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An antibiotic used to interfere with bacterial transformation from EB to RB. Most commonly used with TB. Should not be used for short courses.

Not so many miles to go

My six months of constant flagyli are over and I have survived it. Not only have I survived it, I have greatly benefitted from it. 

Rifampin -- what strength? HELP!

I could not find (in the protocal section) of the handbook, anything about Rifampin.  However, I did see a mention of it in D.Wheldon section.  I am going to neurologist Monday a.m. so I need it ASA.  How much and how often info needed please.  It is talked about quite aften and I thought it would be easy to find.  Thanks.

Rifampin - Rifampin product information resources

I have been searching from various perspective and picking through the archinves and I have not located the missing link that Jim provided to me to a webpage with very detailed Rifampin pharmacological information. 

I would like to bookmark it.   It goes into details about the action and the contributing factors that need to be considered when the choice for its use are made based on the other actions it has on the body.

Perhaps you bookmarked it in your personal bookmarks, I may have and it could have been lost in one of the updates of the website.  

Please post the links to any forum topics on Rifampin that you might be aware of that are substantive in nature and provide specifics on this medication would be appreciated.


Vertigo and Vergeance

One of us asked me what I could do now that I am a "1" instead of a "2", or as I used to be, a "6.7". The answer would be so long that it would fill a good-sized book. Let me start with the fact that I can swat the pesky fly (just did) that has been flitting around (and no longer is). I could follow that with some of the everyday other pesky things like sinusitis, inflamed gums, varied skin problems, dry skin, mental fog, and, most monumental of all, my walking. Not only those, but I can take a deep breath without coughing. Most "normal" people take that for granted, but I was not able to do that for years and years. And I had a "catch in my chest" which prevented me from breathing much at all when it was happening.

Rifampin Update

I have now been on 300mg Rifampin, 250 mg Zithromax daily for 2 weeks and the results are amazing. Neuroi symptoms that came and went, and were sometimes very alarming (stroke like confusion etc) are GONE. Anxiety is GONE. I am packing and moving at the moment and there is virtually no fatigue. The first week there was a bit of increased fatigue and some stomach sensitivity but that was it. I think I really beat down my bacterial loadi with ZIthromax and Doxyi for 2 years, so others may have stronger reactions, but I am amazed by the results so far.

Just took my first dose of Rifampin!

Had some trouble adding Minocin in to my regimen 3 weeks back and decided to discontinue after a 4 week struggle with it. My LLMD said I really need to treat my Bartonella and has alot of patients doing well on Rifampin and Zithromax so I decided to bite the bullet today. I am starting with 300 mg 1x daily and seeing how I do, then 300mg 2x daily. I am currently on 250mg Zithromax MWF but may be moving to daily or 500mg MWF. Funny how the Lyme Dr's always want daily high dosages of Zithromax but Stratton and Wheldon only think it is needed MWF. Not really sure what to think of this. Want to get well, but who wants to take more abxi than they really need to? Anyway, wish me luck all, and please refrain from the scary warnings.

It ain't over til Sam plays it again

Jan 11, 2009 was a day of celebration followed by several months of very near (old) normalcy. I had done four years and four months of protocol and finished with weeks of the supreme test. Confidence and well-being reigned.

Then - in the way known to each of us - the stealthy creeping began - a little fatigue (it was the middle of kidding season), a little functional deficiency (it was the middle of kidding season and LOTS of hard work), some brain fog and lots of fatigue and foot drag (it was the middle of kidding season - though approaching the end - lots of hard work, long hours, and clipping and packing for the show).


I think I might have been a trifle in error about rifampicin when I said that you should never take it on a two week on, one week of basis.  You shouldn't,unless you are taking a least one bacteristatic every day alongside it.  As long as you make sure you do, it doesn't mater, but I was working on the basis that people have bad memories, so best to take everything to be on the safe side, but if your doctor thinks this is too much for you and I can understand why from my experience, take it as prescribed but make sure you take everything else

artemisin + rifampin ok ?

Hi !

I am thinking about adding artemisin to my regimen off rifampicin and azithromycin due to suspected babesia. Is it ok to take artemisin together with rifampin?

Anyone tried this?

Can bacterial cryptic form develop resistance to Flagyl?

Yesterday I took my first Flagyli 250 mg, no reaction. Today took 2 x 250 mg and started to wonder, is it possible to develop resistance to Flagyl if taken in small doses? I'll be increasing the dose in future pulses if tolerated. My dr wants me to take 500 mg x 2/day for 14 days a month eventually.

Rifampin and plaquenil - interaction?

I read somewhere that plaquenil can have an impact on cpni and coinfections - not only lyme. For Example Rickettsia. Anyone had been on plaquenil and rifampin? Are there any interactions?


Thanks in advance.

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: 29 and 30 down, 31 coming

It's been  while since I've posted or really spent much time here.  I don't know why exactly, just have had other things occupying my mind and time.  Even so, I thought I would post how things have gone these last 2 or 3 months, or some short blurb about it.

Both pulse 29 and 30 went better then earlier pulses.  I suspect the reasons are because I started using a gel capi to enclose the dose of Flagyli and I've been becoming aclimated to the greater dosage amount then I had been last summer.  And of course, each pulse knocks the CB load down more so there's always that.

Happy 1st AZITHROVERSARY to me!

Ever go to the doctor and feeling like total crap? Frown I mean, you want to feel good when you go to the doctor, right?  You gotta feel real good if you can get teleported from Northern Virginia to Nashville, Tennessee in the passenger seat of the starship minivan and not remember anything, including driving further south to see a blizzard!  Apparently I had the “We’re going to miss both NFL championship games flu”. 

Rifampicin 600 single dose or twice a day 300?

Hi Gangmembers !


I restarted my capi with Rifa 600 and Azith. 500 daily. Have to take this high dose due to coinfection with bartonella.

The instruction leaflet says Rifampin once per day.  Or is it better to split in 2 doses 300 mg x2 for bart? I heard maximum blood peak levels are more important than continous levels.

Is it ok to take the whole dose once a day?

Would love to hear from Rifampin users what your docs recommended....

First CAP anniversar, progress report and thoughts...

It's hard to believe but I am on 13th month of CAPi treatment. I started on January 02, 2008, twicked my protocol a little for a couple of months. Since March'08 I settled on Doxyi 200 mg/day and Rifampin 600 mg/day. In Nov'08 Bactrim was added twice a day. 2 weeks ago I switched from Doxy to Minocycline. So, right now I am on Mino + Rif + Bactrim.

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