Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

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LDN books and Websites

LDNi - I have been on this medication since Feb 17,2009 4 1/2 months now.

I have viewed the speakers whose talks from past LDN Conferences are

available on the internet,

the weblinks are posted here on the CPnHelp website for anyone who is interested and viewing them.


This spring I order several of the most recent books on the topic.

Do I add more drugs?

I saw both my endocrinologist and my CAPi prescriber this week. I have a painful heartbeat that's been bothering me mainly with some movements and deep breaths. So my endo wants me to take Advil in addition to my CAP. My CAP prescriber didn't have any suggestions in that regard but wants me to add Diflucan into the protocol for possible candida issues just b/c I've been so long on abxi.

Right now I am taking Amoxicillini 1000 mg x 2/day, Clarith 500 mg x 2/day, Minoi 100 mg x 2/day, Flagyli 500 mg x 2/day. If I add Advil and Diflucan, would it be too many drugs for my poor liver? On the other hand, I'd like to try something for that painful heartbeat.

Any thoughts? Thanks for any input.

Drug depletion chart

Whilst doing some research into some puzzling events in my recovery I came across this chart< that shows which drugs cause what vitaminsi or supplementsi to be depleted.  In my case it answers some of my questions.

Time to stop Protocol???

Think it's time to stop the antibiotic protocol. It will be three years 2/4/2009. I seem to be at a stand still. Not much improvement but the progression of the symptoms has slowed and maybe even stopped. I had gained alot back in the summer of 2007 but it didn't stay very long-only a few months. Was hoping my visit to Dr. Sriram in August of last year would jump start things again but that isn't happening. So I will slowly wean myself off the antibioticsi and hopefully my MS won't come back with a vengence. I will check in to see how everyone else is doing and gather all the information that is always cropping up on the site. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. Not quite sure where to go from here. Linda

Your Choices of OTC Pain Relievers and your reasons

the pressure here is down, the wind is blowing blizzard conditions and our first good snow of the seaso here.  Temperature finally up to 14F  pressure down to 28.92 .  And although I a snug as a bug in a rug (to quote my Mother)the wind is noisey, I cannot sleep and generalized aching is setting in.

My ususal style to to stick it out but I am wondering if taking and OTC medicaton chold be helpful.   I know there have been some discussions regarding peoples preferences.  Naproxene Sodium, Ibuprofen and Lightly coated simple asprin are my available sources with the weather promissing to hold me up till at least Tuesday morning. 

Boswellia a natural way to help with inflammation

I have noticed that one of the largest complaints with this capi treatment is severe inflammationi. Since I am very concerned with all the medications my liver and kidneys have to deal with, may doctor told me of a natural way to reduce the inflammation. It is called Boswllia, a natural herb or resin that has a very good outcome on many inflammatory issues.


Naprosyn \ Aleve \ Naproxen \ Anti-Inflammatory

Kim has had questions about whether the ABXi is really working.  She's had a tough time the past month or so.  We've bumped her up to 2gm Chlorella per day and she is still taking charcoal at night.  But, Kim keeps asking me if the ABXi is really helping.  I've been recounting for her how far she's come and how several symptoms are vastly improved, but I can hear in Kim's voice that she's asking in relation to how she feels .... today.  In all my recounting for Kim I realized that I keep using the words "die-off" and "inflammationi".  Kim takes charcoal and chlorella for the die-off, but suddenly, I really paid attention to the word "inflammation".

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.


Anybody hear about this drug? Its a new treatment for fibro. I dont know if treats the cause or the symptoms.  Some people with fibromyalgiai are tealing me this is working for them but I cant find any information on the internet about what it acually is and what is does besides work like a antidepressant.



Hope everyone gets the answers that are looking for, and the needed support; this thanks to you guys making this site possible for all of us!!!

It's marvelous!


Is Tinnitus a result of CPN?

My friend Isabelle is suffering a severe Tinnitus">i and she has been told that she just have to learn  to live with it.  It is true that she worked in a very loud environment, but I remember her having very strong "colds" and "flus"; so, because I saw that this illness was mentioned here, I would like to ask if it might be relationed with CPNi and if it is treated as the MSi?

Can someone help my friend guiding her as to what to do?  she is living in South America...

Thank you very much to everyone!




Hen or egg?

Most of the Doctors just look at a symptom and treat it the way they think;  - they know it all.  Then, the diagnose comes, like an etiquette of a product. Does someone looks what is behind the symptom?  Which is the cause, and the cause of this cause?

One Doctor -cardiologist-  saw me and when he found out I was multisymtomatic gave me some pills for the anxiety, nothing else. 

Need to talk to someone soon

Need to talk to someone soon.  I'm feeling a little desperate at the moment.  Don't know how to IM, willing to learn or willing to just e-mail back and forth. 

Striking a Balance in CAP Treatment

My hamstrings, left knee, and glute's are crying out for a Flagyli pulse, but I am afraid of the deficits in my left hand and parasthesias from the last one. I think this is the longest I have ever delayed a pulse and my knee is very sensitized and irritably swollen to show for it, often giving way beneath me whilst attempting to go about my daily business. I have been able to tolerate 600mg NACi daily now for about three weeks and about 1000iu's of D3/day as well. Lots of muscle tightness and pain, which makes me really wonder about the replicants/EB ratio model. It makes sense to me that the increase in aches and pains[which make ambulation nearly impossible]seem to correlate with the image of EB'si spiralling out of control due to many months of taking doxyi and azith. Hmmm..
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