Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis

New Art

neurons w. gadient, eraser.jpg
Tired of the concussions each time I stood up to work on my art, I've been studying photoshop. This is last night's production -- "Neurons".

Chasing the bucket

I must write my story. A week ago the next day after 19th pulse I wanted to hang the washing. But I couldn´t find the bucket. During the pulses I usually have the bucket next to my bedFrown. I had only half an hour for finding the bucket, taking the washing out of the machine, hanging it, changing my clothes, visiting toilet, and be ready to work. A few months ago too much just to think. There are just two places where the bucket is - kitchen, bathroom and during the pulse bedroom.The kitchen is at one end of my flat, bedroom at the other end and bathroom in the middle.

Anyone know of a doc in the Chicago area?

Does anyone know of a doc who is familiar with treating people with these antibiotic protocolsi?

Marching bugs in brain

Fourth day on pulse. All the time in my brain some bugs are marching, chasing in all directions, striking each other..., dizziness. In spite of this I still can do 3-4 steps without touching. So my balance can´t be from head. Also something is doing in my legs, ankles, heels, joints. I am totally crashed. Problem to cook anything.

Improvement again

Tomorrow I am starting my 19th pulse and I feel better again. Two days ago I cycled on my bike in the bedroom and I cycled 10 minutes! Last cycling a month ago was only 3 minutes - I couldn´t more. The next day after the 10 minutes cycling I was crashed, I wasn´t able to do 2 steps outside with a cane, so I went home. I think it was a normal reaction and now I am better. There was no special reaction during and after 18 pulse except pain in joints one morning which went till the afternoon. I do still feel that now there is a bigger problem with my joints and lower back than with legs.

cyst in sinus

I am after 18th pulse. On the third day of the pulse the cyst from my sinus got out through mouth. It was very ugly and unpleasant and my doctor confimed after detail description that it was a cyst. This cyst was diagnosed at the last MRI brain scan. So positive is that one source of the infection in head is out. After the pulse I definitely feel better than usual after pulses, on the second day after the pulse I was able to see my doctor, that wasn´t possible after pulses before, even to get out of my flat and move arround the flat. I can turn round to both sides without touching anything, but I am still very cautious. So my balance is improving and I feel stronger legs. I can do 2-3 steps without touching or a cane and then stop again without touching. But only in my flat.

Jaundice (icterus) after 3 weeks Doxy

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The Wisc. Project at U. of Wisc. reprogramming brain

Take a look at this video about a technique being used to better walking in the disabled, etc.|episode|fs000080000iocr24040000000 


17th pulse hit me really hard - burning lungs

Firstly wishing better health in 2011.

Foods that Help or Hinder

I suggest that we list foods that seem to help or harm us. For instance, Illeach and onions. For me, unchrystallized ginger candy settles my stomach and is edible when little else is. It also warms me a bit. But when I'm really cold, organic cashew ginger carrot soup (sold in a box) helps a lot. Licorice candy (imported from Australia) helps with malaise.

Let's make a list.

Finding a doctor in Germany


Dear All,


I have a question regarding Wheldon protocole: I am interested as I have MSi<i< since 2003, and I would like to know if there are any doctors in Germany treating patients with this protocole?

 I am based near Munchen but can travel if necessary.

In advance, thank you so much for you help!



How to continue?

 My Cpni antibodies during the treatment were as follows:

MSers - Do exercises or not while on CAP

Hi all,

I am writing here in my blog for the first time.  I have been on CAPi for more than 2 years, I came here from time to time and read some news but I didn´t feel like writing here mainly because of not feeling so well that it was difficult for me to write in English. Now it has changed. So a few words about me.

I have MS for more than 30 years. It had very slow progression, I think because of I refused the CRABs. I didn't like the idea of having my immunei system attacked and I felt all the years to have inflammationi in all my body. I was very sensitive for cold and moisture. 

Whledon Protocol


Possible ms breakthrough to heal cells<

In researching pain relief for ms patients, these doctors may have found a way to heal damaged myelini sheaths.

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