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Antibiotic used to kill the EB form of Cpn.

Update on Treatment

Well, I have been on AP (doxyi) for almost a month. Have definitely been herxing, mostly in my hands, which makes sense, since that is where my disease has been the longest (Raynaud's for 25 yrs). Strange, because my hands have never been really painful, just extremely sensitive to the cold. Now I feel like I have RA in them, they start hurting during the night, waking me up, and are so bad in the mornings that I can't lift, twist or turn anything. But I think they have been better the last 3 days, so maybe I am over the hump.

2 months & 21 days...


Yesterday was nasty, but I don't now believe it was down to the treatment. The sinusitis, yes, but that's been ongoing. The other was something else entirely...

As regards NACi, mine are Solgar 600mg caps, and they cost a packet. I'll take your advice I think, Sarah. I always used to order certain supps online...

I feel better today. I'm not sore all over. I can move normally. Yesterday felt like the 'flu... I was ill in the night, and I believe I may have a further clue as to why all this has happened. I had a red meat chilli for lunch on Monday, which is completely out of the ordinary for me now (normally jacket potato). Anyway, I believe this thing was absolutely swimming in fat, and I'm not good with too much fat. I imagine this is because I may not desaturate very well. Hence all the omega oils MSers get advised to take and why they seem to really help, I imagine.

Chlamydia Pneumoniae, BOPC and Emphysema

Hello everybody.

I have just discovered this website and all it's rich content. Actually, I am Polo, 33 years old man, Ex Smoker, since 2 weeks and my problem is the following: I am sick since 20 May 06. Fever Peaks, Muscular pains and also sweat peaks. It has been pretty difficult to discover it was a Chlamydia Pneumoniae. First, the Pr. at the Hospital thought it was a Lymphom. I had a Ganglionic biopsy. It was negative (lucky !). After that they found Chlamydia antibody in my blood.  Not so much (around 500 antibody in blood). They also found a polipal maxillary sinusitusi. I had to threat it with Sofrasolone and Becconase for one month. For the Chlamydia, I received Fisrtly one week Biclar (Clarithromicyne) and then one month Maclar (Also Clarithromicyne). After that treatment, I had 4 times more antibody in my blood around 2000). They also discovered an heavy Emphysema and BOPC in both longs (pretty advanced state due to tabaccologic sensitivity (Alpha 1 antitripsin OK in blood)). So I saw a Pneumolog and I stopped immediately to smoke. My longs are already heavy been injured. All symptoms were still presents after Biclar and Maclar so I received 50 Days Doxycycline 200. Fever was nearly dissapeared and I felt quite better. But after 8 days of the end of Doxycycline, symptoms slowly started again. On blood side, antibody decreased a bit but not so much (+- 1600). I went yesterday to the Doctor who advised me to stop all treatments right now and wait. But I really feel unconfortable. I should start to work again next monday and I am really sceared about coming back of symptoms and fever which is still present times to times. What should I do? What can I expect for the future. Does someone have any idea of possible or expected threatments? Sorry if my case seems quite common on such forum but I didn't received much answers at hospital.

Astrodiana's story: Cure from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Dr. Stratton's original protocol

In 1998, just as Dr. Stratton was dismantling his research lab, a client of mine told me about him.  I simply didn't have the strength to even consider it, but she had been on the protocol for almost a year, and was feeling great. I had known her for a few years and I knew that she had terrible brain fog, lack of strength, was completely lacking in energy and unable to function in daily life. This began for her about 10 years earlier in college.   Her Dad is a doctor, and so he had sent her from doctor to doctor of every type imaginable, all his friends and she wasn't getting any help to speak of.  She looked and sounded like a new person when she called and told me about Dr. Stratton’s research with Chlamydia pneumoniae... and she arranged it all for me and got Dr. Stratton to agree to test my blood....I went to my doctor and got the blood draw and had it Fed-ex'd to Dr. Stratton’s lab...three weeks later, I got my results:

Astrodiana's Remission from CFS/FM in treatment with Dr. Stratton

Diana was one of the last people tested at Vanderbilt before the Cpni lab closed and was evaluated and treated by Dr. Stratton with the help of her local physicians. Her full story is fascinating as it charts a course many of us with CFSi and FM are all too familiar with. She also provides so glimpses into the bigger studies Dr. Stratton participated in suggesting up to 50% of CFS patients may be Cpn related.

Astrodiana has her full story at this link:'s.htm<

Diana will be condensing this story for this site, but in the mean time I thought you'd like seeing the original missive. 

KK2's Protocol Update

Tinidazole Pulse #4 was excruciating with extended effects, thus I began Tini. #5 about 2 wks late.  Concurrently I increased B12 and took two Aleve daily.  I think the latter was the reason this pulse was a bit more tolerable.  Have contracted strep throat from my teenager twice since April.  [He is due for a tonsillectomy.]

