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An antibiotic used in Europe to interfere with bacterial replication.

Dental Abcess & CAP

Paula is being seen by a dentist today because of a tooth abcess she has.  It is possible that the dentist may recommend a course of Amoxi.  If so, would you advise Paula stops the NACi during the course of Amoxi to stave off doubling the die-off effects of the CPni EBs?


Mark's 1st Blog - Wish Paula Was Doing This :-)

I wasn't gonna do a blog.  Was gonna wait until Paula was able to do it instead, but, I thought - what the hell!

Anyway, Paula took her 1st Roxi earlier today - 75mg.  She didn't have that much of a reaction, so we decided to increase her 2nd dose of the day tonight to 150mg.

Within a few minutes, she had what I can only describe as "air hunger" as said on this site.  This lasted for about 30 minutes.  She now has increased fatigue and tingling sensation in her skin including her tongue - all major symptoms she had just after becoming bedridden back in Feb 06.

Now, 90 minutes later, she is just very fatigued, but surviving.

We have decided to change Monday's dose of Roxi to 75mg twice per day and build the dose up.


Pliva 333's cannot be used to hijack an MD-80 that is grounded by the FAA

Finished Pulse #7 today. 

Also, I was really blessed since mine was one of only a handful of American Airlines flights leaving Washington D.C. that didn't get cancelled. 

Now we wait for the post-pulse "fun" to begin.

By the way, the pain I had been feeling in several of my fillings pretty much went away after the third day of the pulse so maybe I can blame that on the bugs rather than tooth decay. 

CAPi for M.S. since 8/2007. Currently: 100 mg Dox. (2 x day), 250 mg Zithi (3 x week) ceased 3/2008, 150 mg Roxi (2 x day) starting 3/2008. Seventh pulse metronidazolei completed 4/11/2008.

Thomas "Babe" Levy got nothin' on me

Those of you who identify the character (or remember the movie "Marathon Man") will be able to identify with this.  

Adding Roxi To Doxy

Paula has asked me to put a few questions out into the forum.  She intends to start on the Roxi this weekend.

Paula has been on 100mg Doxyi twice per day virtually from day 1 a couple of months ago.  She increased her dosage of it from 100mg once per day after a suspected ear infection.  In the end her ear pain just looked like possible cpni die-off due to NACi and Samento.

1) Should she reduce her Doxy back down to 100mg once per per day when she takes 150 mg of Roxi twice per day?


Stick with the 200mg of Doxy per day and start on 150mg Roxi once per day.

Just the Facts

Sixth metronidazolei pulse, 1,500 mg per day (as 6 x 250 mg tablets taken 2 at a time) for five days, was completed on March 15, 2008.

In Washington, DC this week.  Hopefully, I will be able to break my former habit of touring the nation's emergency rooms.    

"Confirmation is nice", he groaned as he felt about the dresser drawer for his grandfather's Colt .45

"Confirmation is nice", he groaned as he felt about the dresser drawer for his grandfather's Colt .45 intending to do himself some mischief.  But he was so fatigued from the effects of the toxins poisoning him that his hand lacked the strength to pull back the slide.  With a deep sigh, his arm dropped back onto the bed and he decided it was probably just easier to just go on living.

Roxithromycin Source

Hi - I'm new to CPNHelp and trying to figure out how to post, sorry if I goof this up. Am wondering if anyone in the USA has recently ordered Roxithromycin and what are good, reputable on-line sources that don't require a prescription. Thank you!

Protocol Vacations

Well, it seems somewhat unlikely that my liver enzymes have decreased enough to avoid a Protocol Vacation.   I will likely get a partial report on my lab studies in the next few days.

So I am beginning to look at the possibility of being asked to cut back or even completely take a break from the protocol as my AST and ALT are in the 3-4 times the high normal range and this has been the case for almost 4 months now. 

I know that folks have stopped for numbers lower than mine which are both over 140.  My several past blood draws have been ever so slightly higher each time yet still slowly climbing.

I would appreciate anyone who has found themselves in this position to share how it was handled in your case.  

Help! Titanium Dioxide In Antibotics

I have just read that one of the inactive ingredients in both Roxithromycin, Azithromycin, Flagyli & Tini is Titanium Dioxide.

Paula thinks she possibly may have an allergy to this substance. Frown

Does anyone know of any brands of the above that does not have Titanium Dioxide in it?



Most mild CAP protocol in terms of side effects & die-off?

I started CAPi with Minocycline 100mg x 3 + Rifampin 300/day only to stop it due to huge reaction. My dr was thinking in the lines that's one of the abxi causing side effects, perhaps the Mino. Soon I re-started only with Doxycycline 100 mg x 2/day. At first it was OK but I had abdominal pain, aggravated hypertension">i, hypoglycemia and porphyriasi again and by 10th day it was too severe for me to continue. I mean, I felt like it was life-threatening at the time.

I stopped Doxy a week ago yet still haven't recovered completely. Today I feel that like I was hit very hard on a head but a bit better in general.

Azith Or Roxy?


Which is the best one to take in everyone's opinion for Severe CFSi/M.E. once Paula can tollerate the Doxyi - Azithromycin or Roxithromycin?



Antibiotics - Categories - Ineractions with Supplements - Probiotics - Vitamin K

Antibioticsi, referenced from the following website.< 


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The following information is specific for alternative and complementary medicine. For additional evidence-based information on diseasesi, conditions, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and wellness issues, continue searching the Healthwise Knowledgebase.

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Roxithromycin - Rulide - Rulid - Patient Info

 Roxi - Roxithromycin - Rulide - Rulid - Patient Information 

Antibiotics and antimicrobials; tablets vs capsules when available and generic vs brand names

My question primarily is from a user perspective, regarding the cost/vs side effects  of purchasing brand name capsules vs tablet forms when there is a choice. 

Cost seems to often be in favor of the tablet form. 

For those with no stomach distress with the capsules, seems either might be fine. 

For those with stomach respsonse to the capsules (such as myself) I have now realized that I do have a choice of the tablet form,

as well as a higher priced choice of another brand name Doryx that is reported to have less stomach response symptoms. Reported to be newer and more costly than either the tablet generic or the capsule generic.

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