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The information below, is collected mainly from my B12-doc. and an information booklet for physicians he gave me: “B12 in new light” written by Christina Bollander-Gouaille in 1997, my biochemistry book by Stryer 1988 and some sources found on internet. I would like it to be an overview that may make it easier to study B12 further. Please let me know if you find any errors or things that don’t seem right.

Christina Bollander-Gouaille has written articles and two books on the subject:”Focus on Homocysteinei and the Vitamins Involved in Its Metabolism” 2001 and “Homocysteine Related Vitamins and Neuropsychiatric Disorders” (By Téodoro Bottiglieri, Christina Bollander-Gouaille) in 2003. I haven’t read them in fact I recently discovered they exist .


Hoping for a Higher Level

It seems much longer than the 20 days that have elapsed since my adventure in Wyoming. After returning only 3 weeks ago tomorrow, we (Richard and I) began flagyli 2 days later on Thursday night. My own response was the usual short hour until loss of function - a little less than usual - and mental confusion - much more than usual and the lethargy lasting for days. I still have the emotional flatness and great amounts of slow, fuzzy thinking. And the vertigo, something always present, this time in huge waves requiring me to hold on and wait till it passed every time I changed position. Even now, 13 days after ending the pulse, if I move suddenly, I must stop and wait, but briefly now. I look at this pulse in wonder.

update time



June 18, 2007              -           started taking azith 150 MWF & doxyi 200

Calcium EAP

Hi Guys!

It's been awhile.....I am still alive (barely sometimes it seems!)

I am no longer on CAPi. Doc did not want to continue after 6 months.

I am now taking Cat's Claw. No changes yet.

Also started LDNi (low dose naltrexone) two weeks ago. No changes yet except for dizziness and very detailed and long dreams every night. Must be staying in more stage 4 sleep which can't be a bad thing anyway....

Wanted to know if anyone here has used Calcium EAP. I was very intrigued by it for alot of reasons when I just stumbled upon it on an LDN users group.  Here is a link that describes it well.<


It is official.....update


Vitaminsi are ramping up, Niacin">i 375 mg, NACi for 3 wks now 2gms, D 1600U, along with all the rest of the Wheldon recommended supplementsi & what I normally take.

Charcoal & Low Blood Sugar vs Chlorella

I have experienced on three occasions (today being one of them) episodes of extreme dizziness and disorientation which seems to dissipate after I eat a small meal.  I have been taking my activated charcoal 1st thing in the AM on an empty stomach. 

At first I thought this was perhaps endotoxinsi or porphyriai, but in reading an old post there was a reference to activated charcoal causing blood sugar problems and that some people take the charcoal at night?

I can't seem to find anything definitive other than that statement.  Wow, I just ordered a supply (they had a 3 for 1 sale) of charcoal and am now wondering if this is what is causing this? 

They're in the starting gate...&...they're offff....

Well, finally today my additional supplementsi recommended for the protocol have arrived!

I just had a snack, took the NAC & a few others, sorted & wrote on all the bottles & now I am tired & I need a nap!  Oregano Oil makes your lips feel funny!  I will have 3 weeks of NAC under my belt when I see my MD next on June 22.  Then I will have my prescriptions for the switch to the Wheldon Protocol.

Persistence by any Other Name

.....perseverance, defiance, stubbornness, terror, bull-headedness - these all apply. Another level of recovery has come, another mountain has been climbed. Beginning 16 days ago, I clipped goats, packed the showboxes, mowed, did daily upkeep and in general worked like the proverbial dog. (That somewhat mystifies me because our dogs don't work very hard but that will require more thought.) So we got to the show and spent Friday clipping 18 bodies (the legs, heads, and tails were clipped and feet were done), spent Saturday in the ring, except during the famous PPMSi Clan meeting, went Reserve Grand Champion, went out for a well-deserved meal, then sleep.

Blurred Locomotion, Fuzzy Reality

It has happened again - tinadazole is easy for me but the aftermath is no gain. Last year I did three pulses of tinii because of the National Dairy Goat Show - I simply did not have time to be "out of the loop" - (loopy, that is!) so it was an excellent time to try this magical drug that didn't send you reeling to the bottom of the well. After days of waiting for events to occurI realized they weren't going to. They didn't; nothing happened that I could tell, except that my walking became - well - mushy. So I went back to flagyli. I have done nine or ten of flagyl with very clear- cut inprovements since then. Spring came (?) again, bringing 23 kids (one of these days, we will figure out what's causing that!), hours in the barn, classification, etc.

ruthless1, Canada

Multiple Symptoms, here is my diatribe!!  I was new to the site April 06 & I have Fibromyalgia-FMSi, Chronic Fatigue Immunei Deficiency-CFIDSi/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis">i- ME, Chronic Lyme Diseasewith the usual cornucopia of underlying symptoms, crashes, flu like symptoms, migraines including CPNi, Babesia & recently hereditary genetic Hemochromatosis. 

vitamin K and bruising / bleeding

I've been meaning to post an update about my use of vitamin K to combat bruising and bleeding I've been having. 

As some of you may recall, I use the gym often which results in bruising.  Some of the equipment is indelicate to work with and results in bruising.  Frequently, it would be the same are of skin which would bruise repeatedly, each time I would use certain pieces of excercise equipment.

You may also recall that I've had problems with nose bleeding.  this has happened usually 24 hours after grooming myself by removing nose hair with tweezers and/or using an electric trimmer which may snag/pull some hairs out.  Ouch!


antibodies to b12 and chlamydia pneumoniea? 
 need more information about dr stratton`s findings. help me please.

Going down for the 40th time

Before I submerge too far I thought I would do a short blog on the "feel good" time between my 39th pulse and the one (#40) that I began this morning. The message I want to convey is: it did take the 11 days of recovery but then last Saturday, the 19th day post-pulse, began the best days I have had since 2003 and better than many of 2002. As I hoped for, the rather brutal attack on my hips and knee resolved itself and took that pain and some more brainfog and vanished like morning fog being burned off by the spring sun. It has been a really, really good week with many hours of hard work, which I happily welcome. A second point is that I have been able to extend the time between to 24-25 days. My legs spoke last night but in muted voices - I could barely hear them.

2 1/2 years - now this?

For a very long time I have believed that my post-flagyli was a mirror image ot my pulse. This one, number 39, a REALLY good one, made a fibber out of me. Number 38 was abbreviated to 3 days because we had very special company coming from Canada and I sailed right through it. But I think the last two day's targets were saved up and gunned right down at the very beginning of the next pulse. I hereby pull out Jim's old descriptive word - slammed. This pulse took 11 full recovery days during which every step was agony and attacked with real vengeance in addition to my right hip, my left hip and out of absolutely nowhere, my right knee. Suddenly, in a few hours, it vanished. But now my knee bends when I walk!
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