Bacterial forms/stages

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The forms which Cpn can take on in it's life cycle.

Continual Blood in Urine (from Kidneys)

I have been monitored for microscopic blood in my urine since early 2000. The doctor I was treating with back home always seemed to believe it was due to celiac/gluten intolerance as we could never find anything conclusive.... hmmm.. cpni???

I am now out of state with a urologist who has been treating me for 4 years.  Every time I have had an appointment there has been blood in my urine.  

 I just came from a visit with her (my urologist).... all has been tested (cystoscopy, kidney x-rays, urine cytology). Today, I pushed her for a "what are we going to do or conclude" about this?  The only confirmation that we have is that:

1) there are no cancerous or squamous cells; (which is great)  and,

Addendum - Pulse #1 - Day 21

Addendum to my blog.  It's day 21 post pulse. I am depressed and sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I guess it's finally hit.  I only took 1- 250 mg of Tindamax for 2 days.  Nothing really happened until now.  I was experiencing pelvic/gut pain but kept writing it off to the pulse.  so I then went the route of gyn and  urologist which has led me to:

1) I have a bladder infection  -- was prescribed Nitrofurantoin 100 mg BIDi

2) Per gyn - I  have BV and gyn wants me to use Clindesse -- I have not administered it yet as I am concerned I'll be on antibiotic overload and could possibly cause another pulse or yeasst.  I have no idea how it would interact with CPNi.

Comments on CAP variations from Dr. Michael Powell

I asked Dr. Powell to comment directly on concerns that have been mentioned over time as to whether he uses the CAPi with his new patients. I received his response a number of weeks ago but have had no time to put it together in a cogent context. But continued posts on these questions has mobilized me to get his comments to our readers here. But context is, as we say, everything.

Interruption of ABX – Waiting for Biopsies

Sunday night I went to the emergency room with severe abdominal pain (upper/lower left quadrant, front and back – [as an aside, I have experienced pain on my left side since almost the beginning of my ABXi in April of last year –2007].  I kept contributing the discomfort to possibly die off and/or my spleen.  My dr. could never find anything on x-rays or a cat scan, so I just kept plodding along, as it was not intolerable.

Chlamydia growth rate?

Is Chlamydia Pneumonia a fast or slow growing/replicating bacteria?  I know they have different phases of growth but are they slow growing like mycoplasmas, borrelia?

Also can they lose their cell wall or do they even have one?

I'm so Excited about Using This Mineral Supplement along with CAP

I feel right at home on the CPni site because I've come to realize that under all disease is an inflammationi -- and under that inflammation are some critters. Now some of them have a name. I really appreciate the effort and work that has been done on this discovery by<.

I'm an energy healer at the Reiki Ranch in Washington state, and I've come to expect miracles. When my partner came down with aches, pain, and weakness we thought it was Fibromyalgiai, CFSi, or MSi. We could hold the progress of the sickness to some degree with Reiki energy healing, but we knew we had to address diet, supplementsi, and pathogens. Over the years, still his life force was slipping away.

Morgellons Disease - You Think We with CPN Have a Hard Time Convincing our Doc's!!! - this is interesting and sad

I was scurfing the internet about a topic of interest to me and ended up in links pertaining to Morgellons Disease -- has anyone heard of this?  I hadn't but my heart went out to those suffering because  no one believes them and they are being labeled with "Delusions of Parasitosis".  We all know how most of the mainstream medical field views CPNi and CAP can you imagine what it is like for these people?   One doctor (below) has noticed improvement in the symptoms of those treated with antibioticsi -- and some think it's a co-infection with Lyme.  But for now -- it's all in their "heads" by most allopatic's.  Even the CDC is not recognizing it.

When is enough enough and when is it to much?

Welcome Niels. Niels recently posted under another topic thread and gave a novel solution to dealing with the nausea that some folks experience with Flagyl.

His post included the following statement.

"My LLMD said the CAPi<i< was to wimpy for my level of Lyme/Morgellons infection... so I did about 4-5 mos of 1500mg/day (metronidiazole). (alongside rifampin 600mg/day and now doxycyclinei< 400mg/day)".

Chlamydia pneumoniae infection of brain cells: an in vitro study

Neurobiol Aging. 2007 Apr;28(4):524-32. Epub 2006 Apr 18. Chlamydia pneumoniae infection of brain cells: an in vitro study.Boelen E, Steinbusch HW, van der Ven AJ, Grauls G, Bruggeman CA, Stassen FR. Department of Medical Microbiology, CARIM (Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht), Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

"The Heart Attack Germ Book"

I ran across this while surfing the Web today.... anything worth reading in it?<

Blessings to all,


Chlamydia pneumoniae directly interferes with HIF-1alpha stabilization in human host cells

Chlamydia pneumoniae directly interferes with HIF-1alpha stabilization in human host cells.

Rupp J, et al

 Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, Center for Structural and Cell Biology in Medicine, University of Luebeck, 23538 Luebeck, Germany.

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