The illnesses have been debilitating for me, unfortunately bringing with it depression, an uncomfortable weight gain, and sullen disposition.  Last week for the first time since my msi dxi I had to buy a cane and use it.  I did this right before I figured out that I had gotten strep again, seriously thinking that I was going you know where in a hand-basket.  Pardon me..not wanting to offend anyone who uses a cane..but for me, it was creepy.  Felt like giving up.  I do not like posting bad news, so was waiting for the strep dust to settle before I blogged about it.  Then about a week into the Amoxicillin I improved enough to throw the cane into the closet.  It better stay there.  Unfortunately the anxiety, though somewhat lessened, remains.

KK2's Protocol Update

KK2 Loves Tinii!!  **cupid's dart**  Day four of Pulse #3--my very first Tinidazole pulse, however.  Tini is a breeze compared to Flagyli, for me.  No Baclofen, no pain meds-sleeping best I have in months.  I have noticed a subtle change in my gait--I find that if I slow down and increase my proprioception by resting my hands on the top of my legs I walk almost normally. 

MarieR-- this reminds me of how you talk about neurologic re-training of muscles.  And like Rica says, move like you used to--imagine your feet/legs/whatever moving easily like before.  I have combined your thoughts here-lol!  It really works for me.  So exciting!!

yguners antibiotics log 2

My little update for jan-06

The activity in my spinal cord changes everyday, it sometimes feels like a cat scratching or itching inside my spine and sometimes i feel light pain in the middle and lower area.This activity in my spinal cord is getting less and moving to my lower back where my first lesion appeared.Besides all this i don't have any other pain or activity in my body.Everytime i pulse Flagyli i happen to feel more activity in my spine and get more spasms all over my body though.


Is NAC really as good as amoxicillin?

I had just started on amoxicillan after a year on the protocol to start to adress the EB load which probably had built up in my tissue. I posted this in "Jim's Story"< update a while back. When David Wheldoni came out with his report on NACi as a thiol-reducing agent to get at the EB's, and both Chuck Strattoni and Mike Powell, who had already been using it in his practice independant of David's observations, concurred that this was a legitimate strategy I switched to NAC: it doesn't kill off any bowel flora as amoxi does, and it is great for liver support. I noticed the similar flu-like symptoms fo a week, and burning in extremities similar to what I got from amoxi, it seemed to work on the same stuff.

Jim's Blog 11/8/05

Just into day 6 of a Tinidazole pulse (my 4th full pulse, probably 10th overall). i'm actually feeling so good on it that I may continue a couple more days: more energy, less brain fog, burning ache in some muscles and joints, but quite tolerable given what I've had before. I actually felt so much energy for a time today that i was almost giddy. Wasn't sure whether it was a neuroi effect, or just that I'm so unfamiliar with having normal energy that it made me feel high!

I had started the amoxicillin a month or so back, and while it made clear how much EBi load I had, I felt I was going downhill over the time I was taking it even though I had worked up to a full dose. The brain fog worsened and I could do little creative thinking or writing. I became obsessive tinkering with the< site because even in brain fog I could get something working and feel the reward of something concrete, when other projects languished from my pea-soup brain. Also, I was grateful to see and hear others echoing their own stories and feel encouraged to get through this phase. I continue to be hugely grateful for everyone here who has shared their struggles and helped me to feel less alone. Thanks.

So, when I started this tini pulse, I decided to switch to NACi twice a day. I suspect this is some of the burning muscles and joints, but won't know for sure until I stop the tini. But either that switch or the fact that the tini is freeing my mitochondria up from cryptic organisms (or, God knows, some other undetected bug), it's less of a load on my system.

These dips in the road are a problem. Hard to assess from being in the cart. On the one hand, I know how much better I am now than 1 year ago when the walls of the tunnel had closed in on me. On the other hand, each time I've added a layer to the treatment protocol, I feel much worse for a while. The question being, asked from being bumped into the bottom of the cart so to speak, for how long? My wife actually questioned whether I was getting better or not, since she saw me flattened again by the amoxi and, from her perspective, I looked as bad as I had a while back. My energy worker keeps telling me how different my body feels and how much more core-energy I have than I had even a couple months ago. But adding the amoxi flared up a lot of pain, and just when I was feeling able to start exercising again, now I'm waiting for the pain levels to come down.

I don't have any belief that I'll be "what I once was," since it's been so damned long that I've had CFSi/FM/MCS, I really don't know who that would be. But if I have my brain back and some energy and zest for life, and less pain so I can exercise again, I'll be very happy. So far, I'm happy to be on Tinidazole, which is something I'd never expected I would say! I'll check back and let everyone know how long a pulse I end up with.

Earlier Version of the Vanderbilt Protocol: Stratton, et al.

Please note: this is an earlier version of the Vanderbilt protocol developed by Dr. Stratton and his colleagues. It is here because it contains useful treatment info for reference. Please see Dr. Stratton's current protocol in the Cpn Handbbook. <


Vanderbilt University has some of the world's experts on Cpn, and has been testing antibiotic treatment especially with MSi. The Mitchell/Stratton, et al patent has highly detailed information about the testing and treatment they have developed, and can be found at this link<.

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