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An antibiotic used to interfere with bacterial replication.

Azithromycin and Breast Cancer?

My sister has FMSi and has been on azithromycin for a while. Although she has been improving on the abxi she recently stopped taking it. She did so because she had heard (forgot to ask where) that azi doubled your chance of developing breast cancer. I have never heard that. Has anyone here heard that? I'd hate to see my sister give up on eliminating her FMS (and the potential other problems Cpni could cause her in the future) out of fear of developing cancer, especially if it's a myth. We don't have a history of breast cancer in our family so this supposed risk increase applies to the general population I guess, not just specific risk groups.

All - at least mostly - in my head

Unexpectedly, in my 55th pulse, I got - as Jim K colorfully calls it - slammed.

Last Monday I returned home from an exciting week of over 6000 miles air travel and a wonderful visit in Palm Springs to see my daughter open her beautiful new veterinary clinic. I met some of her clients and patients and told many of them of our own ground-breaking site with its adventures. There is NO litter in Palm Springs. My home-coming was very different from those in the past in that I did not need "recovery days" after landing and then driving 170 miles home after a 15 hour all-day two flight day from coast to coast. Amazing.  Not only is there "one is never so blind as one who will not see", but there is never one as grateful as one who has been to hell and back.

Progress update (1.5.09)

ADD ON: 01/05/09 - Last night I finally added on the second daily 100 mg. of Minoi. Yay!


I'm new and am having trouble navigating.  I've been wanting to ask this question for weeks...thinking I'd figure out the "right" way.  Decided I'd just ask here.  I'm sure it's answered somewhere, but fatigue is suggesting I take an easier softer way.

I can't tolerate doxycycline so my doctor has me on Minocycline.  Do I take this in the same dosage as the doxy?  Will it work as well?  I'm taking 100mg daily right now.

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who may see this and can help!

Short of breath in Toledo

A week after pulse #14 completed and I was in Toledo when I started having shortness of breath problems just like those that sent me to the hospital back in September 2007 (see prior blog posts for all the gory details). 

Since I knew that this was probably just a visit from Dame Endotoxini the Mistress of Misery, I just upped my charcoal intake and made sure I didn't miss any WelChol tablets and it has pretty much cleared up on its own.

Guess this means I'm killing something.  Can't wait for November to start pulse #15.

The disappearing lesion

Since the early seventies, I have been able to make my body go numb. The first times I fell because I didn't know what was coming. I have been able to do this at will for many years, but took care not to fall down. Fortunately, the feeling always returned.

As stubbornness is the nature of us on this site, I have only listened to Richard in the last six or so months when he admonished me not to do that! I can also dislocate my hip but he says not to do that either! (Takes all the fun out of life - no?) (No)

So - what IS the point - simply put: the ability is gone. I cannot do it anymore AT ALL. Not even a tingle and certainly no numbness. Yes, the quiet improvements continue - and the energy is very, very nearly back to my norm or 55 years. Keep at it - it pays.

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: Pulse 27, onward!

I began pulse 27 this morning with some nervousness since I still haven't fully recovered from pulse 26 back in August. I  decided that 60 days was enough time to recover, that any longer would increase the risk of making the pulse even worse then it may be.  So, here I am toda, pulsing away.

My doc and I agreed back in June to increae the dosage of Flagyli from the prevous 3x375mg/day x 5 days to 3x500mg/day x 5 days.  I suspect that had something to do with making pulse 26 that much harder although I pulsed in July with much less negative impact.  Pulse 26 just picked me up and cast me down, no other way to describe it.  Still haven't recoverd entirely from it.

Azithromycin and CFS

Why is it these studies appear to not always ask "all the right questions".   I found this one< (done in 2006) on the effects of Azith on CFSi patients.

What's funny is, it was concluded:  "They (the patients) improved only to an estimated maximum of 80% of their premorbid capacity".. hey 80% is pretty good when you've got CFS.  And, this was on 500 mg of Azith for 3 consecutive days for (only)  6 weeks (monotherapy).  Of course, we don't really know how incapacitated  these patients were..... but it doesn't really matter, 80% is pretty significant.

Pulsus Interruptus

Was well into pulse #14 when I got side-lined by a stomach bug that went through town.  I couldn't keep anything down for 36 hours.  While it's not fun being sick on the road it does have at least one benefit - since most hotels use either a boiler or tankless system, I didn't have to worry about running out of hot water when I took 45 minute showers to try and calm down the body aches.  As soon as my stomach calmed down, I did resume the antibioticsi so hopefully there was no harm done (except to the bugs).

Combination of Azi and Bactrim?

Hi gangmembers !

I went to my doc today and he said he would prescribe me mepron in because of a suspected protozoan coinfection.

So what I ve heard is that mepron is combined with Azithromycin. Sofar so good. But You cant take Doxy with it.

So I need something to replace the doxy for a while . I have read often about the Roxyi/bactrim Combo. But I need to take azi with the mepron for good results. Is Bactrim and Azi ok ? Does anyone have a suggestion or can tell me what is a good replacement for doxy?


Thank you all


Does Oklahoma City even have Emergency Rooms?

You wouldn't know it by me. 

Three days post-pulse #13 and only mild reactions (mostly slight shortness of breath during stressful parts of the negotiations and the familiar "cog fog") so far.  

By the way, Oklahoma City is a real nice city.  The Murrah Building Memorial affected me more than I thought it would.  I think it was the small chairs that represented the children killed in the day care center that made it so emotional.

the here &, what it is


It has been some time since I have updated my blog so here goes.  What to say???, breath, wind me up &&& …. I have been disengaged on the site as I just haven’t had the mindset to handle the stress.  I apologize for this as I know that my support has made a difference to some.  I found myself reading the posts and was getting stressed out & frustrated with it all.

Lightly Hammered

Thirteenth pulse of metronidazolei (1,500 mg/day) plus Isoniazid (300 mg/day) completed today.  Since about pulse seven I've felt "energized" during the pulse and have had little post-pulse reaction.  This pulse was different with reaction (lethargy, confusion, pain in various areas) starting two days into the pulse.  I'll keep you posted on the post-pulse reaction.

When to begin Azithromycin?

I have been on doxyi now for more than a month.  I haven't had any serious reactions.  I'm taking a good probiotic to minimize worsening of my candida.  When should I think of taking my next abxon the protocol?



Cautiously conceding I may have been right...

When I was in surveying class, the instructor described the process that one should follow as: "We complete the field work, take our measurements, do the computations and then try everything we can think of to prove ourselves WRONG.  Failing that, we cautiously concede we may be right."

I don't know that I've done everything to prove myself wrong, but I'm going to cautiously concede that the decison to add the amoxicillini was right. 

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