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Case of Chlamydia Inhalation (Source Cattle)

History :

Following inhalation of particles in a tunnel in 2003-july (transport of several trucks of cattle preceded my car) I had a feverish state (starting same day) which lasted 4 days (no temperature, just important cold sweat) + drip syndrome (started not more than 1hour after exposure).

introduction and inquiry about topicals

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I was not able to locate information referencing contraindications to my Rx topicals.

Please pardon me if this is covered elsewhere.

I'll start with a bit about where I'm at and have been.


I'm a graphic designer who works from home. I have a happy homelife and a positive worklife. I believe that i am a healthy person, I just do not physically feel like one. I have long suspected that everything I experience is tied together, so am really happy to see this Web site. I want to live my life again: I want to go outside into the sunshine; ride a bike; shop in a store!


Newbie questions

hi..  first off, i REALLY appreciate  any response from current members..  i am new to CAPi.  i just started over a month ago..  though side effects have been a bit harsh, i feel no pain, NO gain mentality .. 

JUST started CPN protocol

wow, i dont know where to really start without saying HELLO first.  its been a LONG 8-10 years of being sick, seeing MANY physicians, and thousands of $$$ later before i really have some what of a guide to getting well.  to just give you a BRIEF summary of my illness, i worked for a poultry processing plant for >10 years and @ the time did NOT think it would cause such heartache, but in a educated hindsight, it created my current condition.  prior to working there i was ENERGETIC and full of life.  well, because it was SUCH a subtle deterioration i didnt put my finger on the enviornmental toxins until 2-3 years ago.  some of the few things i contracted while working there was eczema, asthmai, fatigue, brain fog, dry skin (my skin had always be sooooooo oily) among other things.

A Young Woman With MS: Ella's Progress on the CAP

(Editors note: This is a report by Ella's mother Michele, a very active contributor to< and user of the protocol herself. They began the CAPi in the crisis of Ella's rapid deterioration and the change since then is quite remarkable though the story is far from over. It illustrates well the judicious use of steroids to manage inflammatory symptoms while slowly ramping up on the CAP. Most of us have followed Ella's progress with enthusiasm and bated breath. She's kind of become a mascot for many of us more "mature" types, symbolic of the restoration of vigorous life were this treatment started when we were younger! We will add to this update as her treatment progresses.)

Steroid use and Cpn treatment


I was wondering if it is contraindicated to take steroids like h/c during treatment for cpni?  I thought I remember reading this somewhere but it may have been in reference to taking pharmacological doses rather than physiological doses, which would obviously be more suppressive and counterproductive to the treatment.

Steroids Ok in MS treatment?

In a casual email correspondence, David Wheldoni was asked if he would speculate on the possiblity of using steroids along with the CPn treatment in MSi to allevaite some of the psuedo exacerbations as some people have a noticable loss of function, particularly during flagyl pulses. His reply is below:

I think that's a very pertinent question, and I'm not sure of the answer. It's very complex and very individual.

I believe that you can get real relapses during first six months of antibiotic treatment - maybe more, because the antibodies to chlamydial hsp60 will still be there. But the likelihood of relapse is less, because you won't get a fresh cpn respiratory infection while taking antibiotics. These are a major cause of relapse, probably through the production of gamma-IFN. The second commonest cause of relapse, again through gamma-IFN, is influenza. But this might be mitigated by N-acetyl cysteine supplementation.

Question about steroids

David Wheldoni and Dr A were asked about the reason that steroids and immunosuppressants do not cause CPN to go out of control in the case of MSi. If people with MS actually have CPn, why are steroids or things like tysabri apparently helpful? Why do they not make people worse? answer follows:

DR A's response (the MD who is close to the VU work who is expert)
As far as steroids are concerned, the cellular immune system isn’t very effective against C. pneumoniae infections (The C. pneumoniae can infect every cell in the cellular immune system.). Therefore, interfering with the cellular immune system ( by giving something like steroids or suppression of the immune system ed.) would be predicted to have little to do with making the disease worse – and might make the symptoms better if the symptoms were related to inflammation.

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