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Docotr referral Florida

I am in south Florida and would like to know if there are any doctors that treat Cpni/CFSi using the Stratton or Wheldon protocol. Any referral with an experienced doctor would be welcome. Thanks so much. Alison

Bizarre throat cartilage infection

The day after I doubled my doxyi dose I had a sudden onset of headache, stiff neck, and a pain in the front, center of my throat, above the adams apple where the neck meets the jawline. At first I took it to be a tender swollen gland. Doing a little research online, however, I realized there is no gland in front of your throat there. This had me a little concerned. That, combined with the fact that it quickly became very painful to swallow, prompted me to go see a doctor yesterday afternoon. (Because it was a short-notice visit I just went to a primary care physician, not my Cpni doctor.) He checked all around my neck and throat and found nothing unusual. He confirmed that there are no glands there.



Methylation, Metals Toxicity and Nutrogenomics Testing Results, a major Adjunct Treatment enables Nerve Coating (Re-myelination)

Methylation, Metals Toxicity and Nutrigenomic Testing Results,a major Adjunct Treatment enables Nerve coating repair.

Blogpage Originally Submitted by Louise on Sunday, 2010-03-21 17:06.   Chronic Fatigue Syndromei Fibromyalgiai Folic acid">i Geneticsi Immunei Infectionsi Inflammationi Melatonin">i Multiple Sclerosisi Neurological diseasesi Seratonin">i Supplementsi<

Biofilms - Clinical Implications of, by Dr. Stephen Olmstead, Chief Science Officer for Prothera and Klaire Labs -

On February 26, 2009, Dr. Stephen Olmstead, Chief Science Officer for ProThera® and Klaire Labs™, gave a lecture to the Physicians’ Roundtable meeting in Greenville, North Carolina on gastrointestinal biofilm.

Biofilms - Supplements related to their treatment by dispelling and absorbing dispersal of Biofilms metal bearing contents

Biofilms - Supplementsi related to treatment of biofilms through the action of dispelling their cell walls and then absorbing the dispersal of the Biofilms metal bearing contents.

Please post supplementsi and sources for same that are used in the treatment of biofilms in this forum topic.


Help my second pulse of Flagly and have come down with a probable Cellulitis infection Dr Says Stop CAP !!

Immediate Help requested !! just finished my second pulse of Flagly and have come down with a probable Cellulitis infection  My GP prescribed Flucloxacillin say's I must stop CAPi, what to do?
It's Friday and of course have been unable to reach any CAP doctors for a second opinion.
I was on day three of my second Flagyli pulse when I awoke to intense itching coming from my little toe radiating up to my sacrum. Figured it was my athlete's foot returning and applied some cream and went back to sleep. By day five of my pulse my little toe was looking quite swollen and red.

Biofilm Testing

I picked up a comment in another post (by K23la) regarding Biofilm Testing and it perked my interest.  I 'm not sure what advantage it would be to know specifically what pathogens are hiding in the biofilms we have  as the removal process is, I believe, the same. Perhaps some of the more scientifically-minded  here may have input.   

The test  is available at Fry Labs in Arizona and your own prescribing doctor can order it (the test kit will then be sent free).  If you order it yourself, the test kit is $15.00.

The cost of  the Fluorescent DNA Stain is $350.00.   All information is available at<

Hering's Law of Cure

I know nothing of the credibility of this particular source  but the homeopathic philosophy seems to be applicable as I reflect on going through this process so far. 

Gut Microorganisms

"...Research articles to show that the toxins found in microorganisms play an important role ..... , in particular, lipopolysaccharidei ( LPSi) the bacterial toxins from gram negative bacteria that inhabit the gut of those with... (bacterial infections).  LPS toxicity works synergistically with mercury and other heavy metal poisonings to expand damage. These heavy metals increase harm from LPS.  In addition, LPS decreases glutathione levels making it even more difficult for the body to detoxify heavy metals."

The entire website and articles can be found here;<

Dr Yasko's formulas Product Outlet, Holistic Health International, LLC

Holistic Health International, LLC,<   ; Product Outlet for Dr Yasko's formulas.

"Visit< . This domain is a landing page to other sites containing information on autism and other chronic neurological issues, discussion groups for both parents and professionals regarding the field of autism and links to numerous resources.


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