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An antibiotic used to interfere with bacterial replication.

Caffine: Upper, Downer or Both?

So a quick search on caffine didn't result in many hits.  John's blog is really the first to discuss this and I thought we ought to have a thread about it.  Six months ago Kim and I came back from Vanderbilt with instruction to take pyruvate 30 minutes before taking Azithromycin.  In our recent appointment we were offered Caffine as an alternative.  This is explained in Kim's blog.  The idea is that caffine has a similar impact as pyruvate, bringing cryptic bodies back to life.

The idea of doing the caffine before taking Azith is based on the idea that Azith can't get at cryptic CPni, but can inhibit the activity of the reticulate body.

Vertigo and Vergeance

One of us asked me what I could do now that I am a "1" instead of a "2", or as I used to be, a "6.7". The answer would be so long that it would fill a good-sized book. Let me start with the fact that I can swat the pesky fly (just did) that has been flitting around (and no longer is). I could follow that with some of the everyday other pesky things like sinusitis, inflamed gums, varied skin problems, dry skin, mental fog, and, most monumental of all, my walking. Not only those, but I can take a deep breath without coughing. Most "normal" people take that for granted, but I was not able to do that for years and years. And I had a "catch in my chest" which prevented me from breathing much at all when it was happening.

chest pains

I decided to up my dosage of azithro to 500mg MWF. It works great but it gives me minor chest pains. right now im waiting to see what happens. the chest pain are not that bad but im not sure what to do. I take magnesioum that reduces it a lot. I think the pains are from die off thats why I want to stay on the high doasage. but not sure. Is this dangerious.

new here and have some questions

i am treating for lyme and co-infectionsi, and take 500mg zithro daily with 200mg minocycline, and 2 tsp mepron. my lyme dr does not want me to go to the mwf schedule but my neuroi says that is the cpni protocol.

if i am tolerating 500mg a day and liver enzymes are ok is there a reason to change to a mwf schedule?


My day 42 update

Day 42 of the antibiotic protocol! Being on the antibioticsi (Dox + Zithi) is easy for me so far. The only noticible effect is a good one; more regular #2s. If yer colon ain't happy, ain't nobody happy 8).

I have split the antibiotics into 2 groups, and I take 'em within an hour of 3:30 AM and PM.

I take (only) 1200 mg of NACi daily; is there reason to increase that?

I'm going to visit the doc tomorrow - should I push for a B12 blood test?

My biggest issue so far is getting Signature changes to 'stick' on this site! If that's my *biggest* issue I'd say things are going well.

It ain't over til Sam plays it again

Jan 11, 2009 was a day of celebration followed by several months of very near (old) normalcy. I had done four years and four months of protocol and finished with weeks of the supreme test. Confidence and well-being reigned.

Then - in the way known to each of us - the stealthy creeping began - a little fatigue (it was the middle of kidding season), a little functional deficiency (it was the middle of kidding season and LOTS of hard work), some brain fog and lots of fatigue and foot drag (it was the middle of kidding season - though approaching the end - lots of hard work, long hours, and clipping and packing for the show).

For those of you who went to Sunday school...

Join with me in singing (to the tune of "Oh, How I Love Jesus"):

Oh, how I hate hydrazine

Oh, how I hate hydrazine

Oh, how I hate hydrazine

Because it upsets my stomach.

First session of intermittent therapy nearly completed.  

I am just going outside and may be some time

My "stash" of antibioticsi is nearly depleted.  I have enough left to do two occasions of intermittent treatment and then that will have to have been sufficient.

I will continue the supplementsi (including NACi).

Those of you who recognize the quote will understand the desperation to find an effective treatment that led me here as well as my fear that I may be stopping just short of the depot with disasterous consequences. I do not in any way seek to connect my present circumstances to the quote's spirit of self-sacrifice.


With Apologies to Barbara Streisand


People who need Doctors

Are the sickest people in the world...

Now, I'm not trying to start a controversy here about the fact that there sick people who don't have access to medical care, just trying to come up with a subject line based in popular culture that is at least somewhat obliquely related to the subject of the post and might keep me in contention for the Bulwer-Lytton prize.

Anyway, some time ago I went to one of the Lyme disease sites and downloaded the names of some doctors who are willing to treat patients with antibioticsi

Unless All Dream Alike, You Must Not Ask Them to Remember It

I had an MRI in January 2009.  The M.S. specialist ordered it because I have been having mild headaches at the top of my head that precede things "happening". 

  • For example, I had a headache that came on before I temporarily lost my ability to write a cursive "D" (and hence lost the ability to sign my name).
  • I also had a headache come on and when it had passed, my need to get up at 3:00 a.m. to go to the bathroom had all but vanished. 

The MRI was done:

Unassisted Stomach Exercise

Well this is weird. I've been happily sailing along on the Wheldon Protocol. No major issues for a year. I got the nausea to start off with but found ways round that. Got the sun issues from the Doxyi, don't know whether that's now in the past as we've not had much in the way of sun.

However, with this latest pulse I'm suddenly getting stomach spasms. It only happens at night and only if I'm lying on my right hand side. If I roll onto my left side it stops. It's exactly like having one of those electric exercise machines on that cause your muscles to contract.

I don't get them during the day at all, possibly because I don't lay on my right side in the normal run of things, it's a bit difficult to work like that.

Wanted to get this in before vacation

Well, pulse #19 was so mild that I wanted to get the next one in before starting vacation.  Pulse #20 was completed on 3/12/2009.  I'll be really surprised if the post-pulse reaction sends me to the emergency room in Hot Springs.

I think they may have been right

I recall reading an observation that when people on the CAPi start to feel better, they seem to blog less often.  I guess there must be something to that because I forgot to log on and blog when I completed pulse #19.

The aftermath was not entirely reaction-free as I did have some shortness of breath on the 4th, but more charcoal banished it in short order.  

Eeeek is it really that long!

How embarassed am I? I just realised how long it's been since I was on here. Yikes.

I've been feeling so well and I've been so busy that time has just flown by, or is that the brain fog getting worse?

Well updates I suppose. One year on from diagnosis and I haven't had any relapses. I thought I was having one at Christmas but it turned out to be some ghastly virus as the OH got it as well.

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