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Ability of bacteria to persist desptite treatment or immune function.

Continual Blood in Urine (from Kidneys)

I have been monitored for microscopic blood in my urine since early 2000. The doctor I was treating with back home always seemed to believe it was due to celiac/gluten intolerance as we could never find anything conclusive.... hmmm.. cpni???

I am now out of state with a urologist who has been treating me for 4 years.  Every time I have had an appointment there has been blood in my urine.  

 I just came from a visit with her (my urologist).... all has been tested (cystoscopy, kidney x-rays, urine cytology). Today, I pushed her for a "what are we going to do or conclude" about this?  The only confirmation that we have is that:

1) there are no cancerous or squamous cells; (which is great)  and,

Coxsackie / Enterovirus / Echovirus

Hi to all!

Does anybody of you have or had before elevated Coxsackie and/or Echovirus titres?

I have them along with the cpni<i<. I hope the Enteroviruses will pass when CPN gets better!

Could it just be a viral henchman? Just thinking about what gives me more problems?


Greetings from hamburg / germany



Comments on CAP variations from Dr. Michael Powell

I asked Dr. Powell to comment directly on concerns that have been mentioned over time as to whether he uses the CAPi with his new patients. I received his response a number of weeks ago but have had no time to put it together in a cogent context. But continued posts on these questions has mobilized me to get his comments to our readers here. But context is, as we say, everything.

Frustrated, Depressed -- Needing to Vent

This week has been one of depression/frustration.... probably due to my impatience and lack of control.  But also because I don't understand what is going on with my body and this bacteria!  Family members keep looking at me at asking "when are you going to get better"... I stopped trying to explain. Having to use a wheelchair this week -- I've experienced the stares from people and small children and now understand what those of you with MSi must endure from society.

Pinky's News

Checking through recent post I found this from Pinky, and as Mac commented it might not get the attention it deserves in the place in which she posted it.

"It has been a long time since I have checked the site. Dr. P took me off Flagyli<i</zithro right away because of the extreme die off. Now I am on Vit D (5,000 per day) and the assortment of liver//kidney saving drugs. The last time I went in I bought the Infrared Light, but must confess I have not used it faithfully. I have been getting PT in a warm pool (92) and it has done more for the pain that anything in 15 years.

Continuous Treatment

I haven't blogged my treatment for a while, as I've been waiting to see if I would stick with a shift in protocol. So far, still with it, so thought it might be time to report in and get other's thoughts. New folks, please read this as informational only. It does help clarify Dr. Stratton's use of the continuous rather than pulsed protocol, but the rest of the hypotheses here are presented as my own speculations, not scientific fact.

Lyme disease in UK - physician?

In the lyme disease topics their have been someone who is  adequate treatened for it in UK.

I have forgotten the name of the author and cannot find the posting- unfortunately.

Can the one please write a private message with name and adress of the physician? For a friend of mine? Would be very nice.



Persisting IgA are normal - a fairy tail?


Where is that study, which is very often "mentioned" - at least in the German common medical literature - that IgA is often persisting in C. pneumoniae infectionsi?

I mean, if I interprete it right, there is no evidence for persisting antibodies, but only for insufficient evaluation of the test-kits?!

I believe, that negative tests may be performed and someone although is ill of C. pneumoniae. But I would be intersted in the ignorance of so called specialists, who state, that even postive test results are no hint for persisting infection.

Does anybody know a study which gives information on antibody titers which are not only IgGi ones?


Fibrin as a major factor

Before I got to this platform I have thought a lot about my symtoms and what makes the "whatever-it-may-be" so robust for all the antibiotic treatment I got.

Finally I concluded, that fibrin must take a role. I have read some studies about e.g. how fibrin clumbs make E. coli unreachable for the antibiotic dose which would be needed to kill them.

Anyway, I cough fibrin since a few years. It is not only "hard mucus", it is fibrin (and I know what fibrin is like, as I worked in laboratory for several years).

Additionally one of my blood status showed less fibrinogen - I wondered about that but it did not fit in any sceme. (Fibrinogen alters to fibrin in clotting).

I want to post it now, because probably the more I read, the more I am influenced on what is posted here.

My case report

Before it began

Tickbit in about 1989 with large EM but no symptoms
Bone operation in 1996 - fibroma in thigh

Course and antibioticsi<

Jan 02 Sudden fever  about 40 °C, cough Roxithromycin
Feb 02 Sinusitis, Cough   Amoxypen 
Apr 02 Sinusitis, Bronchitis  Doxycyclin
Jul 02 Sinusitis, Bronchitis  Roxithromycin, x-ray lung  o.k.
Aug 02 Sin., Bronchitis,Side Stitches Roxythromycin (for 3 days - afterwards 2 operations in hospital, appendicitis was diagnosed - removal of appendix and very huge abscess which may have been resulted from appendix perforation  - 10 days Unacid = Ampicillin/Sulbactam)

Essential Observations by Dr. Charles Stratton on Chlamydia Pneumoniae Infection and Disease

I am very excited to present the following article that summarizes Dr. Stratton's recent observations on Chlamydia pneumoniae infection. Putting it together has contributed greatly to my own understanding of Cpni as well as to my appreciation of Dr. Stratton's generosity with his time, and his great depth of knowledge of this area. Thanks to him for his contribution.

Jim K

Recent observations by Dr

Recent observations by Dr. Charles Strattoni on Chlamydia Pneumoniae (Cpn) Infection

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