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Anti-bacterial agent used in Cpn to kill the cryptic intracellular form.

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: Pulse 24

Day 2 of pulse 24.  Nothing remarkable to report, the pulse is going much the same as most of  my prior pulses have gone.  I have a bit of heaviness and burning in my legs but otherwise feel about the same as I did before the pulse.  This being the second day, that could easily change come Monday when the work week begins again, as does my work schedule.

I stopped INHi about three weeks ago and have been having less inflammationi.  What I had before made it really difficult to function on some days, I just wasn't able to get around the way I was before INH and since getting off of it.  I think the combination of abxi was just too much.  I even did two pulses while on continuous INH.  Better to scale back a bit.

You're all against me...but I'm encouraged by that

A full week after pulse nine and no physical symptoms of a reaction at all, but starting Thursday, a creeping sense of unease began which by this morning had blossomed into full-blown paranoia.  I slept through the night most of this week so I didn't get my middle of the night dose of charcoal.  I guess I'll have to start setting an alarm to wake me up in time to take it. 

CAPi for M.S. since 8/2007. Currently: 100 mg Dox. (2 x day), 250 mg Zithi (3 x week) ceased 3/2008, restarted 5/2008, 150 mg Roxi (2 x day) starting 3/2008, ended 5/2008. Ninth pulse metronidazole completed 6/7/2008.

Update from Finch

Hi everyone - I just wanted to check in and let you know I'm stll working at this!  Here's what I've done with the Flagyli so far:

Pulse 1 – 3/28 (one tablet) 

Pulse 2 – 4/18 & 4/19 (1 tablet per day for 2 days) 

Pulse 3 – 5/9 to 5/11 (1 tablet per day for 3 days) 

New Blog Entry on Flagyl Pulsing

Hello Everyone... I need suggestions as to the best time to start pulsing Flagyli<.I son't know if I'm ready to start pulsing after only one week of testing the Athithro/Doxyi<i< protocol . I'm really not sure how long to wait.I have some nausea and tiredness so far, but feel motivated to get started. I want to know what to expect to some degree before I go on a vacation to Mexico in late July.

Burning feet get worse on flagyl?

Hi to all !

My feet started to burn a while ago , I think since Im on capi. At the moment its my 5th Day of metro pulse nr3 and my burning feet get worse.

Any of you experienced the same?



Will the third time be the charm?

Well, metronidazole pulses seven and eight produced no noticable reaction.  I start pulse number nine today (I leave for Houston tomorrow; hopefully I won't end up in Hermann Hospital's ER - lately I've managed to break that annoying habit I had developed of touring the nation's Emergency Rooms).   Maybe this pulse will bring the return of Dame Endotoxini, Mistress of Pain.   It's not that I want to suffer as a consequence of a pulse, but the reaction was at least confirmation that the CAPi was killing something other than a whole bunch of intestinal flora. 

5th month on CAP - long overdue update.

I was going to post updates with my progress monthly but having being overwhelmed with trying to keep up with life and treatment, I am way  behind.

Anyway, here I go. I started back in Jan'08 with big doses of CAPi (3 abxi) and after extremely severe die-off reactions and stopping a couple of times, I re-started nice and slow in Feb'08, adding 1 abxi at the time, making small changes and ramping up.  

Finally on full doses of current protocol - Rifampin 600 mg/day and Doxyi 100 mg x 2/day - since mid-March. 

post pulse 23

Okay, I finished my 23rd pulse on Friday and then just did the regular daily medications over the weekend.  Perhaps I should say regular weekend medications as my last dose of azithromycin was Friday.  In any case, I thought I would recap some things I noticed during the pulse and things I've noticed over the weekend.

What I've noticed is not any improvements in my symptoms...unless you consider having more pain and discomfort an improvement.  Pain...that's a relative term.  It's more like inflamation and soreness then pain per se.  Hard to describe how it feels but I think many of you know what I'm referring to - a hotness in one's extremities (my legs mostly). 

Just so you don't think that I do is complain about NOT being miserable

Went out into my back yard the other day and cleaned up all the limbs that had been blown off the pecan trees by the recent storms that passed through North Texas.  I wasn't paying particularly close attention to the fact that one of the limbs was already pretty wrapped up in poison ivy.  

What's a guy got to do....?

What's a guy got to do to get a date with Dame Endotoxini, mistress of pain, following a pulse?  Was it something I said?  Was it something I did?  Was it all that charcoal? 

Still, I'm five days after pulse number eight with no adverse reaction to speak of.  This is now two pulses with no post-pulse reaction.

Well, if nothing else, by going "stag" to the flagyl pain party I can serve as proof that flagyl doesn't have to flatten you. 


CAPi for M.S. since 8/2007. Currently: 100 mg Dox. (2 x day), 250 mg Zithi (3 x week) ceased 3/2008, restarted 5/2008, 150 mg Roxi (2 x day) starting 3/2008, ended 5/2008. Eighth pulse metronidazole completed 5/10/2008.

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: the Seventh Inning Stretch

Yes, it has been seven months since I began taking Rifampin although it seems more like eight.  It's entirely possible my count is off, it's not terribly important that it would be off by one.  In any case, I'm now on the most intensive CAPi I've ever been on.  I'm now taking Doxyi, Azi, INHi, Flagyl, and Rifampin, along with NACi all at the same time this week.  I started my 23rd pulse on Sunday night, a day and a half later then I generally try to schedule the start day/time (Saturday mornings).

I had forgotten how to spell "Eighth" not sure if that's bad news or not

Eighth pulse (250 mg, 6 per day, 5 days) completed today - and the best part is that I didn't have to go to the Emergency Room at Shands Hospital (Jacksonville, Florida). 

CAPi for M.S. since 8/2007. Currently: 100 mg Dox. (2 x day), 250 mg Zithi (3 x week) ceased 3/2008, restarted 5/2008, 150 mg Roxi (2 x day) starting 3/2008, ended 5/2008. Eighth pulse metronidazole completed 5/10/2008.

Cimetidine / Tagamet

I got very excited when I read David's notation in Farandwide's thread on Porphyriai: http://www.cpnhelp.org/porphyria<

Kim's been having die-off reactions and I came here first. She's been taking about 2500mg of charcoal at night, I haven't figured out how to decipher Oregano Oil, and then I came across David's post - Thank you David.

I added a link to the paper David referenced and info on the dosage for Tagamet. I'm still not sure of the dosage and timing for cimetidine and I found some more info here that I thought ought to be in a single post to make it easier to find.

Flagyl - Energy Push??!

Hi to all !

I did my second mini Flagyl pulse! first was just one pill! Now  I did 3 days one 400mg flagyl, on day 4 I took 2 pills and on day 5 I took 3 pills. Yesterday was my last day.

I am wondering because I felt energized under the flagyl - much more power and less pain. Off course I know that the bad times can come even post pulse.

But why do I felt better on the flagyl days? Do the cells work better before the apotoposis start?

Just wondering? Anyone experienced the same?

Best Regards



introduction and inquiry about topicals

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I was not able to locate information referencing contraindications to my Rx topicals.

Please pardon me if this is covered elsewhere.

I'll start with a bit about where I'm at and have been.


I'm a graphic designer who works from home. I have a happy homelife and a positive worklife. I believe that i am a healthy person, I just do not physically feel like one. I have long suspected that everything I experience is tied together, so am really happy to see this Web site. I want to live my life again: I want to go outside into the sunshine; ride a bike; shop in a store!


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