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From Here to There

Yesterday I had my several-times-a-year checkup. My doctor is ecstatic over my progress. He has been pleased almost since the beginning, but is now even more delighted.  

Here an inch, there an inch, after while a mile

It is a very long time since I wrote a blog, so please forgive me if it is a ramble. As MacKintosh says, many of us have moved back into real life. I certainly have. But there is so much need here on this incredible site that those of us who have had so much returned to us have a real obligation to try to give encouragement to those who are struggling with this horror. 

Lypo-spheric vitamin C

Has anyone tried this special form of vitamin C?

There is a lot of info about Lypo-spheric  C on the net.<

This article claims: It is said that 5-6 grams of this form is more effective in clinical applications than 50 grams of IV vitamin C because of the amount that is actually absorbed into the cells.

If it is true, it would be excellent for clean up of endotoxinsi and porphyrins in our bodies. 

Lithium Orotate - Mood Enhancing Mineral

Lithium Orotate, a discussion forum topic relating to supplementation with low dosages of Lithium Orotate, a mineral which is available over the counter for mineral supplementation. 

Please post links to information you find useful for personal investigation of this topic, both the pros and the cons and the cautions in the use of low dose Lithium Orotate mineral supplementation. 

This is the start of a forum topic for the purpose of discussing you personal experiences and/or your personal opinions regarding it's supplemental adjunct use.

Thanks in advance for helping to expand this forum topic by adding the pro, con, and cautionary aspects of the use of Lithium Orotate as an adjunct mineral supplement.

Out of the fog - again

In my seventh year of CAPi, I am once again emerging from the fog.  It is seventeen months since I began, for the second time, to attempt to climb out of the hideous hell-hole of M.S.

Cesare's struggle with his aching back made me realize that my neck does not have paralysing pain any more.   After months and months of not being able to move my head, then graduating to most-time, then part-time, pain, my neck is very close to normal.   That was my final area of great pain from the abxi going after the involved areas of my body's infection.

Copper Deficient!! What????!!!

Ok, so I recently had a "RBC, Copper" blood test done and my copper was low, below normal, out of range. This has both me and my doc completely baffled. I have been taking multi vitamins with copper and a separate multi minerals with copper regularly for years. I also eat nuts daily, which have significant amounts of copper. I also occasionally eat liver, which has lots of copper. But, despite all that, I started taking a separate copper capsule daily because my red blood cell count is chronically low despite having decent iron, ferritin, B12, and folate">i levels. I had read tha copper was also vital to avoding anemia so I added the copper supplement.  (see<).

BP and the Sun

Here I am back again with a couple of things I meant to say before.

The first is just a funny coincidence - my blood pressure at my check-up was my weight over my age: 106/70.

The other has nothing to do with our protocol.  It is that next week we are getting solar hot water!  We almost went entirely solar at the beginning but "chickened out" and decided to try this first.  There is a federal tax rebate of 30% and NC has a 35%  tax rebate in addition. 

A few days after our decision, we learned that a very famous dairy goat judge, breeder, and dairy owner is doing the whole thing.   She is in CA and hers is the second largest solar profect in CA.  This is incredibly exciting that all this is happening!


Few things are perfect - my physical was close

It appears that living right can do good things.   And the young coyote is alive and well - she was not euthanized, but instead released, due to a catch-and-release program!

Today was my annual physical, and I passed with high flying colors.  Such adjectives as: phenomenal, amazing, beautiful, and several others were used.  I was told again that my doctor has fully realized that there is a Vit D deficiency across the county - he used the word "epidemic" - where have I heard that before?  Incidentally, mine is again down to 65, so I will increase my intake again from 8,000 to 10,000 for a while.  My level seems to go up or down as my diligence - unwitting or not - ebbs and flows.   

Methylation, Metals Toxicity and Nutrogenomics Testing Results, a major Adjunct Treatment enables Nerve Coating (Re-myelination)

Methylation, Metals Toxicity and Nutrigenomic Testing Results,a major Adjunct Treatment enables Nerve coating repair.

Blogpage Originally Submitted by Louise on Sunday, 2010-03-21 17:06.   Chronic Fatigue Syndromei Fibromyalgiai Folic acid">i Geneticsi Immunei Infectionsi Inflammationi Melatonin">i Multiple Sclerosisi Neurological diseasesi Seratonin">i Supplementsi<

What Supplements should I take after completing 20 Month CAP with Successful Remission of RA?

I've had a very successful response from the CAPi program. During the program, I learned I was gluten sensitive and have eliminated gluten from diet. What supplementsi besides NACi, Vit D, my MetaGenics Multiple, Fish Oil (these all seem like no brainer to me) should I be taking?

Breaking the Duck; Raw Food - anyone doing it?

Just for my own records (since I usually loose any paper that I write anything down on) I took two Flagyli yesterday.  I really wanted to do 3, a full pulse, but read some people's reactions and remembered Jim's advice to be conservative as well as my strong reactions to the first two abxi.  So I don't know if I broke the duck or not, since I don't know if I need a full day's pulse to do so.  But I took the plunge anyway.  I have no side affects yet, unlike taking the first two abxi, which gave me almost immediate side effects.  But from reading everyone else's reactions to flagyl/tinii, I know that reactions may surprise me much later with this 3rd abx. 

Diagnosis and Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency Seminar November 3, 2009 Link to powerpoints

Powerpoint slide shows from talks<

Diagnosis and Treatment of Vitamin Di Deficiency Seminar    

November 3, 2009

Introduction to Vitamin D< 
by Reinhold Vieth Ph.D.

The persistent tortoise

This is a very short blog about a tortoise in the slow lane. For many years (how does this happen? - we shouldn't blink!) I had a solitary discussion about arthritis:

(1) I was getting very old very fast. (I was 55) and everything hurt.

(2) My hips are in agony.

(3) My fingers and shoulders hurt all the time.

(4) My neck is so stiff that I can't turn my head.   It hurts even when I don't try to turn it.

Most of my joint pain went away while I was "sleeping" that first couple of years. Then my hips were incredibly painful during walking - then it went away. My finger joints were worked on one at a time and have slowly stopped hurting, though still have  some residual swelling, probably permanent, which I accept.

Books and a Movie

Many times I read for the great pleasure gained and to satisfy my curiousity, but I discovered Greg Mortenson, Three cups of Tea, and now Stones into Schools. Along with wishing the Nobel Prize for Medicine for our cpni crew, I wish the Nobel Peace Prize for Greg Mortenson. And I am hardly ever much affected by movies, but last night we saw "Seven Pounds", with Will Smith, and will probably be affected for the rest of my life.

As for my own cpn protocol against PPMSi, I still chip away daily with my five abxi plus caffeine. We all tweak and listen and tweak some more, but I seem to have stumbled on a tight turn of the screw, thanks to John (farandwide) and Paul.

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