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Anti-bacterial agent used in Cpn to kill the cryptic intracellular form.

Why Peanut Butter?

During my first flagyl pulse I craved bread with peanut butter every day sometimes eating it 2-3 times a day. When my pulse was done so was the desire for peanut butter. I thought maybe it was a coincidence but the first day of my second flagyl pulse I'm back into the peanut butter jar! Why on Earth would flagyl make me crave peanut butter? Anyone else get weird cravings during pulses?

The bugs' long-overdue deaths

The title was suggested by a conversation between two of our most battle-hardened warriors, and I couldn't resist it. This has been one of the most eventful years of my life - busy, too. Beginning in January with surgery and moving through kidding season, then a very, very good show season, this last taking a temporary break after the best Nationals in years, then linear classification of our goats, now a break for the really bad August heat (this is AFTER the really bad July heat), then a resumption of show season next month, which wil begin my fifth year of MSi treatment.

If you think its monotonous to read this....

Pulse #11 completed August 1, 2008. 

flagyl update

Well, I went ahead and took my 5 day first pulse worth of flagyl.  I was feeling pretty good the first 4 days and then the toxic feeling started kicking in after 5 days I was sooo done.  It felt like I had the stomach flu and lots of depression and fatigue where a major factor. vitamin c helps but I think I need to buy some charcoal which might be a better mopper.  Also I went out on the 3rd day of my pulse with my wife and had a couple glasses of wine. I dont think ill do that again anytime soon. Im  really paying the price for that pulse but  its been 6 days now since my pulse and little by little I think the toxic feeling is going away. So in 3 weeks Ill try it again and see what happens.  And for all you flagylers dont drink and flaygl (:

Where's the excitement in that?

Well, it's time to start pulse #11.  Unlike the last few pulses, I'm not going to be on the road while I do this one.  The tension of being out of town and wondering if I was going to have a reaction that would leave me spending the night in a hospital emergency room just added to the "excitement" of each trip.  Being home for a pulse may make the week anticlimactic.  I'll let you know if anything interesting happens.

Creepy Crawlies

OK, we're now well into this and the pill taking is becoming very tiresome. I have to admit to lapsing with some of the less important supplementsi, mainly because I just couldn't face taking another pill which is maybe why I'm currently driven mad with what feels like ants running around under the skin of my left leg.

I have to keep checking to make sure nothing is running around on the outside of my leg, and there isn't, or, if there is then I have eye problems instead.

If this normal? Or is it me being odd again?


Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: stayin' alive on pulse 25

Day 3 of pulse 25 is well underway.  Over the weekend, I had two days of taking the higher dose of Metronidazolei and it continues today with 3 x 500mg, this time in pill form as opposed to the capsule form.  I can now say from first hand experience, there is a major difference between taking the capsule form and taking the pill form.  The pill form is NASTY.  Horrid, horrid taste!

I've started attempting to toss the pill back in my mouth to my throat in hopes of missing my tongue entirely and washing the bugger down.  Uggh!!  I had it easy with the capsule form!  Unfortunately, when my doc increased my dosage, he also increased the amount of pill prescribed so that I get a 4  month supply at a time.  Now, all in pill form....yuck!

I'm unrepentant

Well, first the good news.  I didn't get to find out what the Emergency Rooms looked like in Arkansas.

The better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) news is that after next to no reaction to my last few pulses, I am having significant side effects this time:

First Flagyl Pulse Complete

Today's the last day of my first flagyl pulse and it hasn't been too bad. I was already feeling kind of lousy from the massive azi dose I'm taking and was worried the flagyl was going to take me over the edge. But so far it's been tolerable. Mostly all I've noticed is I'm cranky, a little more tired, have an odd craving for bread with peanut butter, and the first day or so I had to pee a lot. Is it a diuretic?


Oh bleurch

OK I wish to complain. There I am, happily doing CAPi. Everything going along swimmingly and then I start my first pulse.

Well day 1 was fine. 1 Metroi - no real issues.

Day 2 - 1 Metro - also fine apart from a sticky eyelid problem

Day 3 - 1 Metro - feeling decidedly odd. Very queazy in the morning which drove me back to bed. Fine later on.

I decided at this point that 3 days was enough of a pulse for the first one. However, I now seem to be having queazy issues every morning. I can only assume the Metro has set off a reaction to Doxyi that I never had before as this feeling seems to come on after my morning abxi.

I'm thinking of moving them to late night so I can sleep off the queazies. Anyone else do this or have any warnings about night time abxi?

I guess I'll get a failing grade in "Planning & Scheduling"

Well, it's time for pulse #10.  I'm also scheduled to leave on a trip tomorrow.  I thought about postponing the pulse out of fear of resuming my old bad habit of "touring the nation's emergency rooms", but for the last several pulses I have actually felt best during the pulse, so I decided I would go ahead.  If it turns out to be a bad decision, I will let you know what the Emergency Rooms look like in Hot Springs, Little Rock, Searcy and/or Salem, Arkansas. 

Also, I went ahead and added atherosclerosis to the index terms since I've also got it although I'm doing this for the M.S. 

rash due to metronidazole?

Hi everybody !

I finnished yesterday a 7 Day Flagyli pulse with 1600 mg / day(4 tablets). On day 7 my skin started itching and i got rash and blisters everywhere. Is it due to the flagyl itself or could it be a part off die off?
Everything else went fine on flagyl, sure some pain but again lots of energy..........

Anyone experienced the same?


Too Scared to Start Flagyl!

I was supposed to start my first Flagyl pulse today but chickened out. I made the mistake of looking up comments on askapatient.com and it looks like the worst of all abxi! Besides the horrible bouts of nausea most people seem to experience there was a host of other frightening side effects: suicidal thoughts, hysteria, heart problems, nerve damage, seizures, death!!! It seemed far worse than the comments I saw about azi there. And it seems there are plenty of people here who experience misery on Flagyl. Is this stuff really so awful? How do I get the courage to try it? Is there an alternative abxi?

Doing things by halves

Well here I am again but this time on the brink of the first pulse.

I just took my jaunt over to the Pharmacist. After the last debacle I was a bit of a coward and took this scrip to another branch of the same group which is smaller so I figured that there'd be less people to get embarrassed in front of.

As it turned out, when I arrived it was empty so I didn't have to adopt the disguise but I did have a chance to have a long chat with the Pharmacist. What a nice man.

Flagyl and Alcohol

I'm supposed to start a pulse of flagyl this week. The pharmacist told me absolutely do NOT take even the tiniest bit of alcohol with flagyl or I'll spend the day with my head in the toilet.


Is it really that bad? How careful do you have to be? Will the alcohol in a homeopathic remedy or cough syrup be enough to trigger a bout of nausea? He made it sound like I shouldn't even be in the same room the stuff. lol

 How many days after your last flagyl dose do you have to wait before you can get near alcohol again?

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