Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis

21st pulse

I am 4 days after the 21st pulse. This one was rather difficult. The thing that I wasn´t well on the whole it´s nothing new but my stomach was  very bad during all the pulse and this was a new thing. Before after I ate something I was better and now eating didn´t help at all. The fourth day I skipped the evening dose and I wanted to complete the next day but I couldn´t. so this pulse was not full 4 days. But my stomach wasn´t any better also after finishing the pulse, so after a day after the pulse I decreased the NACi to 2x600 mg and only after that my stomach started to be better. So I probably can´t take NAC 2x1200mg for long. It seems that my stomach doesn´t like so high dose of NAC.

Virus and low sunlight 'raises multiple sclerosis risk'

Low levels of sunlight coupled with glandular fever could increase the risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MSi), say researchers.<

Well doh.

What helped me before the CAP

The thing what helped me much was a chiropractor. I started going there maybe 15-17 years ago. Before going there my body was a stiffed numb piece and I could walk then maybe 20-30 m and stop, I couldn´t even dust the furniture my head was as if it wasn´t mine as the whole body. After a week after the first visit (before the visit no vertebra was at its place - the chiropractor said he hadn´t seen it before) my sensations were: I got a new head, my body was relieved - almost no stiffness just numbness remained but weaker, I could walk a kilometer upto the hill without stopping and then back down.


I know the whole thing about MS, CCSVI and the Liberation treatment is controversial and in the early stages of denial and

exploration by the medical community.....but.......there seem to be increasing numbers of people who have had chronic Lyme 

 Disease, who have had the CCSVI tests and treatment and have had marked improvement.

 So thinking....they may well have or have had Lyme at some point, but maybe the CPni is a significant co-infection that causes

atherosclerosis/inflammationi/narrowing of the veins, which is relieved by stent insertion?


CPn as a cause of CCSVI ????


It will be interesting to see what the relapse rates are like for people who have had the procedure.

Anyone know about any of this? 

Switching on/off in head

Yesterday I had a nice day. I was at my cottage in the mountains and I spent all day outside. But it wasn´t so simply. Yesterday morning I got up with a sensation of an empty head as if something was missing there. The sensation wasn´t pleasant as I was used for many years for different sensations for sure they weren´t natural in those years but I was used for them. In addition I felt a slight vertigo. I felt it while I was in bed but when I got up it was away or at least I didn´t realize it. When we arrive at the cottage I was surprised how cold was there. I was dressed like in the winter and thought that I would take off gradually my dressing. Instead of it I was looking for a capi in the cottage as my head was terribly cold.

Pain in ear

After my complete deafness on right ear a month ago which lasted about a day, then it improved to abou 50-60% deafness and remained steady today I got a very strong ache into this ear. It goes from ear up to the right top of my head and to the right sinus. I hope when it stops my hearing will be better. I am going to take ibuprofen.

20th pulse

10 days ago I completed the 20th pulse, 5 days 3x500 mg entizol. It wasn´t so hard I could exist almost as if not on pulse. On the evening on the fifth day of the pulse I suddenly felt stronger legs but the next day the legs were again weaker. I realized when reading the successes of the CCSVI treatment that I reached almost the same success with abxi. But I do think that it still isn´t enough because my walking still limits me at each activity. I realized that I really don´t have any spasms - neither at night, nor when I get up in the morning nor during the day. Instead of it my legs burn much I have a lot of needles in them sometimes even nails. This much depends on how much I walk or stand. I know this should be a healing so I hope it is.

Worried - off the protocol

I have been on the Wheldon protocol for 3 months, but I have a kidney infection that has to be treated aggressively, so I am having to take dozy and Avelox since I am needing avelox to reach the kidneys.  I will be on this treatment for the next month.   I am worried about being off the protocol.  Anyone else ever experienced this?


Do we have any members in Japan? Korea? Hawaii?

"A cheerful visit"

Yesterday I was on regular once a half year neurolog visit. I knew that it wouldn´t be very cheerful but it was even worse that I waited. I sat in a waiting room for more than an hour not beeing able to lean my back (seat without a backrest) so my lower back wasn´t good and I had a problem to walk after standing up. I explained the doc the reason of my bad walk but she didn´t believe me. Then she examined me with a hammer very briefly, the shortest time she devoted to my legs. She lifted my legs one at a time, then she asked me to lift them myself. I lifted them to the same hight as she did and then the examination stopped. She told herself :"it isn´t so bad". Then she asked me if I really didn´t want to start CRABs. I answered NO!. I saw she had got angry.

A Bath

The last three days were different. I haven´t had a bath for maybe 17 years. At that time I had a bath and after it my legs and half body from the waist down went numb. So it was the last time I had a bath. A few days ago I phoned with my mother´s friend (she is 85 and a retired child neurologist) and told me it would be good for me to take a bath and exercise with legs in it. So I took a risk and on Saturday evening had a bath. I got to the tube with problems but I managed it without any help. While sitting in a bath I was exercising with my legs. Every moving caused a cramp in legs, the strongest in the ankles. So after every moving a cramp then I waited till the cramp released, then another moving, another cramp, and so on.

Seeing yet not Perceiving

Bulwer-Lytton prize, here I come!

It was unseasonably warm for an early March day, even for a city like Dallas whose inhabitants in July and August considered it to be Hell's waiting room.  He walked across the deteriorating asphalt of the parking lot and into the first-floor office of his neurologist thinking that in a few short weeks, it would be almost warm enough for the parking lot to melt and the chunks of asphalt to fuse together in a new pattern. 

Numb head and vitamin D

My dosage of vit D is 2x1000 IU. I know I should take more but I can´t and I don´t know why. In Nov 2010 I increased the dose for 2000+1000, totaly 3000IU a day. After three days left part of my head went numb - from the top - hair part, through  forehead, eye /also eye bulb/, left part of nose, cheek. mouth and chin. 2 days after this event I realized that it might have been vit D which I had increased. Immediately I cut down back to 2x1000 IU and the numbness started to go away from the chin upwards. The last part which came normal was top of my head after few days. What was interesting my strength increased and my head was better - clearer thinking in spite of the numb feelings.

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