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Accupunture and Cpn

Anyone know if accupuncture has any benefit in helping erradicate Cpni, or improve associated reactive arthritis?

It is official.....update


Vitaminsi are ramping up, Niacin">i 375 mg, NACi for 3 wks now 2gms, D 1600U, along with all the rest of the Wheldon recommended supplementsi & what I normally take.

They're in the starting gate...&...they're offff....

Well, finally today my additional supplementsi recommended for the protocol have arrived!

I just had a snack, took the NAC & a few others, sorted & wrote on all the bottles & now I am tired & I need a nap!  Oregano Oil makes your lips feel funny!  I will have 3 weeks of NAC under my belt when I see my MD next on June 22.  Then I will have my prescriptions for the switch to the Wheldon Protocol.


Hi all, first appologize for my English, I am writing this mail from small country in Europe (The Czech Republic) and must admit am reading these sites for a while now. I must say I am so glad to see a way to cure which works and am even more amazed it is on internet. Unfortunatly my doctors do not share such exitement with me but I am sure after some time they will understand (once they are willing to open eyes and mind).

ruthless1, Canada

Multiple Symptoms, here is my diatribe!!  I was new to the site April 06 & I have Fibromyalgia-FMSi, Chronic Fatigue Immunei Deficiency-CFIDSi/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis">i- ME, Chronic Lyme Diseasewith the usual cornucopia of underlying symptoms, crashes, flu like symptoms, migraines including CPNi, Babesia & recently hereditary genetic Hemochromatosis. 

Vaccine for MS and autoimmune diseases.

Here is a link about a new vaccine for MSi and autoimmune diseasesi (they are injectible shots given over a period of time, so not really a vaccine, more like a treatment). Apparently there is a Dr. using this herself for Raynauds and it quickly cleared it up.< Chris

Pulse #4 - I made it!

Hi Everyone!

I've made it past 3 days on pulse #4!  It's all very exciting!  I haven't gone crazy nor have I freaked out.  I am going to go for day 4 and day 5.

I am however only taking about 300mg. of Flagyli per day.  A little over half of a 500 mg. tablet.

Last night, my neck, throat, ear and groin throbbed.  All of the areas where I have enlarged lymph nodes. I am a teeny bit twitchy but I'm working through it.  I also had some aches again in my right lung and ribcage.  I'm having a little bit of a hard time falling asleep, and I sleep a little crazy (move a lot).  I still have a ton of mucus coming from my lungs, sinuses and even my eustachian tubes.

This morning I awoke at 7 a.m. (after going to bed at about midnight), I had enough energy to clean the kitchen (my own kitchen test - haha), wake my children up and make chocolate chip pancakes for them before we started our schoolwork.  My husband didn't wake up until about 10 a.m. and he was just thrilled to see that I'd been up and happy. (he hasn't started his pulses yet, he's still dealing with the Zithi and T3 and he works the late shift because he can't get up in the a.m.).



 If infections caused endometriosis antibioticsi would cure endometriosis entirely. This is not the case nor is it even a theory for cure. The only thing relating to endo and infections is the fact that endo growth it is theorized may not be held in check due to a malfunctioning immunei system. So then any infection/stress/or immune system downfall could be a cofactor in endo's ability to grow unchecked. Is the immune system functioning not a factor in most any disease?

 We know endo thrives on estrogen, so we give women hormones to stop estrogen production, still then we dont claim estrogen is the cause of endo. We know in fact its not the base cause, it is a cofactor in endo's ability to grow and spread. If endo wants to it can even make its own estrogen supplies to feed off of. This is why a few women after menopause or hysterectomy can still have some problems, although this is fairly rare. Remove the estrogen, the endo dies off. If an infection were the cause this wouldnt be so, infections so far as I know arent dependent on estrogen.

Antibodies Finally

Well today was my doctor's appointment.  I saw Michael at Dr. Powell's office.

Now, apparently, I have thyroid antibodies all over the place.  Michael is pretty sure I have Hashimotos with an elevated TPO at 412 (normal is <30).  However, I also had very slightly elevated Graves antibodies.  I have a thyroid ultrasound tomorrow (because it is still quite large and painful) and I have a referral to see an endocrinologist.  While I thought I had the perfect dose of propranolol, Michael wrote me a new prescription nearly doubling my dosage.  He said he wants my heartrate under 100 at all times and preferably around 80 bpm.

