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Vitamins, minerals and herbs used to support health and detoxification.

Pyruvate source

Not sure where to put this, but since I have improved so much on the clarithromycin/pyruvate/prilosec protocol, I have had trouble finding a good economical source of non-chinese pyruvate. My latest source is City Pharmacy, Springdale, AR. They have pure calcium pyrivate powder (I mix mine in applesauce) from Germany--154 grams per jar for about $30.00 plus shipping. Really nice to deal with and they take credit cards. Much easier for me than the horse pills from most companies. Has anyone else got a better source for pyruvate--especially the powder?

Echinacea (Very good information)

The constituents of echinacea include essential oil, polysaccharides, polyacetylenes, betain, glycoside, sesquiterpenes and caryophylene. It also contains copper, iron, tannins, protein, fatty acids and vitaminsi A<, C<, and E<. The most important immunei-stimulating components are the large polysaccharides, such as inulin, that increase the production of T-cells and increase other natural killer cell activity. Fat-soluble alkylamides and a caffeic acid glycoside called echinacoside also contribute to the herb's immune empowering effects.

Overseas pharmacy info needed

I have been ordering from edrugnet and now they have changed their method of payment. Suspicious to me. Can anyone contact me about this and other potential sellers?

I don't know if this is supposed to be displayed on the site or not.



Miying's 3rd + week on NAC

Third + week on NACi<

5/04/08 - Sun. (600 mg. NAC x1)

Quercetin & Fluoroquinolones, Cipro, Samento - Interactions?

As Samento which Paula is taking is a natural antibiotic that quinolones like Cipro is based on, I thought I would paste from Wikipedia what the interactions are for Cipro:-

UK Members - supplements

Just thought I'd let you know Holland & Barrett currently have a 75% off sale going on and there are some very good prices.

Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg - 500 capsules £11.99 

EPA Fish Oils 1000mg - 250 capsules £4.74

Activated Charcoal 260mg - 200 capsules £3.68

Conversion Charts?

Does anyone have a link to a reliable conversion chart for supplementsi?

Given the high doses of some of these we need to take I'm trying to make absolutely sure I get it right but depending on where I buy them they have confusing amounts and I have failed to find anything reliable for working out what is what.

For example, my current batch are labelled with mg, mcg, iu and µg


Glucose/D-Ribose/Calcium Pyruvate????????

I hope John (farandwide) doesn't mind, but I thought I would bring up a question he asked a week ago in someone's blog.

I quote -

You touch on something that had crossed my mind to bring up, so I'll use this opportunity to do so.  My understanding is D-Ribose/Ribose is for energy production; however, the lingering question is whether it might provide some assistance with porphyriai as glucose does.  For that matter, whether Pyruvate might also help.  Both are involved in supplementing the process leading to ATP, so I wonder if they might be alternative therapies to deal with Porphyrins.

End of quote.

My question is very similar:-

Caregivers And Family Of CAP'ers

As mentioned in this blog<

I thought I would start a new topic.

Paula is bedridden with CFSi as you all know.  She has also had sinus issues for many years.

I have had sinus issues for most of my life.  I can't remember when I last went without carrying a handkerchief in my pocket.  I used to take anti-histamine for it as it was mostly bad summers only so I put it down to hayfever.  For the last 10 years, I have had sinus issues all year round.  I now carry vicks vapourub with me everywhere, and dab it on the bridge of my nose every now and again.

Azithromycin Dosage

i'm curious.  the consensous here for zithro dosage seems to be 500mg.  well, when my old physician initially treated my infectious cause she prescribed zithro 500mg qdi (daily) along with doxyi 200mg qd for 3 months.  well, after about 3 weeks on this dosage my stomach pain were inbearable!  i now realize it was the DAILY 500mg of zithro that did the damage.  needless to say,  i stopped and it wasnt until i found this site that i decided to start treatment again (about 6 months later).  i started back up with 500mg zithro MWF along with the doxy.  well, after seeing Dr.

Calcium Phosphate, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate - all in the supplements - ok with abx?

Paula pointed out to me today, that many of the supplementsi she is taking including, Vit C, NACi, Folic Acid">i, etc contain the above.

I know that you shouldn't take any minerals near to the Antibioticsi, is it ok to have supplements with the above in????????



Need a little help - added new supplements and old pains have returned

My fibro doctor wanted me to add Calcium and Vitamin C supplementsi, and I also read here on several posts to take magnesium to help with spasms.  Well unfortunately I started all 3 of them at the same time and very quickly I began having pains and symptoms where I haven't had pains or symptoms in almost a year now:  Hips, knees, hand, shoulder socket area, little hints that my legs are going to start giving out on me again..  Does anyone have any idea as to which one of these could be the culprit??  Or does it have to be just some weird coincidence.  Since starting CAPi but prior to these supplements my pains pretty quickly became at least limited to my upper back and neck, so this is freaking me out a little bit that I'm apparently backsliding here to resembling my c

is Avemar good for infections?


Use of Herbalife Supplements

I was surprised not to find the name Herbalife anywhere on this site (I did a search). I have a number of friends in Germany who have recently discovered that they have cpni. I am wondering whether anyone has ever looked at the effectiveness of, say, Herbalife products to help against cpn. In many cases the friends I mentioned have tried Antiobiotics (I believe the Germany equivelant of CAPi) and have seen no marked improvement.

I confess to a commercial interest (I can procure the Herbalife products), but I am looking for any experience that people on this site may have had. I am willing to supply products at cost if I were convinced in some way that they might help.

Charcoal & Sickness - Help!

Paula is very concerned.  She has just been sick 7 hours after taking charcoal and noticed that contained in her vomit was charcoal.  Is this correct????

We thought that the charcoal would have moved from her stomach by now.  Could it be because she is lieing down continously?

Thanks in advance,



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