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An antibiotic used to interfere with bacterial transformation from EB to RB. Most commonly used with TB. Should not be used for short courses.

Help I am so confused

I am still trying to get a grasp on Chlamydia Pneumoniae, I just found out on 4-11-07.  But I have been sick for awhile  Cry.  I am just starting Antibioticsi again......eeeeek Foot in mouth.  My symptoms have been sinus infectionsi and uppper respitory infections , Phlaringitis, Broncotitis, Asthmai.  In and out of the Dr. office the month of April, and my throat swelled shut I could go on and on.  I ended up at an Infetious disease Dr.

Ramping up

When I left off my last big report (in May 2006)<, I'd done three pulses, with one, two, and four pills of metronidazolei (500mg), respectively. After that, I continued working up the dose in the same manner -- that is, doubling it each time, until reaching the full dose. Subsequent pulses were:
  • A pulse with a total of nine pills. (500 mg metronidazole, two a day for five days, except I wimped out on the last pill, as my heart rhythm became somewhat irregular, with quite a few missing beats and extra beats, and I had some minor chest pain.

The Final Chapter - it Never Ends

It was the opinion of our esteemed resident pharmacist who made that remark, which I have incorporated, that this is a life sentence.  We can accept that.  We have learned  to adjust, to be grateful for the chence to do the battle, and to sing the praises of  getting better, which were not chapters in the volume before this someday best seller.

My 36th pulse will begin soon.  I think it won't be the emormous investment of courage and sacrifice of time that it was in the first 25 or so.  My battle will be one of defense, of patrolling the perimeter, so to speak, within a year if I am correct.  My question has become my mantra -  why don't all MSi patients give this "a try" for a year?  There is so much to be regained.


Pulse 21: Tini this time- A kind and gentle start

I went into pulse 21 with some trepidation, having been slammed by pulse 20. Pulse 20 was the first one I had done with the addition of Rifampin (still only up to one capsuye a day). I mentioned in my last blog that Dr. Stratton told me that the addition of Rifampin  created a 'physiological conflict' for the Cpni ie leaving it no pathway of escape, so I had more die off. I also had more post-pulse effects, a lot of apoptosisi and inflammationi. I finally figured out that I also had a build up of porphyrins as my anti-porphyriai efforts had been lax. I hadn't seemed to need them the prior couple pulses, but with bigger die off, bigger porphyria. So just before I began the pulse I did a Vitamin C flush and felt much better after. My body soaked up a lot of Vit C before gut clearance, at least 15 grams, so I was probably depleted in this as well. Really brings down inflammation and brain fog!

Major Post-Pulse Slam, And Some Useful Understanding

In my last blog I reported that, despite having had increasingly mild pulses, this last (21st) pulse was surprisingly painful and fatiguing. I speculated that it might be due to the addition of Rifampin having some kind of synergistic effect, or perhaps creating more cryptic Cpni to kill.

Last night, my second night post-pulse, I had the biggest post-pulse "slam" I've ever experienced: sudden and severe irritability, red and burning eyes, acute mid-back muscle spasm and pain, a surge of all-over inflammationi. My irritability was way off the charts, and to I had the good judgement to decline to have any important conversations or make any decisions last night! All I could do was sit against a heating pad for my back, take sleep meds and ibuprophen, and hope. This morning, although I was very loggy at first, I felt much better with glucose and 2000mg Emergen-C, especially better as the day went on. What on earth was that?

Update: Rifampin, pulse 20, plus flagyl to tini switcheroo

I've been gradually ramping up on the added Rifampin. Worked up to one pill every day in evening, and then last weekend went to two (the full dose). The "water in the eardrum" thing finally left. It was quite intense for a week or two, and sometime last week I noticed that I didn't notice it any more.

I also decided to do a pulse starting last Wednesday, and decided to start with Flagyli just to see how I tolerated it. I did Flagyl for 3 days, then switched to Tinii as I ran out of Flagyl.


The good news was that I had only a little nausea at first with Flagyl, quite a change after having such prorfound nausea early in the protocol. I was expecting a little more energy on Flagyl, as had sometimes been the case, but actually found more energy when I switched to Tini day 4 and 5. So, I'm guessing that some of the reports of feeling one better than the other when tried in series (someone reported more energy from flagyl after switching from tini midstream) may be a matter of hitting the bacteria from a second direction, no matter what is done first and second.

Experiences with rifampicin and azithromycin?


someone has posted the study where rifampicin with azithromycin seems to be very effective against chlamydia. Has anyone else tried it yet?

This is my fourth week with azithromycin and hydrocholoquine and everything becomes worse. I almost cannot imagine that I may become better one day. It will surely take another week, until my doc will contact the specialists who performed the study.

What I cannot understand: The first time I took azithromycin it helped after about 3 weeks, the second course was unspectacular und now it definitely becomes worse!? Is this possible? Shall I stop?


PS: Where is the best place to put my case report? Is this "My blog" then?

