RB- Reticular body

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Cpn form which lives inside a body cell and replicates, churning out new EB's.

adipose tissue's role?

I was at the gym last night and reflecting on the events prior to my diagnosis with MSi and leading up to it. One of the things that stands out in my mind is that my condition worsened greatly over the course of a year just prior to the diagnosis which was happening at the very same time I was losing large amounts of weight. In fact, the onset of the active form of my condition was 2 - 3 months after I set off into attempting weight loss.

how long until replication stops?

 Hi everyone,

It's just a question to satisfy my curiosity.  When taking 200mg doxycycline/250mg azithromycin m w f, how long does it take before Cpni replication stops?  Does it stop completely, or is it some sort of partial stop/certain location thing?

Information would be much appreciated! 

Cpn Slides

This link< for slides on the different life stages of Cpn.
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