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An antibiotic used to interfere with bacterial replication. Also used in Multiple Sclerosis as an immune modulator.

Jessica's Story of Recovery from Scleroderma

Hello All,

I am new to this forum, but have some experience with Antibiotic Protocol Therapy for Rheumatic Disease.  After my 16 year old daughter's diagnosis of Scleroderma in May 2006, through searching the internet, I found the Road Back Foundation Website and the Book, Scleroderma, The Proven Therapy That Can Save Your Life, by Henry Scammell.  For those of you who may not be familiar with this book, it is based upon Thomas M. Brown's use of antibioticsi to treat mycoplasma infection, which he beleived to be an underlying cause of rheumatic disease.  I found this site through the Road Back Foundation Bulletin Board.

The funny thing....The book by which I learned of the antibiotic treatment for scleroderma, described a small study done by a doctor at Harvard in Boston.  I took my daughter from our home in the Sacramento area to Boston.  The Road Back Foundation listing did not list an experienced doctor in our area.  So we went to Boston  Twice.

how long until replication stops?

 Hi everyone,

It's just a question to satisfy my curiosity.  When taking 200mg doxycycline/250mg azithromycin m w f, how long does it take before Cpni replication stops?  Does it stop completely, or is it some sort of partial stop/certain location thing?

Information would be much appreciated! 

minocyline instead of another abx?

I am on the wheldon protocol for MSi, and keep reading of the abxi minocycline. I was wondering if it could be used instead of the doxyi or roxyi? or if it could be added to the regimine? I would prefer to replace an existing medication over adding, just to cut down on pills i have to swallow. Im starting to gag.

Lyme and Minocycline


As you may remember, I posted about two weeks ago asking for referrals for a doctor for my hsuband, who is diagnosed with "early MSi".  We got several referrals and I made appointments to see two of the doctors.  The first appointment was Tuesday; it was with a neurologist who is Lyme literate.  The neurologist told us he suspected my husband might have a Lyme infection because: 1) he had a tick bite a few years ago (3 Lyme tests come back negative, but apparently the tests are not very accurate) ; 2) in the last few weeks he has had an arthritic feeling in his hands; 3) he has had chronic fatigue for several years; and 4) his MRI is unusual b/c he has 10 active lesions and no old lesions - apparently this indicates a "trigger" for MS, such as an infection.  I have actually suspected my husband may have Lyme and CPNi, so this analysis made a bit of sense to me.  The MD told us my husband needs a lumbar puncture to determine whether or not he has Lyme; if he does have Lyme, he will need IV antibioticsi immediately, but if he does not have Lyme, antibiotics are not necessary but he (the MD) will prescribe the CAPi if we want him to do so.  This is the issue:  my husband has been on 100mg of Minocycline for approximately one month. When he started the Mino his body was completely numb.  Recently the numbness had diminshed quite a bit, and as of yesterday it was only in his hands, forearms and shoulders.  Unfortunately, the neurologist told us we needed to discontinue the Minocycline for two weeks prior to the lumbar puncture because the Mino can "mask" the Lyme in the spinal fluid.  Therefore, my husband discontinued the Minocycline Tuesday evening.  Early this morning the numbness returned.  It started in his right toe and quickly ascended; his entire body is currently numb.  I called the neurologist to inform him of the situation and he told us (via a nurse) to go back on the Minocycline; the nurse did not know whether or not the neurologist still planned to pursue the lumbar puncture.  My questions are as follows:  Can Lyme be detected in the spinal fluid if the patient is on Minocycline? Should we even deal with the lumbar puncture and, if so, should we discontinue the Mino to get an accurate reading?  If he does have Lyme and the MD treats him with IV antibiotics how will the CAP be affected?  Do we start treatment with the CAP after the IV antibiotics are done?  

I must say, this little "experiment" really demonstrated the need for the antibiotics; my husband and I both feel it is very important to get him on as much of the antibiotics as we can, as fast as we can.  Any recommendations regarding how and when to start the Azithromycin (I understand this is the first antibiotic under the Stratton protocol)?  Should he start the Azithromycin with the Minocycline?  He started the supplementsi June 1st; he is currently on 1200 mg's of NACi 2x/day and 100 mg's of Minocycline 2x/day.  The reactions seem to be under control due to the charcoal (thanks Jim K). 

Forms of Minocycline

I was just wondering if the facts about the pelleted form of minocycline we use for our arthritis treatment might hold true for this treatment as well.  Those of us who have had success with our rheumatoid arthritis treatment have found that only the pelleted form works and not the generic brands.  I was wondering if that possibility had been addressed as far as this protocal. Cindy

Anyone treating Cpn for arthritus?

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and cfsi about 5 years ago.  I have taken minocin for my rai<i< for about 3 years and thought I was doing quite well.  I had not really addressed the cfs or c. pneumoniae during this time.  I didn't even mention the cfs to anyone much.  It sounded like a fancy name for being lazy and I blamed most of my fatigue on the rheumatoid arthritis.  The minocin I thought was keeping the ra pretty much in check, but the fatigue had gotten much worse and I decided to start doing everything I could to make some headway in truly feeling better.  I talked my doctor into the protocal for c. pneumoniae and I have just started taking the zithro along with my minocin.  I had already added the NACi< of course.  I was wondering if there was anyone here who also had rhuematoid arthritis?  I'm suffering probably herxing from the ra and maybe the cfs at this time.  I'm having some discomfort in the bronchial area and more swelling in joints.  I will add the flagyli<i< in about 2 more weeks.  I'm not doing my diet as I should and I will try to cut out the white stuff better.  Just wanted to share that treading water with minocin has certainly proved not to be all I should have been doing all this time.  Good luck to all.


I am still in process of increasing the mino. Stupid question...I know that after an increase of 100 I react on the 2,3and 4 days. During that time my sweat smells horrible. Does anyone else notice this. I am hoping that this is common. 

last night

The symptoms always hit on the 4th day of increasing my abxi. I had disturbed sleep and night sweat with increased symptoms. I found a new juice v8 splash which is very good . It is high in c e and a. I drink a huge glass with extra c at 2 am and woke up not too bad. I am on minocin everyday now with 4 days to up the last 100 and will go to my gp for blood pcri testing to get a starting point before zithromax .I hope to add it by the end of the month.



What articles to bring to the doc visit

I am going to visit my GP next week and I want to see if he will be interested on prescribing the anitbiotics and to monitor me from time to time.  Or Perhaps he may know of a doctor who will be willing. There is so much information and I do not want to overwhelm him.  I was thinking of bringing some history of Sarah's story and maybe the question/answer session of Jim K and Dr A.Has anyone compiled anything like this?
Thanks(on minocylcine 100 mgs twice daily)

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