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Vitamins, minerals and herbs used to support health and detoxification.

What supplement makes you worse and what do you do about it?

This last week I experienced a die-off effect for about two days that I think was related to something I ate.  As a result, I became hypersensitve to the sublingual vitamin B12 that I take - 2000 mcg three times a day.

The effect was that for about two hours after taking B12 I would get a tingling, painful feeling in my upper back and lower neck, just the left of center.  It was not numb but felt like it was vibrating.  I backed off the B12 for a couple of days until it passed.

Vitamin Di will also occassionally give me a runny nose for a hour or so after taking it.  It's just an annoyance so I don't alter my dosage of that.

Green tea controversy?

I came across some research that suggests that green tea can inhibit the effectivness of blood thiners due to its content of vitamin k also in many green leafy veges. Vitamin k is necessary for clotting ability.

This information seems to be in conflict with much supported evidence of green teas benefits. Any opinions on this? 


Lithium Orotate - Mood Enhancing Mineral

Lithium Orotate, a discussion forum topic relating to supplementation with low dosages of Lithium Orotate, a mineral which is available over the counter for mineral supplementation. 

Please post links to information you find useful for personal investigation of this topic, both the pros and the cons and the cautions in the use of low dose Lithium Orotate mineral supplementation. 

This is the start of a forum topic for the purpose of discussing you personal experiences and/or your personal opinions regarding it's supplemental adjunct use.

Thanks in advance for helping to expand this forum topic by adding the pro, con, and cautionary aspects of the use of Lithium Orotate as an adjunct mineral supplement.

Is D- Ribose also for overactive glands usefull?

Is D- Ribose also for overactive glands usefull?

Or only for adrenal exhaustion (underactive glands)?


Fighting Inflammation with Luteolin

This is an interesting article about how luteolin fights inflammationi. I have posted about this before and found that Lutimax works well. You just have to take a lot of it--about 8 tablets a day for a few days to see the results.<


Another Interesting Observation

Have been taking Interphase Plus for about 10 days now. (I take 2 capsules on an empty stomach) It has had some pretty significant effects. My bodytemp has gone up and I feel like I need less T3. (I sweat for a while after taking T3 in the morning--no heart symptoms though.) Then later in the day I get the chills.

Today I had a major dieoff attack--headache, sore eyes, chills,headringing, sore muscles--and I am not even pulsing.The right side of my head (that has always bothered me) feels tight and stiff. I did work out the last two days doing a mile and a half on the treadmill and some yoga. Maybe this has also helped stir things up. I was planning to start a pulse on Monday but think I may wait a bit until this passes.


Supplement reaction?

I decided to try a limited set of the supplementsi: vit E, vit C (+ a couple of oranges, and juice at breakfast), vit D3, ALA, Milk thistle, and melatonin. I decided to leave B12 and NACi out for now. The reason I leave NAC out is that I want to supplement the others in order to counter any deficiencies there to increase the chance that any reaction is a NAC-flu from action on Clamydia EBs (is it a good idea or unnecessary, well see below, too).

Hypercoagulation in CFS, FMS, MCS, MPS, Lyme Disease, Thyroid, and more...

Link to information on Hypercoagulation :<

Sources of TF (Transfer Factor) included within this article.

List of Related Articles on hypercoagulable state in general, is included at the end of this article.

Science of Nutritional Genomics

The UC Davis website dedicated to promoting the new science of nutritional genomics.<

Providing news, information, and commentary on current developments and breakthroughs in the fields of nutrition, genomics, and health. 

A website intended for anyone and everyone who wants to learn more about the way diet and geneticsi can influence the delicate balance between human health and diseasesi.

virgin coconut oil

Hello everyone. I just felt I had to post about my latest expereince. Ive been taking 4-6 tablespoons of coconut oil for 3 days now and ive been herxing big time from its strong anti-yeast, bacterial, and viral agents. Wow! it really packs a punch. I highly recommend this in addition to the protocol.

Dr. Yasko's new book, Autism: Pathways to Recovery contains much information on Methylation

Dr. Yasko's new book, Autism: Pathways to Recovery contains much information on Methylation.

The Intro and several chapter can be preview at;<

There will be a conference Summer 2010 in Boston;<


 Here are common UNTRUTHS (misinformation & disinformation) about Activated Charcoal Powder, that have been disseminated for MANY years, plus PROVEN TRUTHS about Activated Charcoal Powder.


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