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An antibiotic used to interfere with bacterial replication.

Azithromycin and cramps

Has anyone found a solution to Azithromycin's side effects ( nausea, GI discomfort)?

I'm already taking slippery elm, aloe vera and, of course, probiotics.

The persistent tortoise

This is a very short blog about a tortoise in the slow lane. For many years (how does this happen? - we shouldn't blink!) I had a solitary discussion about arthritis:

(1) I was getting very old very fast. (I was 55) and everything hurt.

(2) My hips are in agony.

(3) My fingers and shoulders hurt all the time.

(4) My neck is so stiff that I can't turn my head.   It hurts even when I don't try to turn it.

Most of my joint pain went away while I was "sleeping" that first couple of years. Then my hips were incredibly painful during walking - then it went away. My finger joints were worked on one at a time and have slowly stopped hurting, though still have  some residual swelling, probably permanent, which I accept.

Finally I can take a oral antibiotic Zithromax and I'm sick from it

HI All,

I have tried Omnicif, Flagyli, Doxyi, Cednifer, Amoxicillian, just to name a few of the past years for my ulcertive colitis and or bladder infectionsi or broncitis and now I just started Zithromax for my Chlamydia Pneumoniae and not had diarreah at all! Is there anything different about Zithromax (generic I'm taking) from all the others I listed? or is the one that's acutally killing my CP? I'm so happy I can't stand it! I'm also on Bicillin once  a week, IM injection.

Books and a Movie

Many times I read for the great pleasure gained and to satisfy my curiousity, but I discovered Greg Mortenson, Three cups of Tea, and now Stones into Schools. Along with wishing the Nobel Prize for Medicine for our cpni crew, I wish the Nobel Peace Prize for Greg Mortenson. And I am hardly ever much affected by movies, but last night we saw "Seven Pounds", with Will Smith, and will probably be affected for the rest of my life.

As for my own cpn protocol against PPMSi, I still chip away daily with my five abxi plus caffeine. We all tweak and listen and tweak some more, but I seem to have stumbled on a tight turn of the screw, thanks to John (farandwide) and Paul.

What you leave behind

I last completed a maintenance pulse in November 2009. 

I had my annual visit with the neurologist at the medical school in Houston in January 2010.  EDSSi now "about a 2" versus the "about 2.5" it was in January 2009.  As he considered my progression (or lack thereof), he asked whether I was taking antibioticsi.  I told him none since November 2009 which left him scratching his head since he can't account for my "atypical progression".  (For the record, I previously discussed antibiotics with him and he dismissed it since he is of the belief that M.S. is caused by a virus).

Whatever is Required

We spoke to Dr S just now.  He was approving of my going back on flagyl, and, because of nausea, cutting back on caffeine. 

A couple of interesting and heartening bits came of the conversation.  One is that I will continue with this protocol for another three months and call him again, sooner if there is news either way - worse or better - because I still react.  But... my daily reaction is nowhere near five years and four months ago.  For example, today is Azithromycin day - and Doxyi, Rifampin. Amoxycillin, flagyl, and caffeine. 

A Handle Resubmitted

On rereading last week's blog, I am amazed at what I wrote about flagyli and not taking it. Sometimes I guess I am not as "with-it" as I believe.

In May, Richard spoke to Dr. S., who put me on the usual: Doxyi, 200mg; Azithromycin, 250MWF; Rifampin, 600mg; flagyl, 1000: (these I had been on till I stopped everything on Jan 11, 2009); and then ADDED Amoxicillini 1000. I did this without fail for six months and then we called him again. But I was STILL reacting! Aaarrrgg!! He then left all abxi the same, with the exception of flagyl, which he replaced with caffeine pills.

