Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

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Hypercoagulation in CFS, FMS, MCS, MPS, Lyme Disease, Thyroid, and more...

Link to information on Hypercoagulation :<

Sources of TF (Transfer Factor) included within this article.

List of Related Articles on hypercoagulable state in general, is included at the end of this article.

Just a bunch of questions, please

Hi All, I'm doing one tablet 250mg of Azithromcycin a day, a shot of Bicillian once a week. I'm on Diflucan, one a day and oral Nystantin. This is the first time ever, that I've been able to take a oral anti biotic and not have major diarreah. I really like Azithromycin a lot, it's been good to my gut.

Ques.One-When I take Diflucan I pee all night long, anyone else with the problem? When I stop it too my gut problems don't seem as bad in the morning. How do I know how bad my yeast is? I've been on Diflucan for a month or more now and Nystantin just the same. How will I know when its gone?

Two-Am I taking enough Azithrmcycin do you think? I've printed off the Protocol for my doc so he can read on pulsing.

Curcumin for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Hi All, I have IBD and CPNi as well as Lyme and babesia, but I've beenr reading great things about curcumin spice as being a natural anti inflammatory, anti viral, anti cancer agent. Has anyone taking this for inflammationi, especially for the gut or colon and it's helped? Thanks


What is known about the use of bromelain?  I have begun to take it, but having difficulty getting to the full dose (1000mg daily) due to the digestive side effects (intense heartburn, nausea, loose BMs).  What experiences have other had with it?  What is known of its efficacy?

Wikipedia information on cpn

Wikipedia has got involved in cpni but needs some help. If you go to edit this page you can add information from the cpn website. Anyone want to take a stab at it. However wrote it needs lots of help. Heres the website< == These sections need to be written: == *'''Treatment''' - talk about multiple antibioticsi needed - one for each lifecycle stage. *'''Persistent State''' - key paragraph. Why treating Cpn is not trivial. *'''Pneumonia/Acute infection''' - rather than have the whole article about this as before, just need a small paragraph as these things are pretty straight forward. *'''Dissemination paragraph''' - how Cpn disseminates throughout the body via the lungs. Different types of cell it can infect.

LDN books and Websites

LDNi - I have been on this medication since Feb 17,2009 4 1/2 months now.

I have viewed the speakers whose talks from past LDN Conferences are

available on the internet,

the weblinks are posted here on the CPnHelp website for anyone who is interested and viewing them.


This spring I order several of the most recent books on the topic.

Drug depletion chart

Whilst doing some research into some puzzling events in my recovery I came across this chart< that shows which drugs cause what vitaminsi or supplementsi to be depleted.  In my case it answers some of my questions.

Starting LDN - Topic Revisited

Starting LDNi tonight(Low Dose Naltrexone) topic Revisited - the continuation of a thread relocated from a personal blog page to a forum topic. It was started about 5 months ago and previous posts are included below;

Interesting Study on the importance of Leukotriene B4 for differentiation of Neural Stem Cells into Neurons


Just doing some googling on leukotrienes and lipoxins and ran across this study.   If the findings are correct, it might also indicate that caution might be warranted in using 5-LOX inhibitors and Leukotriene B4 blockers in CNSi disease:

Leukotriene B4 and lipoxin A4 are regulatory signals for neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation<

Some interesting quotes from the article:

LDN a Website video at on LDN

This link just came in on the newsletter. I have not listened to it yet.  But personally have been wondering about it's use in MSi and other inflammationi.  Hope it brings on the full range of discussion.   Louise

Ibuprofen / Inflammation / Flagyl Pulse

Following the last discussion we had about Naproxen / Aleve as a COX-2 Inhibitor, Kim started taking Ibuprofen during pulse week and has just completed her first pulse week with Ibuprofen.  She took 400mg twice a day for the 7 day pulse.  She had a pretty easy pulse feeling somewhat more tired but not nearly as impacted as she had been in other pulses.

Then she stopped taking Ibuprofen on day 8 when she stopped taking Flagyli.

Time to stop Protocol???

Think it's time to stop the antibiotic protocol. It will be three years 2/4/2009. I seem to be at a stand still. Not much improvement but the progression of the symptoms has slowed and maybe even stopped. I had gained alot back in the summer of 2007 but it didn't stay very long-only a few months. Was hoping my visit to Dr. Sriram in August of last year would jump start things again but that isn't happening. So I will slowly wean myself off the antibioticsi and hopefully my MS won't come back with a vengence. I will check in to see how everyone else is doing and gather all the information that is always cropping up on the site. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. Not quite sure where to go from here. Linda

Your Choices of OTC Pain Relievers and your reasons

the pressure here is down, the wind is blowing blizzard conditions and our first good snow of the seaso here.  Temperature finally up to 14F  pressure down to 28.92 .  And although I a snug as a bug in a rug (to quote my Mother)the wind is noisey, I cannot sleep and generalized aching is setting in.

My ususal style to to stick it out but I am wondering if taking and OTC medicaton chold be helpful.   I know there have been some discussions regarding peoples preferences.  Naproxene Sodium, Ibuprofen and Lightly coated simple asprin are my available sources with the weather promissing to hold me up till at least Tuesday morning. 

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