Because I'm having quite a bit of endotoxic reactions (I shivered and fevered all week), we lowered my daily Valtrex to 500mg instead of 1000 mg.  I'm to keep up everything else and apparently I've been managing my pulses quite well.  I'm just about ready to start another one.  I'm also going to begin taking Ursodial for my liver.

Autoimmunity, inflammation

Toronto researcher Dr. Dosch had concluded in a 1999 paper that there were surprising similarities between diabetes and multiple sclerosisi, a central nervous system disease.

He found proliferation of pain nerve cells in the pancreas of diabetic mice. He recently injected the neuropeptide "substance P" into the pancreases of diabetic mice. The islet inflammationi cleared up and the diabetes was gone. Some mice have remained in that healthy state for as long as four months, with just one injection.

This caused immunologists consternation. The research conclusions upset conventional wisdom that Type 1 diabetes was solely caused by auto-immunei responses.

And what set off the nerve proliferation and inflammation to begin with? Infection?


Update -- Chain Ganger Chris

Hi CPNers -- It’s been 29 days since I began treatment for CPN – Biaxin 500 mg every other day.   6 days ago I began Doxycycline 100 mg every day and I continue to take Biaxin.  I’ve been treated for fibromyalgiai with injections of Gamma Globulin – nothing much else but a heating pad and lots of Flexall – I felt like fumes were arising from me…I could almost see them.  At this point I’m really feeling pretty good.  I don’t have that sick feeling with CPN and fibro that I had for weeks, not as much brain fog, not nearly as much exhaustion – that only happens when I get up at 4 a.m. and work on the computer all day without a break, and of course then I’m asleep by 8 p.m.  The fibro has pretty well let up, especially my painful mid back which was killing me.  It’s my lucky day that I don’t smell of Flexall anymore.  I still have pain in my left upper arm, but that’s not much, comparatively.  I’ve been drinking lots of liquids – zero calorie artificially sweetened clear soda.  I guess if I don’t drink water, it’s better than nothing.  I’ve been taking prescribed supplementsi.  Been a good girl.  So, things are looking up. Do you think I’m being too hopeful?  


Hi CPNers,  My basic disorder is fibromyalgiai which many doctors think carries the autoimmune factor.  I've had sporadic bouts with it since 1989.  Fibro symptoms are heavy muscular pain, fatigue, brain fog and itchiness.  The present acute attack began in 10/06, brought on by mega stress factors in my life.  When I failed to respond to gamma globulin injections and home treatment, and instead worsened, my doctor ordered a CPN test which came back positive on 11/7/06.  The test further indicated that I'd had CPN for years, but I never felt CPN symptoms before this.  I've praised my doctor for being so knowledgeable on CPN.  He visits CPNHELP.ORG frequently.

This year I had a 5-month bout of severe exhaustion, undiagnosed; coulcn't do anything nor go anywhere.  In 2004 I had 7 weeks of even more severe exhaustion, undiagnosed.  I wonder if the strange exhaustion was caused by CPN.

IVIG for tuning up the immune system?

Intravenous Immunoglobulin, that is. Anyone know if this is of any value for improving immunei function following elimination of C.Pn.? or for addressing the immune system "derangement" that seems to accompany it? I know golfbuddy mentions it, but that's all, just mentions it, and that it seemed to help.

Here<'s a layperson's version of what it does, but as far as I can make out, it substitutes for your immune system. I don't know why it would be effective in autoimmune disorders, but it's reported to be.


HLA-B27 & C.Pn.

I was googling around a little, and started down a trail that looks promising<, except that I can't read most of the papers without a subscription. Undecided

 I was looking at connective tissue diseasesi and HLA-27B kept popping up, and C.Pn., but I can't get the connection - at least, not without buying access to a bunch of papers, most of which will be dead ends.

Does anyone know what the connection is? Or, even better, does anyone know where I can read about it without spending a fortune?



Peolple are talking about problems swallowing. Just to compare. Could you guys describe what it feels like. Mine feels all neuroi. No pain. Just feels like the muscles are not working right. It is very scary.
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