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Body response, often an immune/cytokine response, to infection or other foriegn agent.

Boston area doctor

I have had adult-onset Asthmai ever since I got whooping cough two years ago.  After a round of steroids (which caused me to gain 40 pounds in 2 months and get stretchmarks on my stomach) it went away for about 6 months, then came back. 


I am looking for a doctor in the Boston area, although I would be willing to commute anywhere in New England if possible.  I am worried about Zithromax because I once (at age 14 or so, I'm now 28) had what I believed was a severe allergic reaction to Erithromycin. 

Added Yaeyama Chlorella

Presently I have been on Minocycline for over two weeks. The inflammation has been increasing in small increments daily. I was not keeping on top of the load of toxins/porphyria with my usual doses of glucose, Emergen-C and charcoal. So a couple of days ago (9/20) my recent supplement order was delivered which included some Yaeyama Chlorella to try out. Only after two days of use before lunch I am impressed of how effect it seems for me. It is the perfect pre-lunch mopper. Which is a time of day I really need help. It is when it is not convenient to take any of the other moppers I use. But to be clear, I definitely will continue all of them at the usual times I take them as well.

Need a Word of Encouragement

A word of encouragement?? I haven't checked in for quite a while. Been doing ok, but have been undergoing Vitamin C IV treatments for 4 weeks followed by Rifampin 150mg twice a day for 4 days.  My energy is zapped and the Rifampin feels like poision to my body.

1st week on Mino & wondering?

Well, I don't have to tell you that I am pleased things turned out pretty good for me. The first few days of Minoi were misery but then things began to settle down. The last couple days I haven't had to take extra Emergen-C but I am still stiff and achy. Plus my eyes are so red some folks at the store look at me as if I am crying OR stoned... sympathy or disdain. Of course either way I don't appreciate the vibes so quickly move on. Also I have daily coughing sessions and about gag at times trying to break loose the mucus stuck in my bronchial airways. (sorry) Sometimes it just feels like a hair stuck in my throat. It is worse for me in the mornings.

9/4 - started CAP - OUCH!

Between 24-36 hours after my last dose of SMZ/TMP DS 800-160 otherwise known as Bactrim double strength I felt the tide turn and the infection was rushing back in much too quickly. Fear of what would be if I did not take action. With new found confidence that I CAN take full dose antibioticsi I swallowed my first 50 mg of Minocycline. Gulp and deep breath ... here we go.... Oh my gosh ... what have I done? ha ha ha ( in a diabolical tone) Why does something with such a formidable name as the first above stated antibiotic have less reaction than a silly little dose of Minocycline? 

I'm stepping off

I have been more debilitated, for a longer continual period of time than ever in my life, since starting the CAPi.

I have been bed ridden almost completely for 6 weeks. I am in pain, I am weak, I throw up almost every day. I finally learn which anti-porphyric and endotoxini measures work best for what, and how and when to take them, when the very measures that are supposed to help me end up making me sicker. I do all the things right so that I don't get side effects -- from anything -- and I am run over and flattened. I should not feel this bad, I'm doing everything not to.


If Lyme can be caused though having a root canal done -as it is said by the Doctor Steven Harris, M.D, in the conference he presented - the link given here by lifeontheice<: and now I read in the website healingdaily an article called “Should you have root canals? Where they talk about this Doctor, expert in root canals, who then found that this “repair in the tooth” might be the biggest cause of bacteria in the mouth and then the body. The article says:

Sulfur is my new friend

Last time I blogged I was having some skin irritation on the back of my scalp. I thought I might have picked up some kind of mite or fungus so off I went to the pharmacy. (After consulting Dr. Google of course!) I bought a topical that has sulfur in it. It is a homeopathic treatment for Rosasea called Prosacea. After a couple of applications to the scalp, I noticed that all the red areas on my face had faded away. Duh! Seems it really works-even though I only applied it to the back of my head.

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.

Slammed in the head!

As I write this today I am not fully recovered but will try my best to convey what my latest experience involved. Am writing this with my right eye closed as a matter of fact. So anyway ... what I want to write about in my blog today is reflective of years of chronic illness that I merely pushed off as hormonal induced migraines that we women had to bear in life. Of course ... I think I know better now. Not that hormones cannot play a role in this illness but that I know the true instigator I believe.



Hope everyone gets the answers that are looking for, and the needed support; this thanks to you guys making this site possible for all of us!!!

It's marvelous!


Update added FIR sauna & moving along slowly.

We got our FIRi sauna set up last weekend and I have been eagerly but cautiously using it for 10 min. at the start of my day after drinking water to hydrate first thing. Probably the most interesting result thus far is it restarted the eye burning, sneezing, bronchial irritation with resulting cough. These are all at minor degrees but nevertheless it is a direct response to using the sauna I believe as nothing else has changed in  my environment. The heat from the sauna feels soothing on my sore back and shoulders but causes some itching and then later in the day they ache again especially at night. But less so than on the MPi and prior to starting the NACi, supplementsi, etc.

Decreasing Inflammation Through Exercise

An exaggerated inflammation response seems to be one of the hallmarks of a chronic Cpni infection. I know when I get a cut, the area becomes red around it more than it used to. This seems indicative of an overall hyperactive inflammatory response. This was an interesting take on exercise reducing inflammation and helping wound healing:< It would seem that those of use fighting inflammation would benefit from some level of activity. Raven CAPi since 8-05 for Cpn and Mycoplasma P. for MS and/or CFSi

Miserable & worried. Heat Shock Protein or Die Off or Both? Sudden "flu" symptoms & inflammation after several good months.

I would sure appreciate it if anybody out there further along into treatment could give me some rational for my oddly timed symptoms and inflammationi.  I’m excessively and unusually miserable (flu like) all of a sudden after several months of no symptoms.  I finally am assuming  die off but confused why now suddenly out of the blue, and why so much inflammation?  Is there anything I should or can do about the inflammation?  Why are there red inflamed areas at my temples? I've been on doxyi and 250 mg Biaxin 2

OOPS! Backslided

I backslided a little on my diet today and ate 4 double cheeseburgers at mcdonalds. Im sure the cpni is having a field day with that one.
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