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Body response, often an immune/cytokine response, to infection or other foriegn agent.

Continual Blood in Urine (from Kidneys)

I have been monitored for microscopic blood in my urine since early 2000. The doctor I was treating with back home always seemed to believe it was due to celiac/gluten intolerance as we could never find anything conclusive.... hmmm.. cpni???

I am now out of state with a urologist who has been treating me for 4 years.  Every time I have had an appointment there has been blood in my urine.  

 I just came from a visit with her (my urologist).... all has been tested (cystoscopy, kidney x-rays, urine cytology). Today, I pushed her for a "what are we going to do or conclude" about this?  The only confirmation that we have is that:

1) there are no cancerous or squamous cells; (which is great)  and,

LPS protection -- Cheap!

Plant Flavonoid In Celery And Green Peppers Found To Reduce Inflammatory Response In The Brain<

At least I like celery. Can't bear green peppers, though. Bell peppers, anyway -- jalapeno, now, that's a different story.

Anyway, they combat the inflammation brought on by LPS in the brain.



Miying's 3rd + week on NAC

Third + week on NACi<

5/04/08 - Sun. (600 mg. NAC x1)

Emerging Stratton Protocol 4/2008: a new approach to an old set of problems

Emerging Stratton Protocol 4/2008: a new approach to an old set of problems

Reported by Jim K

vitamin D again???

Hi there again,


introduction and inquiry about topicals

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I was not able to locate information referencing contraindications to my Rx topicals.

Please pardon me if this is covered elsewhere.

I'll start with a bit about where I'm at and have been.


I'm a graphic designer who works from home. I have a happy homelife and a positive worklife. I believe that i am a healthy person, I just do not physically feel like one. I have long suspected that everything I experience is tied together, so am really happy to see this Web site. I want to live my life again: I want to go outside into the sunshine; ride a bike; shop in a store!


Any suggestions?


Interesting Article on cellular Pyroptosis, Greek for "going down in flames"

Hi All,

Thought others might find the following kind of interesting. It's an article discussing the difference between Apoptosisi, Greek for "to drop gently" and what these researchers call "Pyroptosis," Greek for "going down in flames".


First an easy to read news item on this:

How Do Infections And Toxins Launch A Cell's Self-destruct And Alarm System?<

Then an actual article:

Apoptosis, Pyroptosis, and Necrosis: Mechanistic Description of Dead and Dying Eukaryotic Cells<


Comments on CAP variations from Dr. Michael Powell

I asked Dr. Powell to comment directly on concerns that have been mentioned over time as to whether he uses the CAPi with his new patients. I received his response a number of weeks ago but have had no time to put it together in a cogent context. But continued posts on these questions has mobilized me to get his comments to our readers here. But context is, as we say, everything.

Interruption of ABX – Waiting for Biopsies

Sunday night I went to the emergency room with severe abdominal pain (upper/lower left quadrant, front and back – [as an aside, I have experienced pain on my left side since almost the beginning of my ABXi in April of last year –2007].  I kept contributing the discomfort to possibly die off and/or my spleen.  My dr. could never find anything on x-rays or a cat scan, so I just kept plodding along, as it was not intolerable.

Study of the Autonomic Nervous System in ME/CFS involving experimental interventions - now recruiting patients with POTS at Vand

Anyone with orthostatic hypotension or other similar problems..... Vanderbuilt is seeking recruits.........<

Protocol Vacations

Well, it seems somewhat unlikely that my liver enzymes have decreased enough to avoid a Protocol Vacation.   I will likely get a partial report on my lab studies in the next few days.

So I am beginning to look at the possibility of being asked to cut back or even completely take a break from the protocol as my AST and ALT are in the 3-4 times the high normal range and this has been the case for almost 4 months now. 

I know that folks have stopped for numbers lower than mine which are both over 140.  My several past blood draws have been ever so slightly higher each time yet still slowly climbing.

I would appreciate anyone who has found themselves in this position to share how it was handled in your case.  

Menstrual Cramps

For you women out there, I was wondering if you have had worse menstrual cramps since you became infected with Cpni (assuming you know about when that happened). Mine have gotten worse in recent years and, at my age, it seems they should be going away. But I was reading that cramping is partially caused by inflammation-producing prostaglandins. In an unrelated article I read prostaglandin production is increased during infection. So does this imply a possible link with Cpn and menstrual problems? Chronic infection leads to higher levels of prostaglandins that contribute to worse cramping, backaches, IBSi, and other symptoms women get around that time of the month?

Doryx ER - Anyone else taken the Brand Name??

My last script refill I thought I would try the name brand Doxyi Doryx ER. Has anyone else used it? Initially it was easier on the stomach (but not the pocketbook Money mouth!)

I have been taking it since the last week of December. This week I am having severe gastro-intestinal issues. I'll be honest, I haven't been diligent with my supplementsi, (some days I just can't gag them all down) so this may be my payback. I' ve upped my probiotics, Vit C... been taking Tagament, drinking Aloe Vera juice. Anything I can think of to try to calm that area down.

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