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Vitamins, minerals and herbs used to support health and detoxification.

Yaeyama Chlorella

We have some Chlorella unopened.

Paula is taking at least 12 capsules of Charcoal per day.  (I have asked her to take 24 recently as her fatigue has been getting worse these past couple of weeks, possibly relating to her Doxyi)

Is it worth her trying the Chlorella as well?

When should she take it in the schedule?



Toco check in

So I thought I'd report some impressions of adding tocotreinol to my supplementsi. I'm taking two 50mg softgels twice a day of High Delta-Fraction Tocotreinol from Nutricology (good price and quick shiping by To my surprise, I had a noticeable but not huge die-off reaction for the first 2-3 days. So I'm suspecting that, as the patent research suggested, it does a bit more than prevent inclusions. It may also interfere with infected cells. Note, at 200mg a day, it may not be enough for significant inhiitory effect as it seems to have waned. I'll stay with this for a couple bottles at least. Anyone else tries it, please let me know if you have noticeable die-off reaction.

That's all to report!

What to take for depression associated with CFS?

I need any information anybody can give me on overcoming depression associated with CFSi. I am currently taking 40 mg/ day Nortriptyline, 300 mg/day Wellbutrin, 75 mg/day DHEAi. I'm on a lot of anti-oxidants too.

Still experiencing moderate to severe depression. Most days, severe depression. What will help? Anything? Does Vitmain D help? I have to hold down my full time job and the depression (along with the fatigue) is REALLY taxing me and my motivation and could cost me my job if I can't find something to help.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Lynn

 Cpni, Mpn, CFS, CAPi - Doxy, Erythromycin, NACi<

Activity of Cholestyramine, Activated Charcoal, and Super Activated Charcoal Compared

One of the discussions over the years has been the use of binding agents to soak up fat-soluble porphyrins dumped into the digestive tract by the liver, and keep them from getting re-absorbed on their way through the digestive tract. This not only lowers the immediate porphyriai reactions, but helps over time to lower the total body load of fat-stored porphyrins. Some people with Cpni don't appear to be bothered much by porphyria and find binding agents not at all helpful, others find it life saving as porphyria is a big component of their distress from Cpn. Since some tissues like the liver and bone marrow are bigger producers of hemei, it stands to reason that Cpn infectionsi in these tissues would probably create the worst secondary porphyriai.

Powdered Activated Charcoal

Paula is currently taking over 3 grams Activated Charcoal once per day in capsule form.  She will be eventually increasing to twice per day and to cut costs we would like to try the powdered form.

She is a bit dubious about taking the powdered form "in case it chokes me".  Presumably you would mix the 3 grams into a full glass of water.

Does anyone have any experience of taking the powdered form and any advice to help alliviate her concerns?

Thanks in advance.


ATP and low CD4 counts

first off, thanx again to everyones comments, this site can be soooooooooo informative! 

Magnesium - Which Form Is Best

Which form of Magnesium is most absorbable.  I used to get Chelated Magnesium, but since looking on the IHerb site, I'm unsure if this one is the best one to get.  What do you think?


Rhodiola rosea

I was searching but couldn't find who posted about Rhodiola rosea. But I got a health newsletter today that mentioned the benefits of this herb. Here's the link:< What stood out to me were these lines: Russian research has emphasized that Rhodiola rosea extracts have rejuvenative properties due to their ability to raise the efficiency of the intra-cell DNA repair mechanisms. Might be worth looking into just for that reason. A bonus---it helps chase away depression. Here's another site with more in depth info:< and this quote:

Slammed by 2400 mg NAC

I started some of the yellowed supplementsi Monday. Tired caregiver made a mistake! I felt awful, 3 days of 2400 mg NACi & not sure i'm totally over it. now, 600 mg. What all does NAC kill?

Who the heck is Pandora?

look inside the box and see what's in there .........


All sorts of pills in different shapes and sizes, and BRANDS.  So here's the question - Does anyone detect differences between one or the other?  Does it matter where we buy them? Is NAC the same regardless of where it's bought?

The relationship between vitamin A and D - Very Interesting!


I read this in a newsletter about the health benefits of sunlight from Dr Mercola:

"What many people, including health professionals, fail to realize is that your cells have
two receptors for vitamin A, for every vitamin D receptor. There is a vitally important
relationship between vitamin A and vitamin D. If you receive too much vitamin D, vitamin
A will help protect you from an excess. This is a crucial concept to understand, as many
individuals will take this new information regarding vitamin D, and start to take massive
doses - thinking this would be a good thing.....

Now please understand that I am referring to vitamin A, NOT beta-carotene. Beta carotene

FMS symptoms, besides pain meds??

Good afternoon!

I've been having fibromyalgiai symptoms for the past 4 days- neck, left shoulder, back of head, band across my head from 1 temple to the other, down my spinal cord. I haven't dealt with fibro symptoms in several years and I can't remember what I can do to relieve my pain and stiffness.

I've been taking Lortab (Hydrocodone with acetaminophen) and/or Ultracet, aspirin, using a topical analgesic oil rub and a moist heat wrap. I'm also stretching. I've considered the chiropractor and massage therapist just haven't made appointments yet.

Restless Legs??? Need answers quick please!

Restless legs?? Need answers quick please! I was out last night with my friend when all of a sudden I felt like I was going to have a seizure.  I have felt this way on and off since starting the protocol so I know it's part of the cpni (besides having a hx of these sizures which i now know is Cpn related seizures). Had not had feelings of a seizure in a couple of years before CAPi protocol. Anyway, after that I realized that I felt I could not stand up. My legs were so weak and I started having the sensation that ants were crawing inside legs. Haven't had restless leg syndrome since last winter with EBVi. And it got really bad last night.

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