"Getting a Handle"

Caffeine has played a big role in my life for the last eight months or so, with no end in sight. However, there are small reprieves that show themselves now and then. As a matter of fact, I am beginning a "now", now, and it is good. Caffeine is easier than flagyli, but not a carefree walk in the park. Since I began with flagyl and only used caffeine after nearly five years, I can't say for sure that caffeine would have been easier then. It has its own problems - but problems associated with this protocol, at least for me, would never compare to what life - or the lack thereof - would be like without it. Heartfelt and eternal thanks to all who have had a part in bringing it to the world.

Is this going the right direction?

This is probably going to be fairly long since it's my first blog entry.


I started an empirical CAPi in October on suspicion of a Cpni infection, as my 10 years worth of symptoms find a ton that fit in with a Cpn infection. Not long into starting, I went through a series of old symptoms that hadn't bothered me in years that reminded me that way back at the start of all these symptoms, I had legitimate concern of a lyme or other TBD infection. Bullseye rash, joint pain, muscle twitching, sore throat, increased floaters and neck pain. I saw my doctor about all of that, but it was explained away. Anyway, maybe 2 weeks into the CAP, I re-experienced all of that except the bullseye rash.


Azithromycin Question

I have a question about Azithromycin. Is it always taken as a M,W,F thing, i.e. 2 days per week or is the goal to take it 7 days per week along with Doxycycline 7 days per week in the beginning, before Flagyli is added?  I just got started on the Azithromycin and only take it M,W,F
So, is staying on Azithromycin 3 days per week, long term (along with the other abxi) adequate or should I work up to taking it 5 days per week?
Dxi: Cpni 6/09, Clinically Diagnosed with Lyme, started Cpn treatment 12/09 

aZithromycin and ...uh bowel disturbance and addition of Co-A supplements stronger herx?

I take my 250mg of Zith then 2.5 hours later diarrhea (sp?). I assume this is a direct result of die off?

The only other thing I've ever taken that's had that effect was Japanese Knotweed. The end result (no pun, ok some pun) is identical for me.

Knotweed is one of Buhner's Anti-Lyme herbs. I wonder if the ABXi effect is similar to the Zith? I read that Jap. Knotweed is used as a laxative (I supposed Zith could also if one has a bacterial loadi. I imagine watery bm overqualities it as a laxative in my case


On a side note....

I've recently added the daily consumtion of supplementsi to support the formation of Co-Enzyme A which should enhance the conversion of Pyruvate to acetyl-CoEnzyme A.

Not so many miles to go

My six months of constant flagyli are over and I have survived it. Not only have I survived it, I have greatly benefitted from it. 

Having a go with a Non-LLMD, questions please...

I mentioned in a post that I found a Doc here in Alabama that is somewhat Fibromyalgiai friendly. I deided to give this Dr. a visit. Explained a little most pressing problem was a possible prostatei nightly issue. I did a 7 day doxyi (100x2), and on the 3rd day of Doxy 1000mg of Zith (which wiped me out). Some symptoms improved but I couldn't be sure the two drugs had helped. I was taking bromelain with the Doxy from the 2nd day on. The nightly symptom has not improved from this.

Going back to the Dr. I explained a little more about Lyme and Cpni and how I felt some significant improvement in the 2-3 days after stopping the ABXi. I left there with a long supply of Doxy and Cipro (still want to address the prostate issue and will give Cipro a try).

Trying Roxi instead of Azith

This is day two of switching from Azith to Roxi.  I have a few months' supply and thought I would switch out one of my ABXi since I have been on this protocol for about 2.5 years.   My CPNi titers (in June of this year) are still very high.

I really didn't think there would be any noticable change, but today I am having definite endotoxini reactions (red, scratchy eyes),inflammationi ( my knees and hips are stiff), my legs feel like mud and it's more difficult to walk today.  Extreme fatigue.

Definitely notice Roxi doesn't seem to have the immunomodulatory effect that Azith does for me (so far anyway).


Brutal Illness

I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I have been telling my story to every type specialist in the books until now. I'm praying my new docs are on the right track.

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