Bacterial load

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Quantity of bacteria built up in body tissues.

9/4 - started CAP - OUCH!

Between 24-36 hours after my last dose of SMZ/TMP DS 800-160 otherwise known as Bactrim double strength I felt the tide turn and the infection was rushing back in much too quickly. Fear of what would be if I did not take action. With new found confidence that I CAN take full dose antibioticsi I swallowed my first 50 mg of Minocycline. Gulp and deep breath ... here we go.... Oh my gosh ... what have I done? ha ha ha ( in a diabolical tone) Why does something with such a formidable name as the first above stated antibiotic have less reaction than a silly little dose of Minocycline? 


If Lyme can be caused though having a root canal done -as it is said by the Doctor Steven Harris, M.D, in the conference he presented - the link given here by lifeontheice<: and now I read in the website healingdaily an article called “Should you have root canals? Where they talk about this Doctor, expert in root canals, who then found that this “repair in the tooth” might be the biggest cause of bacteria in the mouth and then the body. The article says:

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.

Slammed in the head!

As I write this today I am not fully recovered but will try my best to convey what my latest experience involved. Am writing this with my right eye closed as a matter of fact. So anyway ... what I want to write about in my blog today is reflective of years of chronic illness that I merely pushed off as hormonal induced migraines that we women had to bear in life. Of course ... I think I know better now. Not that hormones cannot play a role in this illness but that I know the true instigator I believe.

healthy bacteria die-off

Something that has occurred to me off and on is whether or not some of the porphyriai symptoms many of us deal with are due to die off of healthy, beneficial bacteria?  I don't know if there's a good way to know and/or test that theory; however, it has had me wondering off and on if that's possible?

My thoughts on it are that in order for healthy bacteria to die off, those bacteria would have to be succeptable to the same abxi as Cpni.  This would make sense as one of our recommended supplementsi is to take  probiotics, to restore the healthy bacteria.  If the abxi weren't effective against healthy bacteria, there would be no need.



I was so surpirsed to find this blog, so helpful.  Thank you every one!

I live in Florida, I have no insurance and have suffered enough this thing not knowing exactly what was it.  A especialist  said it might be a virus affecting my thyroid and the problem will go away by itself; yeah, it's been around two years now... so, how does the testing of the CPNi is made?

I just had a test another doctor ordered, but it only looked for staphylococcus aureus, so the result was negative.  This Dr. doubted about me having a sinus, but my sputum is green and I'm ok thanks to I wash with hot water and salt... I heard there is a testing for the sputum?

 Yes, I would contact a good Doctor who dare to take me in!


Thank you all.


Update added FIR sauna & moving along slowly.

We got our FIRi sauna set up last weekend and I have been eagerly but cautiously using it for 10 min. at the start of my day after drinking water to hydrate first thing. Probably the most interesting result thus far is it restarted the eye burning, sneezing, bronchial irritation with resulting cough. These are all at minor degrees but nevertheless it is a direct response to using the sauna I believe as nothing else has changed in  my environment. The heat from the sauna feels soothing on my sore back and shoulders but causes some itching and then later in the day they ache again especially at night. But less so than on the MPi and prior to starting the NACi, supplementsi, etc.

Buckets & Buckets Of Mucas!

Paula has had a pretty bad week where hockle is concerned.  Her mucal discharge seems to be never ending.  She doesn't seem to have had a break from it for about a week now.  When I say a break, I mean even an hour or so!

Most of this week, it has been constant hockling up into a tissue every few seconds.  At best, she may get a break for about a minute, then it starts again every few seconds.  As the day goes on, it may subside to a hockle per minute.

To re-iterate, this mucas seems to come down the back of her throat from either her left ear, or from her nose - we are unsure of this.

Pulse 2...(five days post-pulse)

Blogging for the record....  My second pulse was  1-250 mg of Tinii for 4 days.... May 24-27, 2008

1.   First two days I noticed an increase in energy

2.  Day 3  my LEFT knee and hip became painful and stiff. Up until this point I have not experienced problems with my left leg, it's been all in my right knee and sacriliac .   I could barely walk and was unable to go up or down stairs.   I still have major problems with my right leg - knee (can't squat or bend, difficulty walking up stairs.)

2.  Again increase in coughing... as well as chest congestion - benedryl helps

3.  Red rimmed/watery eyes.

4.  Third day I had a really bad headache (and I usually don't get headaches)

Addendum - Pulse #1 - Day 21

Addendum to my blog.  It's day 21 post pulse. I am depressed and sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I guess it's finally hit.  I only took 1- 250 mg of Tindamax for 2 days.  Nothing really happened until now.  I was experiencing pelvic/gut pain but kept writing it off to the pulse.  so I then went the route of gyn and  urologist which has led me to:

1) I have a bladder infection  -- was prescribed Nitrofurantoin 100 mg BIDi

2) Per gyn - I  have BV and gyn wants me to use Clindesse -- I have not administered it yet as I am concerned I'll be on antibiotic overload and could possibly cause another pulse or yeasst.  I have no idea how it would interact with CPNi.

New and feeling fairly OK

I will try to keep this short. In January I went to the GP because my head felt as if someone had poured a bucket of swamp into my brain and I was trying to clear my ears the whole day. I was also extremely tired, listless and easily irritated. The blood tests showed some rather serious anemia and a sedimentation rate of 133. (it is still around 50) Hospitalisation with scans, x-rays etc only showed some urinary tract infection. No reason for the cough I had developped was found. I was put on Ciprofloxacine for 3 weeks. Then Bactrin for 2 weeks which I had a problem with. Evening fevers up to the upper end of the thermomenter weakened my condition even more. My enlightened (sometimes) GP gave my Erythromacin (500mg 3 x/d) and the cough quickly disappeared.

First Pulse (finally) for the record..

Haven't been posting lately-- not much to note re improvements (or I should say lack of -- but  continue onward!) . I still have extreme CFSi and FM which keeps me physically down most of the week... no driving, shopping, housework, etc.  Frustrating, expecially now that the weather is warm. 

One of the few positives  (right now anyway) after being on the dual CAPi for a year is that my body no longer has that  "sick, sick" feeling.... just the extreme fatigue.   I do have occasional days that pop up maybe once a month  ... "pseudo normalcy".  

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