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Agents used to kill micro-organisms.

Coming Off Antibiotics 2

I have been taking:

Ampicillin 250mg *4/day

Tetracycline 250mg *3/day

Dicloxacillin 500mg *2/day

I have never had severe reactions to the antibioticsi so it's hard to tell whether I am reacting to them still. I don't think that I am. I have just been concerned that if I stop, then I might develop a fever again.

I have had all blood tests done. I have Herpes and Epstein Barr and am therefore also on antivirals:

Valtrex 500mg *1/day

Levocarnitine 330mg *3/day

I think I am just going to stop taking them (the antibiotics) and see what happens.

Coming Off Antbiotics

I have been on a CAPi for about three years, and would like to come off the anti-biotics if possible as I believe it is upsetting my digestive system. However, last time I treid to come off them I developed a fever. Are there any tests I can do to see if it is safe to come off?


I have been on a CAPi for about three years, and would like to come off the anti-biotics if possible as I believe it is upsetting my digestive system. However, last time I treid to come off them I developed a fever. Are there any tests I can do to see if it is safe to come off?

article everyone should read (medical fraud beware)

Please read this article . It disgusts me what these doctors are doing these days. and they think its ethical.<

13 pulse

I  am scary tight now at pulse 13. Takings lots of vitaminsi oral and iv as well as gltathione and pc. Got so disgusted with tightness that I am back at the hyperbaric again. I have a great hyperbaric in the house it unqestionably  helps with stifness so I back at it 11/2 hours 1-2 times aday until some relief kicks in. Also Taking 20gm of pharmaceutical fish oil to reduce inflammationi. Man it sucks being so stiff I follow the  regime but no relief recently in mobility brain working great though.

oh well barbara

Help for Stained Teeth

I just returned from my quarterly teeth cleaning and was given this at-home routine to follow for my bad teeth staining.  Significant black stains are on my enamels, caps, and tooth roots caused from the antibiotics.

Dilute 1/2 & 1/2 hydrogen-peroxide and Breath Rx and swish in mouth for one minute two times a day.  Breath Rx is a OTC mouth wash that kills bacteria and isn't drying like Listerine (if it kills bacteria, it has to be good!).  The  hydrogen-peroxide whitens and it also kills bacteria.

If this routine doesn't work, I'll go for teeth cleaning every two months.  I already use a dental at-home cleaning program where I put a goo in a retainer and leave on overnight. 

No Fun being in OZ

My mobility is becoming worse and I am also having neuropathy-type foot drag -- occasionally the  toes on my right foot fold over and I don't feel them right away until I've scraped them on the floor or stairs! And my feet, (even though I  think they are "up") aren't and I trip... I am unsteady.  My husband is constantly having to steady me and help me maneuver on the occasions we leave the house or he pushes me in a transport chair.

These are NEW symptoms which have developed over the last two pulses.   I have had problems with my right knee since the beginning of capi but these symptoms are different. My left knee and leg are now affected.

Azithromycin and CFS

Why is it these studies appear to not always ask "all the right questions".   I found this one< (done in 2006) on the effects of Azith on CFSi patients.

What's funny is, it was concluded:  "They (the patients) improved only to an estimated maximum of 80% of their premorbid capacity".. hey 80% is pretty good when you've got CFS.  And, this was on 500 mg of Azith for 3 consecutive days for (only)  6 weeks (monotherapy).  Of course, we don't really know how incapacitated  these patients were..... but it doesn't really matter, 80% is pretty significant.

Need more help with order of abx, pyruvate and vitamins and supps.

Can anyone give me a quick summary or point me to one already given here regarding recommendations for best order of all the stuff we take, especially including what not to mix together and how far apart to take things. 

I've gotten a little in bits and pieces, and seen one discussion on it with someone saying what they did but not necessarily why.  I need to get the basics so I can come up with my own system. 

For example, what vits. and supps need to be taken separately from abxi?  From NACi?  From pyruvate?  From each other?  From probiotics?

Does NAC truly need to be kept separate from abx?  What about from any vit and supps?  Or probiotics? What about from pyruvate?

the here &, what it is


It has been some time since I have updated my blog so here goes.  What to say???, breath, wind me up &&& …. I have been disengaged on the site as I just haven’t had the mindset to handle the stress.  I apologize for this as I know that my support has made a difference to some.  I found myself reading the posts and was getting stressed out & frustrated with it all.

New pulse therapy antibiotic in the works

I thought you all might find this new approach interesting:< Best, Chris

Multi antibiotic clinical trial for Cpn induced reactive arthritis

Not sure if any of you have seen this but thought it would be of interest. Results should be in soon. Looks like they didn't include Flagyli but only Azithromycin and Rifampin OR Doxyi and Rifampin for 6 months. Is Stratton's updated protocol just Rifampin and Azithromycin or Doxy? Does Stratton use 300mg Rifampin daily or 600mg daily? Combination Antibiotic Treatment for Reactive Arthritis Caused by Chlamydia Bacteria:< Best, Chris

Being insecure

To all  experienced people,

 am  I killing anything ??????

I was brave and finished my first pulse with Tinii: 5 days, twice a day 500 mg. Still using all supplementsi ,plus charcoal.

The only bad side effect was tiredness, I`m still tired, but things used to be worse.

I`m fine, only insecure.

Thanks for all answers.


Im taking a poll

Hello everyone. and god bless as always


For those of you who have been tested for CD57:  LINK<  What were your results? Have you ever tested positive for Lyme, too? I never have (though some test results are still pending). Yet, my result is 72. And, that's after being on CAPi for 2 years, now:

 >200 is normal

< 20 severe illness

0-60 is seen in chronic Lyme disease

> 60 Lyme activity indicates improvement



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