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Anti-bacterial agent used in Cpn to kill the cryptic intracellular form.

Flagyl Qs

Hi all

 Sorry if this appears twice - I thought I submitted it a few minutes ago, but now I don't see it...

I'm on day 47 (just Dox and Zithi), gearing up for my first Flagyl pulse in a few weeks, and I have some questions:

I've talked to a couple folks who have been on Flagyl who say it's no fun & you *must* have some food in your stomach when you take it... does that match your experience? I currently take the Dox and Zith at about 4am and 4 pm on an empty stomach... do I take the Flagyl with the other abXi? If/when I do, do I need some food in my stomach too?

Flagyl Woes

Just two more days of the current pulse.

Oh, Lord, please help me hang in there ... just two more days!

I think this is one of my worst yet. The first couple days spent fatigue, irritability, and a screaming headache that would not respond to pain killers such as Advil.

The last couple days the headache subsided but now I'm suffering from digestive issues, brain fog, poor sleep, and borderline depression.

Can I hang in 2 more days? Or should I just cut it short? (This will be Day 6) My doc really discourages me from cutting pulses short or going more than a month between pulses but .... ugh! I don't know how much longer I can endure this. Pulses just seem to get worse and worse every time.


Do I add more drugs?

I saw both my endocrinologist and my CAPi prescriber this week. I have a painful heartbeat that's been bothering me mainly with some movements and deep breaths. So my endo wants me to take Advil in addition to my CAP. My CAP prescriber didn't have any suggestions in that regard but wants me to add Diflucan into the protocol for possible candida issues just b/c I've been so long on abxi.

Right now I am taking Amoxicillini 1000 mg x 2/day, Clarith 500 mg x 2/day, Minoi 100 mg x 2/day, Flagyli 500 mg x 2/day. If I add Advil and Diflucan, would it be too many drugs for my poor liver? On the other hand, I'd like to try something for that painful heartbeat.

Any thoughts? Thanks for any input.

Pulse # 3: shall I extend it?

I'm now at day 3 of my third Flagyl pulse (so, this is expected to be the last day of this pulse).

However, I'm feeling just fine: not only better than during previous pulses, but actually better than when not pulsing.
So I'm wondering: would it make sense if I were to extend the duration of the pulse by a couple of days (provided I keep feeling fine)?

Any thought or advice welcome! Laughing

It ain't over til Sam plays it again

Jan 11, 2009 was a day of celebration followed by several months of very near (old) normalcy. I had done four years and four months of protocol and finished with weeks of the supreme test. Confidence and well-being reigned.

Then - in the way known to each of us - the stealthy creeping began - a little fatigue (it was the middle of kidding season), a little functional deficiency (it was the middle of kidding season and LOTS of hard work), some brain fog and lots of fatigue and foot drag (it was the middle of kidding season - though approaching the end - lots of hard work, long hours, and clipping and packing for the show).


 What a REVELATION the All Supplementsi CAPi has been! 

I used to be super fit & very energetic, but illness lasting 13 + years stopped me from working or having any kind of normal life.

Eventually a diagnosis initially of Lyme Borreliosis, followed by microfilarial worms & Cpni led me to various treatments which partially helped, but energy was reducing noticeably during the last 3 years, to the point of being just above survival level. Most of the time I felt half dead.

Recently started the All Supplementsi CAP.

My new dr

My previous LLMD who was my CAPi prescriber moved out of state and I transitioned to another dr in the same practice group. Yesterday was my first appt. I was a bit apprehensive to change the dr but I am happy now I must say.

My new dr has a different approach to the disease in terms of that he treats whole body. If my previous provider just gave me CAP rx, this dr wants to address all my conditions - hypoT, hypertension">i, nutritional issues, wants to check heavy metals as well. He even asked if I have a ObGyn and do regular pap smears.

For those of you who went to Sunday school...

Join with me in singing (to the tune of "Oh, How I Love Jesus"):

Oh, how I hate hydrazine

Oh, how I hate hydrazine

Oh, how I hate hydrazine

Because it upsets my stomach.

First session of intermittent therapy nearly completed.  

What Happens if you only use Azith or Doxy, then Flagyl??

I think it might be timely to post an explanation of the importance of the protocol; i.e., treating all life cycles in order to erradicate the CPNi.

 What would the treatment repercussions be of only treating with, say Doxyi and then jumping to Flagyli (not including the macrolid)??  Or only Azith, then to Flagyl or Tinii?   I am concerned some newbies may be missing out on the correct treatment.   I know there is info in the Handbook/protocol pages, but perhaps something 'up front" may help???

Any of you experts/"elders".... wnat to throw out  some sound advice to the repercussions of leaving out a macrolide, or the doxy  in treating CPN?    Or is this beating a dead horse :)



Flagyl pulse # 1: is that all?

I must admit that, having read all sort of dreadful stories of sickness, pain & discomfort following a metronidazole pulse, I decided to err on the side of caution.
I took 4 X 250 mg Flagyl pills, each one 4 hours apart from the previous one: some of them could be taken with food (or shortly after it), and some far from any food /snack, or on an empty stomach.

During the day I took the pills, I felt.... absolutely nothing!
No sickness; no after-taste; no nausea or diarrhea.

Almost ready to begin pulsing

Guess this moment had to come, sooner or later.
I got Flagyl on prescription , and I'm going to begin my first metronidazole pulse ever.

Problem: Flagyl  (in Italy) is only available as 250 mg tablets. This doesn't correctly match with the suggested dose of 3 X 400 mg tablets/day.

Question: shall I take (1 + 1/2) tablet (equalling to 250 + 125 = 375 mg) at a time?
Some drugs come in a "coated tablet" form (for those intended to be absorbed in the intestine only).
Is this the case for Flagyl?

Question #2:should metronidazole be taken with food or on an empty stomach?
Any (known) incompatibility with food or supplement (no calcium/magnesium, as for Doxyi)?

I am just going outside and may be some time

My "stash" of antibioticsi is nearly depleted.  I have enough left to do two occasions of intermittent treatment and then that will have to have been sufficient.

I will continue the supplementsi (including NACi).

Those of you who recognize the quote will understand the desperation to find an effective treatment that led me here as well as my fear that I may be stopping just short of the depot with disasterous consequences. I do not in any way seek to connect my present circumstances to the quote's spirit of self-sacrifice.


With Apologies to Barbara Streisand


People who need Doctors

Are the sickest people in the world...

Now, I'm not trying to start a controversy here about the fact that there sick people who don't have access to medical care, just trying to come up with a subject line based in popular culture that is at least somewhat obliquely related to the subject of the post and might keep me in contention for the Bulwer-Lytton prize.

Anyway, some time ago I went to one of the Lyme disease sites and downloaded the names of some doctors who are willing to treat patients with antibioticsi

Unless All Dream Alike, You Must Not Ask Them to Remember It

I had an MRI in January 2009.  The M.S. specialist ordered it because I have been having mild headaches at the top of my head that precede things "happening". 

  • For example, I had a headache that came on before I temporarily lost my ability to write a cursive "D" (and hence lost the ability to sign my name).
  • I also had a headache come on and when it had passed, my need to get up at 3:00 a.m. to go to the bathroom had all but vanished. 

The MRI was done:

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