Bacterial load

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Quantity of bacteria built up in body tissues.

Chills - part of a die-off reaction?

Chills - are they part of a die-off reaction? Have experienced in response to starting various antibioticsi and was wondering if this is a common symptom and what it might signify.

Newbie questions

hi..  first off, i REALLY appreciate  any response from current members..  i am new to CAPi.  i just started over a month ago..  though side effects have been a bit harsh, i feel no pain, NO gain mentality .. 

Doryx ER - Anyone else taken the Brand Name??

My last script refill I thought I would try the name brand Doxyi Doryx ER. Has anyone else used it? Initially it was easier on the stomach (but not the pocketbook Money mouth!)

I have been taking it since the last week of December. This week I am having severe gastro-intestinal issues. I'll be honest, I haven't been diligent with my supplementsi, (some days I just can't gag them all down) so this may be my payback. I' ve upped my probiotics, Vit C... been taking Tagament, drinking Aloe Vera juice. Anything I can think of to try to calm that area down.

Cholestyramine and Thyroid Meds

 For those who are taking Cholestyramine and Thyroid meds:

Morgellons Disease - You Think We with CPN Have a Hard Time Convincing our Doc's!!! - this is interesting and sad

I was scurfing the internet about a topic of interest to me and ended up in links pertaining to Morgellons Disease -- has anyone heard of this?  I hadn't but my heart went out to those suffering because  no one believes them and they are being labeled with "Delusions of Parasitosis".  We all know how most of the mainstream medical field views CPNi and CAP can you imagine what it is like for these people?   One doctor (below) has noticed improvement in the symptoms of those treated with antibioticsi -- and some think it's a co-infection with Lyme.  But for now -- it's all in their "heads" by most allopatic's.  Even the CDC is not recognizing it.

Hypertransaminiasemia (Elevated Liver Enzymes) in Celiac Disease

Is anyone else with Celiac Disease or knowledge of Celiac Disease a user on this website?




I’m getting a bit discouraged. My fatigue is worse – I am sleeping 11-16 hours per day.  If I force myself to awaken with an alarm, I am pretty much toast the rest of the day (even with naps).

Skin Tag Wierdness

Sometime between 14 to 7 days ago, virtually all the skin tags around my neck and shoulders turned into flat brownish patches. Now there's just pink, new skin like a small sore is healed where many of them were. I think they're gone!

I noticed it a week ago. I had just removed a particularly annoying one the week before that. I was checking how it was healing, and here I was covered with these dry, brownish patches where all the others had been. I showed Dianna, and she confirmed it.

I suppose my immunei system is recovering enough to keep the HPV suppressed again. I'm going to take it as a sign of my improving health. I've never heard of this, so thought I'd better record it. If they come back, I'll post here again and let everyone know.

CPN in Synovial Fluid????

Over the past 3 days my walking has gotten progressively worse.  My right knee is so swollen and painful I can't bend or move it. When I walk I try to "make up" for my peg leg with my good leg... now my left leg is starting to give me pain.  I had a dr. appt and he seems to think it's bursitis.  My FM symptoms are also worsening... again this all started with the addition of Azith.  Katman, I know you said you had extreme joint pain/problems..... anyone else?

can a cold-virus and cpn-bacteria enter the same cell and then start the "frozen" apoptosis.

Why do  i feel better when i got a cold.

this was before going on the capi. On the cap i feel worse/normal reaktion?

The same experience?tell me.


Can a cold-virus and cpni-bacteria enter the same cell and start the immunsystem.?


If so. Is it the virus that triggers the immunesystem so apoptos clean out  cpninfcted cells?


Then, is it possible to trigg the immunesystem like a cold-virus?

 I hope you understnd my svenglishWink

Is there any one on this site that is from Australia

I have recently had a second serologyi ordered and the results have shown that my bacterial load had remained the same @ 512.  My doctor says that this shows that my immunei system has successfully fought the infection and that there is no need for further treatment. She has no understanding of the chronic nature of CPni, and the other dis-eases it can cause.

I believe i have been suffering from this dis-ease for more than 40 yeard and it id the root cause of a number of dis-eases that i now suffer. I am looking for a doctor that has a better understanding and can help me, so i need a starting point (or even better, a finishing point) here in Australia.

Thank you, in anticipation of your help. 


hmmm ... "well tolerated"

I've been rather silent on the site the past week or so, in that, I have had some negative situations occurring in my life that have brought me down physically and mentally. (all pertaining to my work/insurance situation Yell ) This doesn't help my illness or state of mind!  But I would like to add a great big THANKS to the cheerleader on this site who keeps encouraging me! (and reminded me

calm before the storm?

.. well my "what to do" has changed to "this is what I've done"... thanks to all of you who previously answered and supported me.

Since my last post, I started doxyi 100mg - 1/day for a week.  Everything went fine and I actually started to feel better until about the end of the week.  I became VERY tired on Thursday then Friday, okay.  By Saturday, I was running a low-grade fever and I could tell my body was needing more antibiotic (is that possible?) 

what to do, what to do....?

.. having a pity party today. It's Memorial Day weekend here in the US... beautiful, sunny day, and I can barely walk around the yard, let alone do anything physical, even driving a car.  My husband is working overtime and I am home alone... not a good day.  YET, I AM alive, just feeling a bit depressed and not knowing which way to go.

Pharmacokinetics of Azith?

I was never one for the "sciences" in school -- (I just couldn't dissect those skinned cats in a jar!) but I do have a very inquisitive mind and I am a "digger" for information.  I  TRY to understand the medical information presented on this site (thank Goodness for the internet!!) and what I don't understand I usually end up researching (again, LOL, understanding to the best of my ability )

Since I am having such major problems with just one dose of the azith (250 mg).  I was doing some searching to see if you can split the tablet in half (can you? ) the insert that came with my script says you are not suppose to.....) 

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