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Vitamins, minerals and herbs used to support health and detoxification.

Problems With Glucose Powder - Help!


Paula has been taking some glucose powder (dextrose) just after a meal.  The most she has been able to take is one teaspoon of the stuff, and this caused her problems.

Please remember that she is completely bedridden and can only get up a couple of times per day to visit the bathroom.  The symptoms she got a few minutes after taking the glucose was:-

Rapid pulse - her heart was racing like she was running, but of course was unable to.

Irregular heartbeat, fatigue, restlessness, breathlessness

How important for porphyriai is it to take glucose?  Should she reduce the amount she takes, until she is well enough to get out of bed?  Is there any other way she should take it? Is it worth trying D-ribose instead or would it give the same effects?

Best day yet! Quick update...

Best day yet! Quick update on my health... I'm in 2nd week of NACi 600mg, Doxyi 200mg, and Erythromycin 250mg and I actually had a decent day. Had stamina for about 6 full hours of work today and I've been online a while tonight. I was only nauseated once today and was able to knock it out with some good ole' fashion compazine. I've been stuffy for several days and sneezing, but not so bad that I can't deal with it! Much better than the NAC flu!

I'm tiring now, but actually feel like I can say I felt better today than I have since starting CAPi. I'm trying not to set myself up by reminding myself that tomorrow is a new day, come what may, and not to get discouraged if this doesn't last.

my story...

Ok, my name is john. i'm going to try to write this quick and keep it relatively short because my thoughts come and GO pretty fast. i've gotten used to it and it only irritates me in times like this when it's important for me to get the thoughts on the paper fast. I'm here because of a friend and a discussion that we were having about the length of time someone can have these problems and still be moderately functional as a person. JimK's name was brought up because apparently he had this problem for quite some time. i would have written him directly but i thought it would be more appropriate to do this...

Calcium Lactate instead of Charcoal or Chlorella?

For the past several weeks, I have been taking Calcium Lactate, 3-4 hours after I take all of my antibioticsi. It seems to help me with die-off in a way that charcoal or chlorella might. Could this possibly be exactly what it is doing?


I do know that Calcium Lactate is also prescribed as an antacid.




Need to talk to someone soon

Need to talk to someone soon.  I'm feeling a little desperate at the moment.  Don't know how to IM, willing to learn or willing to just e-mail back and forth. 

New kid on the block: Glad to find you!

Hello everyone-I'm so glad to find this site and others who understand what I'm going through!  I have suffered for at least 17 years with various illnesses that I now see may all be related to CPni.  My most recent addition to the plethora of illnesses I've experienced is severe tinnitus">i with 5-10% hearing loss. I recently had to purchase hearing devices, $3000 worth to drown out the ringing noise as it was driving me insane, literally! Finding out about CPn has made me feel like I have found a gold mine, thanks to my doc, (MD and toxicologist) that knows how to think outside the box. Sure has given me renewed hope. I actually found out I had it after my friend was diagnosed with it.  I had referred him to my doc as he had been experiencing CFSi and ADD symptoms.

What kind of fool am I?

Charcoal. It's annoying to schedule the two-hour NPO gap around taking it. The capsules tend to float up and get stuck in my esophagus. If the charcoal hasn't had time to wet down, a small cloud of it comes up if I burp -- and it makes me burp. Good thing I don't smoke!

All this is to say that there are perfectly understandable reasons why I stopped taking it a few months ago. I was pushing way too hard; so hard that I quite literally didn't have the energy to eat enough at mealtimes. I had to eat what I could tolerate, then wait a while until I had enough energy to eat some more. Needless to say, this made scheduling around charcoal nearly impossible.

Smarties Candy Rolls - USA VALUE!

Today I set out to find Smarties.

Should you search this topic here there are other threads.

I was looking to have improved Porphoric Regimen supplies on hand as suggest so often in the posts.   

I went to the local independent drugstore.   Glucose tablet packaged for Diabetics in a small plastic tube, yes very handy and protable.   10 tablets/ each tablet 15 calories/4gms Glucose price 1.99 US.  that is 0.20 cents each. 

At Walmart same number of tablets in this standard formulation 1.28/10 tablets/Not much improvement .12cents each better but still..  In in bulk packing 50 tablet/4.78 US that is .09 cents each.

Now for the cost comparison of the Made in USA CE DE CANDY , Inc., Union NJ 07083

6 Month Milemarker on CAP

Actually, 6 months and 2 days... the 27th of September marked six months of my being on CAPi.  As Ruth mentioned in a previous post about herself, I am no longer a newbie!  I am now reading posts of those coming on board, reflecting on my past experiences!  It's a strange feeling indeed -- firstly, to realize how many of us there are "out there".  It is wonderful that people are finding this website -- the word is getting out.

As I read of those coming on board it's a curiosity to gauge the different levels of tolerance the individuals have.  Some are able to ramp up on the meds quite quickly and others, like me, struggle to build up to each level.  I guess this is also indicative of our unique immunei systems and the CPNi load each of us carries.

Iherb's Quality Commitment by their Venders... (Recent Imports from China Issue)

 just got this in my email .. thought it was interesting enough to pass along..<


Interesting Info on Niacinamide

I found some interesting information about Niacinamide here<. I think I may ask my doc to go back on 3 grams a day as I felt really good when I was taking that dosage. Major side benefit was glowing skin. Would probably help my capillary fragility problems by increasing collagen.It's anti-chlamydial.

Raven CAP since 8-05 for Cpni and Mycoplasma P. for MS and/or CFSi<

Supplement Safety and Imports from China

Recent events regarding contamination of pet food with melamine-laced wheat gluten from China has brought the issue of food safety of imports to the forefront. NPR has run an article today concerning other issues about safety of food supplementsi. I did not know that most of the ascorbic acid we buy is imported from China. There is apparently only one US manufacturer of ascorbic acid. The ruthless price cutting by exporters from China has cornered the market for them. I will be looking into the sources of all the supplements I take. Doesn't do any good to be taking something to improve your health and end up poisoning yourself instead.

Cumulative Effect of Blood Thinners

I had somewhat of a scare last week. I was sitting in a boring meeting and decided to do some eye exercises (I'm sure that anyone who saw me doing this agreed that time was dragging)Later I noticed some significant bleeding in the white area in the inner corner of one eye.Scary, but when I looked it up---blood thinning was indicated.

Pinky's News

Checking through recent post I found this from Pinky, and as Mac commented it might not get the attention it deserves in the place in which she posted it.

"It has been a long time since I have checked the site. Dr. P took me off Flagyli<i</zithro right away because of the extreme die off. Now I am on Vit D (5,000 per day) and the assortment of liver//kidney saving drugs. The last time I went in I bought the Infrared Light, but must confess I have not used it faithfully. I have been getting PT in a warm pool (92) and it has done more for the pain that anything in 15 years.


I apologize for the wide text spread, but after many attempts at getting rid of it and

having lost this post three times already, I'm going with it as is.  Since the real value of

this post is as a reference list, I don't think the wide text field will matter much (unless

it causes a site problem).

Please read the attachment first for an understanding of why I have posted this

reference list.  I hope it will help you, but please use this information cautiously.

The following is a compilation of resources I've been gathering for the past nine months

on lauric acid/monolaurin/glycerol monolaurate/Lauricidin.

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