Rifampin & Valtrex Blog- Part Uno

Well, I promised to blog my responses to the new additions to my CAPi: Valtrex and Rifampin. I started them at the end of last week, and wanted a good four or five days before I gave any report. First-- why am I taking them? I've been on a CAP for Cpni for almost 2 years now, with some major improvement of a 25 year long condition. I've cleared a lot of Cpn load, especially with the addition of INHi last January '06, and Dr. Powell thought it was time to up the ante. A UCLA study had shown good response of CFIDSi patients to an antiviral Valcyte (a new and pricey version of Valtrex), and he had talked to the researcher and was adding Valtrex to the regime of patients who had slowed or plateaued in Cpn treatment with good effect. Since we had clear evidense that my immunei system had been effected by Cpn (improvements in white count, etc), it was reasonable to assume I might have some "viral henchmen" as David Wheldoni so usefully puts it, along for the ride. Dr. Powell noted that both the UCLA study (not reported in the study itself but clinically observed) and a few of his own patients actually had some herx reaction to starting Valtrex/Valcyte.


Posting problems, sorry.

Only a little Gloom

As I was disconnecting the computer, I realized I was becoming disconnected and that I had better come back and say a temporary farewell from the front lines to retire from active duty for 10 days or so.  Last night my legs were shimmering and glowing enough to keep me up  for hours.  This has been happening more and more clearly since I first noticed it about Nov, 2005.  My cycle seems to be about 18 to 20 days so I listened and began Flagyli number 20 - 375 mg 3xd - Fri am instead of Sat.  Obviously a day or so in time doesn't matter but the symptoms may help clarify the way for others.  The other points are that the gloom is settling in like a mist and I know it won't lift entirely for at least 10 days from now.  The other is a slight nausea which I think I have successfully pushed into the background for  a long time and will,  I hope, continue to do.

Anticipating Number 20

Anticipating number 20 Flagyli.  Only at the beginning was the cure worse than the disease, but now with eyes wide open,  I march into battle with the knowledge of the gloom to be   I think that is KK2's perfectly chosen description.

Last installment the feeling was just beginning to return to the right  side of my torso after 10 years of at least 90% numbness.  I have done my sit-ups and push-ups most days in hopes of helping this and it must have been doing some good because  very suddenly I can feel my abdominal muscles.  Consequently, more  movement is more under my control and my walking is better.   I feel a little more like me.

 This  last round of Flagyl has dramatically demonstrated the flat "gloom" brought on by it.  The whole week after, and really probably 10 days, I think I am coming back, but this is Tuesday and I am only now leveling out and I begin all over again on Sat.  I think once you know that you are not whirling into an emotionless, bottomless depression you are better equipped and can hold on to the fact that this is a passing part of the treatment.  My mind was apparently very affected by this disease (mostly past tense) which may account for my extreme fog.  I cannot believe how far back I have come, particularly in the 4 or 5 days before the next Flagyl -  "blue sky days" in Macks words, I think. 

MRI Reading

Like Beethoven, MRIs are even better the second time.  With the 1st MRI from Aug, 2002 missing (!), the local radiologist read the  films 2 through 5 and gave a verdict of overall improvement.  We will attempt to find the mysterious missing 1st film because it IS 1st and probably worst, having been taken because I was having so much trouble.  However,  3 through 5  were all done after beginning abxi Sept, 2004.   No. 2 was Jan 2004 before starting abxi, then Jan 2005, then June 2005, and finally Jan. 2006.   No new lesions and the existent ones are not as bright, especially in the latest.  I have no intention of sitting and waiting a probable year for the next but to get up every morning possible and do whatever needs doing at an ever-increasing speed.  Within reason, of coiurse! 

Highest Order Swamp-Dweller

Taking Marie's admonition to heart I am reporting while measurable achievements are fresh.  That sentence being one of them to compare to a year ago.  Day 1 of my 18th pulse I began my daily pushups (only 10) and situps again.   I stopped these last year due to lack of interest and inability. I can only manage 10 situps but I'll get back to my old 25 soon I hope.   My run/walk was suspended for a few days (still suspended)..  Early in this pulse (day 2 or 3) I could only do 5/8 of a mile instead of a mile, and it took 20 minutes or so.  Now, on day 5 I am wobbly (to borrow a phrase) and not sleeping well in spite of taking 1 1/2 melatonin">i (I believe these are 300mcg pills) last night.  There is no doubt that for about 10 days my body is at war and my mind is fuzzy - as opposed to foggy.  In other words, do not be alarmed at regression during pulses- the rewards are huge but not instantaneous.

MRI Results

Results from MRI no. 5 Jan. 21.2006   -  "no worse- stable- WOW" This was on the report from my doctor.  I spoke only to the nurse.   This is 6 months after no. 4  and is news that any PPMSi patient of 10 years would probably be thrilled to hear but I admit to hoping for a really earthshattering statement but this is good progress and we should all be satisfied that an important marker is noted.    For myself I must remember that Sarah went 2 years, I believe, before  HER earthshattering marker.   The main thing is physical progress which goes by mostly forward bounds with a good dampening  during Flagyli.  We will likely accept the offer of the local radiologist (he is actually a rotating radio.) to examine all 5 and see if he embellishes any.  Apparently not even this happens in PPMS cases like mine.    Remember, last month my neuroi said MS lesions never go away.  Sarah has already proven that is wrong.  I would appreciate any comments David has.

Raise the Flag (yl)

This is a short blog entry about being under the influence of Flagyli.  The first 2 days when I measured my 1 mile run/walk it  was a thing of beauty!  My time was 4 minutes for each lap of 700 feet- today it was more than 5 for the 1st lap and I was VERY tired after 3 laps and 17 minutes and stopped.  I ran not 1 step!  It was only 8 hours after my 1st dose and 1 1/2 after my 2nd.  I have to write this now because at this rate I will forget how to write by tomorrow!!  See you later......


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