyone know about this disease? 

Third Year Update

Well, it's not been the best of years. Ten days after the last update, after a hard workweek, my right leg collapsed under me , twisting my good left leg and breaking my left ankle. One week in the hospital, 5 weeks in a nursing home , 6 weeks confined to my house with therapists coming to me and a few months of physical therapy. Nevertheless, a year later, the m.s. is now buzzing away in my left ankle and foot, both legs are weaker and I have trouble walking with a cane.

I have cut my college teaching load to one class that is easier to teach than drawing (I get to sit). So I teach 3 hours, twice a week, and although there are times when I have to literally drag myself to class, it is psychologically essential.

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