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An antibiotic used to interfere with bacterial replication. Also used in Multiple Sclerosis as an immune modulator.

My new dr

My previous LLMD who was my CAPi prescriber moved out of state and I transitioned to another dr in the same practice group. Yesterday was my first appt. I was a bit apprehensive to change the dr but I am happy now I must say.

My new dr has a different approach to the disease in terms of that he treats whole body. If my previous provider just gave me CAP rx, this dr wants to address all my conditions - hypoT, hypertension">i, nutritional issues, wants to check heavy metals as well. He even asked if I have a ObGyn and do regular pap smears.

Flagyl interactions with tetracyclines?

Below is a small paragraph from Lyme disease dxi/tx guidelines of Dr. Burrascano that struck me as I was reading, anyone heard of Flagyli/tetracycline interactions?

Can bacterial cryptic form develop resistance to Flagyl?

Yesterday I took my first Flagyli 250 mg, no reaction. Today took 2 x 250 mg and started to wonder, is it possible to develop resistance to Flagyl if taken in small doses? I'll be increasing the dose in future pulses if tolerated. My dr wants me to take 500 mg x 2/day for 14 days a month eventually.

First CAP anniversar, progress report and thoughts...

It's hard to believe but I am on 13th month of CAPi treatment. I started on January 02, 2008, twicked my protocol a little for a couple of months. Since March'08 I settled on Doxyi 200 mg/day and Rifampin 600 mg/day. In Nov'08 Bactrim was added twice a day. 2 weeks ago I switched from Doxy to Minocycline. So, right now I am on Mino + Rif + Bactrim.

Second Month on Mino about done.

First of all ... I do not know why I ever complained about not sweating! I had daily & nightly fevers in Sept. Sweating was the way of my existence and drinking water was all I could think about as my thirst was so great. This past month the fevers are letting up. I only sweat a few hours a day usually after dinner or during the night. Occaisonally now I skip a day or maybe two or three at the most. Just when I think the fevers and sweats are going I get hit again. So this has caused me to stay home indoors a lot the past couple months cause my nap time is definitely therapeutic. By afternoon I am drained. However, I jump at the chance and have managed to drive two or three days during the good hours of my better days. Otherwise I think I would go stir crazy.

Cpn panel updated with D25, D1,25 test results

I recently had a blood test done for Cpni panel to see what I could learn. I realize these tests are not considered accurate. But I was curious & had the opportunity ... so why not?

The panel included C. trachomatis, C. pneumoniae & C. psittaci.

Both the C. trachomatis and C. psittaci results came back normal reference range and said "ANTIBODY NOT DETECTED".

However the C. pneumoniae came back marked high on two fronts.

IgG  1:512 H   (reference range: 1:64)

IgA   1:64  H    (reference range: 1:16)

IgM <1:10

Interpretation = PAST INFECTION

Marshall Protocol

I found this website while searching for some detractors of the Marshall protocol.  That is not to say that this site is one, just that I found a thread discussing the pros and cons of the MPi.  This leads me to post a few questions here for purposes of comprison, if you will kindly indulge me.

Added Yaeyama Chlorella

Presently I have been on Minocycline for over two weeks. The inflammation has been increasing in small increments daily. I was not keeping on top of the load of toxins/porphyria with my usual doses of glucose, Emergen-C and charcoal. So a couple of days ago (9/20) my recent supplement order was delivered which included some Yaeyama Chlorella to try out. Only after two days of use before lunch I am impressed of how effect it seems for me. It is the perfect pre-lunch mopper. Which is a time of day I really need help. It is when it is not convenient to take any of the other moppers I use. But to be clear, I definitely will continue all of them at the usual times I take them as well.

1st week on Mino & wondering?

Well, I don't have to tell you that I am pleased things turned out pretty good for me. The first few days of Minoi were misery but then things began to settle down. The last couple days I haven't had to take extra Emergen-C but I am still stiff and achy. Plus my eyes are so red some folks at the store look at me as if I am crying OR stoned... sympathy or disdain. Of course either way I don't appreciate the vibes so quickly move on. Also I have daily coughing sessions and about gag at times trying to break loose the mucus stuck in my bronchial airways. (sorry) Sometimes it just feels like a hair stuck in my throat. It is worse for me in the mornings.

9/4 - started CAP - OUCH!

Between 24-36 hours after my last dose of SMZ/TMP DS 800-160 otherwise known as Bactrim double strength I felt the tide turn and the infection was rushing back in much too quickly. Fear of what would be if I did not take action. With new found confidence that I CAN take full dose antibioticsi I swallowed my first 50 mg of Minocycline. Gulp and deep breath ... here we go.... Oh my gosh ... what have I done? ha ha ha ( in a diabolical tone) Why does something with such a formidable name as the first above stated antibiotic have less reaction than a silly little dose of Minocycline? 

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2008/aug/06/health<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.

Started Mino on Friday 5/23

I started taking mino 100 mg/day on Friday.  Other than maybe a little daytime fatigue and a few aches which resolve with 400 mg ibuprofen, nothing much has happened. 

I'll wait a full week or maybe longer to add the Zithi.  I realize once adding Z, things might get a little more noticeably more "difficult." 

Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions anyone?  TIA  Smile

3/08 NACi 2400 mg, 4/08 Iodoral 25 mg, 5/08 mino 100mg, myco+ CFIDSi/FMSi, Hashimoto's, Psoriasis, PA, IBSi, Secondary Addison's

When I change what I believe I change what I do

I Got My Abx Scripts

I was shocked that my GP actually wrote me scripts for mino, zithi and tinii for a full year's worth. Surprised

I was so surprised since I had gone in to discuss with him the suggestions from the derm Dr to use Humira which I refused and the ID Dr's thoughts to go back to all of the ancient and old fashioned ways to palliate symptoms of CFIDSi (anti depressants, etc) since he doesn't feel I have an infection. (exactly what Jim said)

minocin vs doryx

My doctor took me off brand name minocin because of slight blue discoloration of my inner lips. She told me it would work the same. Well I am here to tell you it does not. I felt much better on the minocin. I also noticed that minocin is in the vanderbilt patent as the perferred drug of choice. The pigmentation has gone away but I feel like crap. I don't care if I end up having to join the blue man group. I am going back on the minocin at my next appt. Has anyont had a similar experience?

What to do

So it's been almost four months of being on the capi and I am starting to feel a little better, less sore, still have headaches but not everyday, and still tired.  I continue to get a die off rash here and there and I still have a few sinus problemsi.  I went to the dr.yesterday for a check up and he told me he wants me to start my first pulse on the first and then start coming off all the abxi.  Isn't that kinda soon?  When he first put me on it he said it would be for a year and now all of a sudden he's changing his mind without even running more labs.  What should I do?
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