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Is it Cold/Allergy , Bromide Detox, Late Stage NAC flu?

Sxs – fatigue 4, allergy/cold sxs 8, diarrhea 7, nausea 4, fluish 4, itchy eyes 7

I’m not sure if this is an iodine or NACi reaction or true allergy or cold. It came on rather suddenly yesterday afternoon after I spray painted some patio furniture so I thought at first it was more of a reaction of detox but it seemed to get worse as the day wore on yesterday rather than better.

Tested Finally

My health problems began Aug.31,1997 when I fragmented
a disc in my lower back.I was immediately put on
anti-inflammatory drugs,muscle relaxors,and pain
meds.I rested for a few weeks and seemed better so I
was sent to physical therapy where I reinjured my back
on the second visit.This time I was in extreme pain
having to sleep in the tub to keep the pressure off my
back enough to rest.My doctor wanted to operate so I
sought a second opinion.The doctor wanted to do a
mylegram and CT because he suspected my problem was at
a different level from the one origianlly
diagnosed.The CT and mylegram confirmed the
diagnosis.I was sent home  and plans were made to
operate .Over the weekend I developed a spinal

Lab Results

hey everyone!  though i've had a GRIP of lab draws over the last 2 years my old physician NEVER tested me for Cpni.  i was HIGH for mycoplasma and given the nature of that organism i never doubted i was in the right place here. 

well, Dr Powell tested me for Cpn and i got my results today.  i was high at 1:128 (reference <1:64).  i looked at some member labs results in the past.  some must of went through another laboratory due to their result numbers, but it looks as though my results are "RELATIVELY" low.  i would love anyones opinion on the results.  also, is it common that after > 1 year of therapy that our IgGi antibody titers will be NON DETECABLE?  has anyone on here had elevated IgM antibodies (indicative of a current infection)? 

Any of you have elevated Coxsackie and/or Echovirus (Enterovirus) titres?

Hi to all!

Does anybody of you have or had before elevated Coxsackie and/or Echovirus titres?

I have them along with the cpni. I hope the Enteroviruses will pass when CPN gets better!

Could it just be a viral henchman? Just thinking about what gives me more problems?


Greetings from hamburg / germany



Interruption of ABX – Waiting for Biopsies

Sunday night I went to the emergency room with severe abdominal pain (upper/lower left quadrant, front and back – [as an aside, I have experienced pain on my left side since almost the beginning of my ABXi in April of last year –2007].  I kept contributing the discomfort to possibly die off and/or my spleen.  My dr. could never find anything on x-rays or a cat scan, so I just kept plodding along, as it was not intolerable.

Study of the Autonomic Nervous System in ME/CFS involving experimental interventions - now recruiting patients with POTS at Vand

Anyone with orthostatic hypotension or other similar problems..... Vanderbuilt is seeking recruits.........<

Positive for BB?

When I saw my dr a few days ago we went over my labs results that had come back. The Western Blot for Lyme disease. IgGi was negative. Good news, right? But strangely enough, IgM was positive by both standards - unconventional Igenex (where the labs were actually done) and CDC.

I was floored, I really didn't believe that I may have Lyme.  The dr told there may be a false positive and we ordered a confirmation test with Igenex.

The reason I think it is strange to have IgM (+) b/c my sxi started so long ago and logically it's IgG that should be (+) if I have Lyme.

Most mild CAP protocol in terms of side effects & die-off?

I started CAPi with Minocycline 100mg x 3 + Rifampin 300/day only to stop it due to huge reaction. My dr was thinking in the lines that's one of the abxi causing side effects, perhaps the Mino. Soon I re-started only with Doxycycline 100 mg x 2/day. At first it was OK but I had abdominal pain, aggravated hypertension">i, hypoglycemia and porphyriasi again and by 10th day it was too severe for me to continue. I mean, I felt like it was life-threatening at the time.

I stopped Doxy a week ago yet still haven't recovered completely. Today I feel that like I was hit very hard on a head but a bit better in general.


Hi everyone,

Just had #3 appointment with Dr Powell yesterday. I actually saw his P.A again instead of Dr Powell himself but I like him just as well...couple things...

I went in there all amped up to start abxi, I have done the research, I have pumped my body full of vitaminsi and supplementsi the past 5 weeks, I have been feeling better and am just ready to kill this thing. So I admit I was a bit discouraged when he did not prescribe abxi yet...we went over my bloodwork and he pointed out the following:

Cholestyramine and Thyroid Meds

 For those who are taking Cholestyramine and Thyroid meds:

Many cancers caused by infections...

Although this news item is not specifically about Cpni, it certainly is in the ball park. Most of us are focused on getting help via the antibiotic protocol for one disease or another, but it may turn out that we are nipping some other problems in the bud...

Anyone knows Dr in Maryland or closest states? Dr Carter in Florida?

Hello, everyone,

I had posted once on the forum, including a very brief description of my story. Now it's time to start a blog as I understand, I am here for A LONG HAUL. I am not sure where to start as there is so much to all my illness.

I guess, my arthritis/tendonitis and myalgia would be the main complaint. Then hypertension">i, then sinusitis, hypothyroidism, heart palps, chronic cystitis, PID, hand cysts, mild cough, brain fog and fatigue. All of this started one by one since I was 8 yrs old but only recently after doing a bunch of research and this year being dxi with Reiter's syndrome I put 2 and 2 together and figured out that Cpni infection could cause all or any of my conditions.

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