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Vitamins, minerals and herbs used to support health and detoxification.

List of Probiotic Bacteria

I thought some may find this list helpful: List of Probiotic Bacteria

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that live in the intestines. Promoting healthy digestion and absorption of some nutrients, they act to crowd out pathogens, such as yeasts, other bacteria and viruses that may otherwise cause disease. Probiotics develop a mutually advantageous symbiosis with the human gastrointestinal tract. They benefit from the foods we ingest and our bodies utilize the byproducts of their life processes.

Formulating a supplement regimen that is helping liver detox

I've been studying Phase 1 and 2 liver detox and I think I've learned a little about the dieoff detoxification pathway (for me at least)...

The sulfur seems to be the main phase 2 detox pathway supplement. I've been supporting the Amino-Acid pathway with Glycine (sulfur amino) in the morning with the ABXi and B-vitaminsi.

I've been taking 1/2 MSM-Glucosamine (Joint Response<) about an hour or so after morning ABXi when I start to feel the die off toxins to support the Sulfation pathway. I also take a small amount of P5P in the morning to support this pathway

An Interesting Trio of Agents

I was doing some searching online and found this very interesting paper:<


Vitamin K

Last spring I added Vitamin K complex to my list of daily supplementsi.  My primary motivation was as an adjunct for bone health, because on a regular basis, I simply was not eating enough dark green leafy vegetables.  

Recently a list of research articles has broadened my perspective on Vitamin K's diverse possible supportive functions in the body. 

I wonder how many here might be supplementing their Vitamin K levels.  It seems that this could be a relevant discussion as I looked at the titles on the list or research articles.


Supplement Labels Database available through the NLM

Database of DietarySupplementLabels, National Libraryof Medicine, National Institute of Health . gov

Nutritional Information websites

Nutritional Information websites.  These came by way of the newsletter.   If you have other nutritional information websites that you enjoy please add them as comments.<  USA<   Europe edition<  USA edition

Dr. Thomas Levy Talk on Vitamin C

I have been recently looking into use of high dose vitamin C therapy. I've heard of some using IV vitamin C but now there is a liposome encapsulated C that looks like a better alternative that is said to be better aborbed by cells and is less expensive than IV C.

Here are a series of videos of a talk by Dr. Thomas Levy on the use of high dose vitamin C. <

And here is the site of a company making the liposome encapsulated C: <


You Can Participate in Vitamin D Study

If you want to participate in this vitamin Di study, here is the link:<


green tea for Flagyl

During my Flagyli pulse I get a lot depression. I found that if you drink a lot of green tea it goes away. I make 2 tea bags per cup to make it quit potent and after 12 o clock I switch to decaf green tea. But you have to drink a cup or 2 of green tea every 2 hours to get rid of the depression. I also take 8-9 grams of Vitamin C on top of the green tea (never within the 2 hour time period that I take the abxi, you have to treat Vitamin C like Magnesioum). I find the Vitamin C and Green tea restores my energy and fights the depression that the flagyl causes. I though this was a good alternative to the charcoal becuase im always eating and never had time to take the chacoal.

Colostrum - anyone out here who had positive experiences with it ?

Hi Gang!

Anyone out here who had positive experiences with Colostrum?

I bought the now brand which contains 500mg capsules with:

Rich in Immunoglobulins
Minimum of 0.6% Lactoferrin
Average of 25%  IgGi Antibioticsi<

Would like to hear if this really helps the immunei system ?

Thanks in advance

Topical B12

Came across some information about topical B12 having been tested on patients with atopic dermatitis.I have had a mildly itchy batch of bumps at the back of my scalp since last August. It gets worse with heat and stress.

So I used some leftover cyanocobalamin injectable and mixed it with a skin cream. Will check in to let everyone know if it works. You can buy topical B12 cream online. carries it and it's fairly inexpensive. <

This also seems like a great way to boost overall B12 in Cpni treatment.


Supplements -- when / why change

I've been on CAPi a little over a year and have been using the list of supplementsi listed at that time -- that list was from 2006 I believe.  I needed to check out the list and went to the Getting Started section and was surprised to see that the list was different then the one I had been using.  The current one was submitted by Michele; the list I had been using was still there via link. 

I missed seeing the change.  Why was the change made?  It looks like it has less pills (this is good).  I had a question regarding Nicacin and that isn't in the current list.  What goes?  Thanks

Drug depletion chart

Whilst doing some research into some puzzling events in my recovery I came across this chart< that shows which drugs cause what vitaminsi or supplementsi to be depleted.  In my case it answers some of my questions.

Video of Teitelbaum on Good Morning America

CFSi/FMSi Update; Dr. Teitelbaum on Good Morning America

Video of the Good Morning America interview is located at this link scroll down and it is towards the the bottom of the screen.<

NBC video of interview;<


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